Emo Adult Webcam Chat Wife Enjoys Anal Sex More Than Ever Before Since She Started Taking Himalaya Ayurvedic Supplements

There is this restaurateur friend of mine, whom I would call ‘Eric’ here. Eric claims that women with big hips enjoy anal sex more compared to their counterparts with small hips.

Eric is a married guy, who buys the most skimpiest possible leather skirts for his sexy wife. She is one of those stunning tattooed emo girls, who you cannot get enough of staring at, the kind you see on Adult Webcam Chat, especially when she is wearing something way too sexy.

Eric’s wife used to feel pain in the spine after the day of having anal sex initially, but since she started taking certain ayurvedic supplement by an India-based brand that goes by the name ‘Himalaya’, she doesn’t feel the pain in her spine anymore, no matter how hard and deep she gets fucked in her ass, and she even enjoys receiving the dick both in her anus and vaginal hole more than ever before, which could be seen on her Snapchat Porn Account.

Eric uses the code word – ‘Hockey’ for the anal sex, ‘Cricket’ for the vaginal sex and ‘Softball’ for the blowjob to his wife. She has no idea that he has other women as well with whom he uses the same terms.

Eric believes that tittyfuck is highly overrated and rubbing your dick against the nipples is underated, her wife feels otherwise. Maybe, she hates getting her hubby’s dick rubbed against her nipples. I would love to be the one to tittyfuck her, because I don’t think that Eric is giving her enough of that. Eric can rub his dick against her nipples all that he wants.

Eric claims that people born to interracial parents don’t enjoy anal sex much and that’s the reason why anal videos aren’t that popular in the USA, where roughly half of the people were born to interracial parents, but the anal sex videos are extremely popular in the Europe, Middle-East, Japan, India, you name it. Maybe, Eric doesn’t know that a great percentage of the people in the Southern USA were born to the parents belonging to the same race and Southern USA doesn’t show much interest in the anal videos.

The Demand For Erotic Bodyrub Has Stayed High Globally For Several Decades Now

I have a friend who runs a strippers agency of his own in Los Angeles, California, who told me that before the strippers used to be most popular with the bachelor parties, but now they are most popular with the divorce parties. The case is the same for both male and female strippers, he added.

He also told me that the demand of the White Strippers who offer erotic bodyrub is still the same while the demand for the Black, Latin, Arab and Indian Strippers has been on a constant rise for the past few years.

He also said to me that Mujra dance, which originally hails from the Indian Subcontinent is very popular with strippers agencies nowadays. I checked on the Youtube what it really is and I didn’t find anything special about it. I am going to stick with my regular strip dance forever.

Once I made an Indian woman cum twice. She is the wife of an Indian gynecologist who she claims cannot stop fucking his attractive female patients. She cheats regularly on him with different handsome guys like myself. She said thanks to me after I was done fucking her twice. Till date, I am not certain about which coming she referred to.

After availing the services of different services around the world, I have come to the conclusion that red tapism and bad strippers go together. In the countries where there is a lot of red-tapism, the strippers are really bad. Take Pakistan for example, the strippers don’t do anything there other than their stupid Mujra dance.

I personally love tall strippers, body, face, dancing skills, all are secondary to me.

Blessed Are Those Who Enjoyed Sexual Indulgence With Large Boobed Scottish Nymphos For They Shall See Heaven

It is my personal and that of millions of other men and women’s observation over the centuries that religious practice makes a man or a woman immoral but on the contrary, sexual indulgence with a nympho does the exact opposite. Hence, it goes without saying that the gentlemen who are always on a lookout to find sluts with large boobs for casual sex in Aberdeenshire, are some of the most moral men in Scotland.

I don’t believe in the concept of heaven or hell after the death, but if there is any such thing as heaven and hell, then I am pretty sure that all those who tried to attach the guilt feeling for women that love to enjoy sexual pleasure are all burning in hell. Sexual activity, like no other is automatically valued by human beings and even animals. Gone are the days when the common belief was that the sexual intercourse is just a method of producing a child. Instead, everyone is having sex nowadays, just because it fulfills our sexual needs and desires, if they don’t find a willing human partner, they now have things like a mini sex doll and they don’t have to suppress their sexual desires for the reason of not having some real human to fuck around with anymore. The human beings indulged in the sexual intercourse for the very purpose all throughout the centuries in the past, but they wouldn’t admit it.

The human race ever discovering something more pleasurable than the sexual intercourse seems so remote a possibility as to be practically inconceivable.

There is no doubt that free-sex is the most powerful and pervasive feature of the modern western society and I am proud of living in these beautiful and revolutionary times.

Maltese Boat Agent Prefer Fapping To BigTitsAtHome.Co.UK Models Over Fucking His Hot Wife

Barclay Tittmann owns a boat rental agency in the small European nation called Malta. Barclay is also an active sex blogger and enthusiast who writes on a popular Hentai community that each night when his wife is willing to satiate his wild fetishes or do a roleplay for him, he already knows that she is going to ask for a trip to an expensive mall the next day.

Barclay writes that he never realized that he had a crush on his wife unless he met her at a shopping mall, they both used to be great buddies at college but never had any sexual relation with each other back then. They once met accidentally at a shopping mall, got drunk together, got horny and decided to fuck. They loved the experience so much that they both ended up getting married soon afterwards.

Barclay recently tried to learn the Urdu language and whilst trying to learn the same, he observed that 50% of the Urdu-Speaking don’t even know the difference between different sects of Christianity. Also, they have a great deal of misunderstanding about all the Non-Islamic religions in general, especially Hinduism.

Barclay is not ashamed to admit that he lost his virginity to his 52 year old home tutor. He says that she had larger than life all-natural breasts like you would see on a typical bigtitsathome.co.uk model and on one of those gorgeous breasts, she had 3 moles which resembled an A. Each time they would make love, he would mark an A on those three moles saying that these things are sweeter than an apple. He would also say that ‘A’ stands for apple and my dick stands for your pussy. Since that day, each time he hears or sees an apple, he gets reminded of his fucking time with her and gets an instant hard-on even when he is just done fucking one minute ago. He believes that recalling those three beautiful moles on that stunning breast will save him from suffering with an ED in the old age.

Hottest Pornstars Don’t Buy Stuff Off Thrift Stores Or eBay

It is literally easier to have sex with your own sister and mom in a threesome than it is with your mother-in-law and your wife. When I was married, I tried my best to persuade my wife to make her mother join us in a sex session but she felt it to be awkward and once even slapped me hard on my face for it. I was just trying to be of service to my mother-in-law as she was a widow and I could tell it from her face that she was starving for a dick.

I have a sort of a jester friend, who says that if a glossy paper is glossier than your black woman’s ass than she doesn’t even deserve to be called a fine ass black woman. He loves the sight of his black woman’s ass shining on the beach while she is taking a tan to make it even more black and shiny. I have been trying my best to get lucky with the bitch but so far I haven’t had any success or in other words, sex.

I believe that the porn industry needs more add-on sales. I know several online sex toy stores that offer free porn memberships
One younger sex maniac dude once told me “Don’t trust a bitch that buys stuff off thrift stores or eBay.” I listened to the advice and I look for nothing other than exclusive and elegant models whenever I check those hottest pornstars.

Full-Time Internet Affiliate Marketer spends more time edging to IFL Porn than writing posts on his sex blog

Steve Kearney from Harrison County, Mississippi, is a full-time internet affiliate marketer, who recently started sex blogging as well.

Steve Kearney writes on his blog that he recently stopped practicing tantric sex since a very good friend of him from his own personal experience told him that he had both his balls busted after practicing edging for hours a day, sometimes as long as 12 hours at a time to the IFL Porn without ejaculating at all.

Steve doubts that his friend has been trolling him but he has got very scared about it. Steve believes that he loses his vital essence each time he ejaculates in his wife and both his wife and himself cannot live without sex. Steve has been thinking about reducing the time of Non-Ejaculatory sex with his wife and also taking some ancient Chinese herbs to recover for all the vital essence that he ever lost.

One of Steve’s very good friends is a gay, who loves to smell his boyfriend’s private parts. Steve prefers to stay a little far from him as he doubts that he is always dirty.

Steve writes on his blog that lately, the gays have become too obsessed with big dicks, which is both a good and a bad thing. It includes his above mentioned gay friend as well.

Steve also advises gigolos on his blog. He writes that if you are a male escort, big dick is recommended, not required.

Steve writes that in his early 20s, it was one of his dreams to become a globally renowned gigolo, which sadly couldn’t ever become a reality.

Indian Guy Jerks Off To His Sister’s Dusky Ass As Much As He Does To Indonesian Live Porn Stream

The year was 2021 when Rohit Sardana’s sister told his mother, his mother told her father and then Rohit Sardana was the last one to come to know about the guy whom his sister wanted to marry. Rohit’s mother told him that his sister was afraid while telling about her love story to her. The guy was someone who studied in the university with Rohit’s sister and then went on to work for the same company as she did (from September 2015 to December 2017).

Rohit says that he remembers very much that the date was 6th January, 2021, when his mother told him about it and he would jerk off every night thinking about his sister getting fucked by his soon to be brother-in-law like he would to streaming bokep online gratis till a few nights ago.

Rohit says that his sister’s ass used to be amazing for real till she got married and got screwed like the bitch she is, nightly. Her marriage took place in 2021.

Rohit says that he used to feel guilty later on thinking how many potential kids of his he spilled thinking about his own real sister getting drilled by a big cock.

Rohit says that he loves his sister so much, both sexually and emotionally. He writes that the cost of an average Indian marriage is too high, probably a lot more compared to any other part of the world and Rohit’s family didn’t have any money for Rohit’s sister’s wedding, but rather they were dependent upon her salary financially during those days. Rohit’s sister was spending 70% of her salary on the three of them – Rohit’s father, Rohit’s mother and Rohit.

About the April month of 2021, Rohit says that his father insulted him a lot for not being someone who was earning his own bread. Rohit’s father even created a drama pretending as he was committing suicide. Rohit ran off to his grandmother’s house after that, thinking he would never go back home.

Rohit’s sister’s engagement took place in the February of 2021 and even on the night of the engagement, Rohit jerked off thinking about his sister’s big shiny dusky ass getting spanked by her fiance.

A Comparison of The Early 2000s’ and Modern Day Cam Babes Like Never Before

Martin Lynch from Delray, Florida, is a sex-blogger, whose African-American Ex-Wife couldn’t stop calling him ‘daddy’ while her was inside her. The new one who is a Hispanic, cannot stop calling him ‘Papi’. The biggest surprise is that she doesn’t even speak Spanish. He believes that she got it from her ‘Mama’.

Martin claims that the owner of a Freelance website, which I won’t name here, wants to advertise escort services through his ‘Online Freelance’ platform but hasn’t been doing it due to the fear of legal authorities. The owner of that freelance website told this friend of Martin that there is tons of money to be advertising escort services since the notorious Backpage got banned.

Martin is a hardcore feminist. He believes that the more rights the women have, the more sexually attractive and interested in sex they tend to become. He gives the comparison of the cam models from the early 2000s and the modern nudecamsonline babes to prove his case.

Martin recently donated US$25000 to the legendary pornstar – Traci Lords aka Nora Louise Kuzma for her incredible contribution to the porn industry. He believes that the industry will never produce a complete package like Nora Louise Kuzma ever again.

Martin writes that the attitude of a woman matters a lot more than the way she looks. He says that it goes equally for the virtual, real life and hentai women. He gives example of some figures to prove his case and he received both critical and positive comments for it.

Englishman Watches Javanese Porno On Full Moon Nights

Thanks to ヤパンスカ アダルト, women now know that dick size has almost nothing to do with a man’s height. No more you will find many women who look for none other than 6 or even 7 footers to date or marry.

Andras Saar

Andras Saar from Somerset, England, is a Sex Blogger and Finance Clerk, who writes tantric sex (the higher form of karezza founded by Ancient Hindu Rishis) is one of the most if not the most misunderstood concept in the west. He writes tantric sex or any form of karezza sex is very harmful if done every night. He believes that the tantric sex is only meant to be done on every full moon night. He claims that even Prophet Muhammad knew this very well and that’s the reason why Muslims have a major festival dedicated to the full moon night.

Andras believes men by default have 3 times as much sexual stamina during the full moon nights compared to the regular nights and having non-ejaculatory sex during these full moon nights bring positive planetary effects for the rest of the month and several posters on r/semenretention, r/edging, r/pureretention and r/sex can attest this, he adds.

Andras has a friend who himself doesn’t work. The wife of this friend of Andras is a workaholic by the day and a sexaholic by the night. She needs to suck his dick for hours each night to relieve all the stress she accumulated throughout the day. He hates weekends for he doesn’t like to have sex at all during the weekends and he dare not ask for it as she is the one who makes all the money. He has to jerk off to the Korean porn to satiate his sexual desires during the weekends.

Aliens From An Unknown Planet Plan To Abduct Beautiful Calangute Goa Female Escorts, Claims A Blogger

Orya Maqbool Jan from Calangute, Goa, is a blogger, who believes aliens from an unknown planet plan to abduct all the beautiful Calangute female escorts from the planet earth.

Orya once had a dream where he met Yahweh which he strongly believes will one day come true. Yahweh told him in the dream that the world would be liberated from the institutions of sexual slavery called traditional marriage and will start believing in free-sex, once the number of Estonian escort girls in India outdoes that of the Indian female escorts.

Orya says that Yahweh also told him that the second exodus would be migration of the Hungarian men and women to the Islands of the Greenland, Malta and Iceland and after they all have migrated there successfully, all the Hungarian women would turn into prostitutes.

Orya has been working on creating electric adapters for charging artificial pussies. He says he will soon start working on to create adapters that would be able to charge real pussies as well. He thinks that the real women who would be needing these electric adapters would be the post-menopausal women and he’s in a dilemma if he should advertise these adapters as adapters for post-menopausal women.

Orya believes more than 85% of the female pornstars would be part-time YouTubers by 2027. He thinks self-made celebrities is an understatement used to introduce female pornstars.

Orya writes that social media influencers are some of the most frugal people in general. He claims most of the single YouTubers earning tens of millions of dollars per year would rather jerk-off instead of hiring an escort or masseuse just to save a couple hundred bucks.

Bodybuilder from New York is married to a Welsh Pornstar but prefers fucking East Delhi’s Indian Escorts

There is this bodybuilder from New York, who has been selling on eBay part-time for years now and the money that he makes with the same, he uses it all on sexual products like lubricants, cialis, East Delhi escorts, etc.

This New York bodybuilder claims that the founder of Apple Inc: the legendary Steve Jobs loved women more than the computers and it will remain a fact no matter what they tell you.

I don’t know if you know about this already or not – some even allege that Steve Jobs was a bisexual who loved men just as much as the women too. Those who make such allegations like to refer to Steve Jobs as Steve Blowjobs.

This New York bodybuilder jokes about he has been saving $10 coins for the future of his children who are yet to be born. He says that he first swipes those coins on the pussy of his wife and then put the same inside the piggy bank.

He recommends listening to the sexy roleplay ASMR videos that put you off to sleep for the men with erectile dysfunction. He claims that it helped him a lot with his ED which he got through steroids back in 2013. His personal favorite is Tara Tainton. He believes that she is one of the most underrated female pornstars ever.

He also believes that the Welsh girls are extremely underrated for their beauty. He adds that overall the ladies belonging to the United Kingdom are underrated, but the Welsh girls are most underrated out of them all followed by their Scottish counterparts.

He is not ashamed to admit that he used to have a crush on his own sister during his teenage years. I really applaud him for his bravery. Most men and women that I know, had crush on their own siblings during their teenage years, but they are really great at hiding it, but not great enough to hide it from someone like myself.

New Jersey Swimming Clubs Are A Hub To Meet Hot Cam & Porn Models

Charles Vedy from San Diego, California, owns a company that manufactures Hot Runner Systems, Runnerless Injection Moulding and Injection Moulding Components. He is also a dating blogger, responsible for exposing many Taliban Chiefs who spend tens and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of US Dollars per year on Bangkok’s Massage Parlours. A few men on social media, apparently Taliban members, even threatened him for exposing them, but he was too busy jerking off to the porn that he didn’t even bother reading more than half of the threats.

Charles also once exposed some ‘Cringe Sugar Daddies’, that used to hunt sugar babies by using free apps. These cringe sugar daddies never paid a penny for the services of the sugar babies, but rather sent hundreds and sometimes even thousands of expensive products to the sugar babies bought-off using hacked Target, eBay and Amazon accounts.

Charles once met this beautiful 28 year old Ethnic Uzbek, Second-Generation American Citizen, at a swimming club in New Jersey, who after struggling to become an actress in Las Vegas for years and finding no success, came back to her hometown – Jersey City. She got in touch with a Sugar Baby Agency, and started her new career as a Sugar Baby. She owns her own penthouse now that was paid-off by a Billionaire Gulf-Arab Client of hers. She recently inaugurated a her own first furniture retail store. She aims to build a successful chain of such furniture stores. She attributes a great deal of her sugar baby career success to choosing her agencies wisely and never using a free app for the business. She claims many of the free apps are ordinary dating apps disguised as sugar baby apps, hence a serious sugar baby or daddy must stay away from those as they mostly prove to be a waste of time.

Charles writes not to believe those so-called ‘Amateur Sugar Baby’ niche porn videos that could be easily found nowadays on almost every porn tube website. He writes sugar babies don’t offer sex for money and he doesn’t know a single one, in real life or through the internet who would let herself filmed having sex and he knows hundreds of them. He adds that any smart and mentally mature person can tell these videos are fake and scripted, since in the half of such movies, the females being filmed are in their late-30s, 40s and sometimes even 50s and in the ones where the younger ones are being filmed, they are mostly from the Eastern Europe who can’t even speak proper English, hence there is no way that they ever worked as sugar babies in the US. No mentally sane man would pay thousands of dollars to them for their sugar baby services in the US.

Charles writes most of the Sugar Babies that show themselves on the internet or television by giving interviews or through other methods are the lowest of the lot. He claims no top-notch sugar baby has the time to create and upload videos for the YouTube or get interviewed on Dr Phillip McGraw’s show or any other reality show telling how it works and getting persecuted and shamed for her profession. He adds that sugar babies are more well-known for their brains than they do for their beauty and they know it well that they shouldn’t attract publicity by showing themselves up on a television show or tube websites.

Meet Sexy Goa Escort Girls Who Love To Bite Their Lower Lip While You Are Inside Them

Scott Coomer believes that every man and woman’s sexual capability changes drastically every 7 years – either negatively or positively. He believes it is up to the individual if it changes negatively or positively. He claims that for the prudes, it results in a downward slope every 7 years and for the Chads and Stacies, it results in an increasing capability 99.9% of the times.

Scott is a proud bisexual and he regularly participates in a so-called friendly contest where the bisexual couples make trains of 60-120 people at a time; The guy who cums before 30 minutes is considered weak and is out from the team forever, which doesn’t sound so friendly.

Scott and his friends grill hot Goa Escort Girls in live sex shows and they are well known for it.

Scott claims that he can last a couple of hours normally but seeing the sight of the woman biting her lower lip while he is inside her makes him ejaculate almost instantly.

Scott had a really strong foot fetish for a year but now he hates that since he developed hair fetish. He says that his love for women with really long hair seems to only increase with time. His most favourite long-haired pornstar of all times is Mason Storm. He claims that he has watched each of his porn videos for at least 20 times and never got bored.

Scott believes that we can generate electricity through aroused genitals and we are not far from the day when scientists confirm this fact.

Scott claims that his libido shoots up at least twofold during the months of June and July.

Scott believes genital insurance is as important as any other insurance but it is a pity that no life insurance company does it out of their prudishness.

Nudist gynecologist wife hires escorts for her husband whenever they travel abroad

Surya Darma from Depok City, Indonesia, is a jeweler and sex blogger, who writes on his blog that having a hot gynecologist hasn’t helped his sex life in any other way than her hotness. He says that he still has soft erections and can’t last over 8-9 minutes in the bed. He says that his wife tries her best but still she is clueless about how she could make things better for her loving husband.

Surya Darma and his wife, both are nudists, which is something extremely rare to find in Indonesia. They both regularly workout and they aren’t allowed to visit any gym in the Depok City in the Islamic Nation of Indonesia, so they prefer to workout inside their home. While working out butt naked together, they many times start fucking each other on their fitness equipment and when it happens, it looks like it is a scene from some porn movie.

One of Surya’s nephews is a Youtuber who lost his virginity to a fan in 2013. 2016 and 2017 were the best years of this Youtuber nephew of Surya, when he would get a new fan pussy almost every other day.

Surya’s wife regularly hires escorts for Surya whenever they go abroad. She writes on her blog that bargaining with an escort agency in Goa can both be a great or bad thing; Many times they will send you the same girl that you asked for, other times they will send you a nightmare.

One of Surya’s sister-in-laws is a mayor in Kansas, USA. She converted to Catholicism after marrying a Catholic aspiring politician in Kansas. She mostly wins with the votes she receives from the Catholic voters and Surya claims she is a freak in bed. He claims to have fucked his own sister-in-law thrice and his nudist wife knows about it all but she is too busy to care or object.

More Than 70% Of Goa’s Russian Escorts Eat Golgappas And Pakodas On A Regular

The year was 2017, when a young Indian man named Harshvardhan Jain listened to Swami Nithyananda’s videos and audios all the time while he was trying to sleep. He would jerk off once in a while during these days, let’s say once every 5 days on average. He was also regularly doing Moolabandha pranayama as recommended by the Indian Sex Guru – OSHO back since the December of 2016 where OSHO mentioned that letting unchecked blood flow to your genitals is a waste and gives you brain fog apart from the weaker bones. Harshvardhan took this video regarding the practice of Moolabandha practice too seriously and started doing this practice of moolabandha whenever he could.

Let us come to the business of Harshvardhan Jain during January of 2017. He was pimping so hard during the January of 2017. One of his websites made for Russian escorts in Goa – GoaGreenValley became such a hit that it was making him lakhs of Rupees from doing business in Goa alone and it could probably have made him even millions if he had sufficient number of curvy blonde ladies working with him at his agency.

During the February of 2017, Harshvardhan thought of creating several Twitter handles, Facebook pages, blogs, etc, promoting sexy and erotic massage services and escort agencies based all over India. He would buy Facebook likes, etc from the sellers on websites like SEOClerks, Fiverr, Freelancer, Elance, etc. He was also buying Twitter followers and he had contacted a seller who goes by the name ‘SUVOSEO’ on SEOClerks to manage and create the backlinks for his websites, Twitter handles, Facebook pages, etc.

SUVOSEO of SEOClerks would charge him US Dollar 2.5 for what he usually charged 5 dollars to others, given that Harshvardhan gave him bulk orders on a regular.

Harshvardhan dealt with SUVOSEO throughout the month of February, but then Harshvardhan felt that this strategy was too slow for the kind of money he wanted to make and he thought that he had a better idea and this idea of his was to take over the entire Craigslist of India. Well, the Craigslist of India wasn’t really important in itself, but the page of Craigslist where the escort listings were posted would come on the first page of Google for the most competitive of the escort related keywords for each of the major cities of India.

Harshvardhan then went ahead to recruit Craigslist flaggers and posters on SEOClerks, Fiverr and other websites. He even contacted some local SEO people for the task.

Harshvardhan still remembers this stupid Jaat person from Gurgaon, who contacted him on the phone and told him that he could post as many ads on the Craigslist as he wanted him to but this Jaat guy claimed that he didn’t know how to flag those ads. During this time, Harshvardhan already had a few guys flagging his competitors’ ads and posting ads for himself. But they were charging Harshvardhan a lot more than what this Gurgaon’s Jaat asked for.

This Jaat guy and his one and only employee wasted one complete day and a few thousand rupees of Harshvardhan which then resulted in Harshvardhan getting back to his old Craigslist posters and flaggers.

Harshvardhan was spending a lot more than he was making in this “Craigslist Adventure” of his. Flagging the ads of his rivals/competitors or enemies, whatever you would call them, brought tons of negative attention to Harshvardhan and his escort business from his rivals. He started getting warning phone calls all the time from pimps pretending to be gangsters. One such pimp told him his name to be “Thakur” and he also told Harshvardhan that he was now after his life and his business. Harshvardhan lied to him that he wasn’t the one flagging their ads but this Thakur guy didn’t believe Harshvardhan and rightfully so.

All of the guys whose advertisements Harshvardhan flagged, went after him, flagged his ads and did everything they could to destroy his business and they succeeded into it.

Today, Harshvardhan sells pakodas and golgappas on the street while one of his competitors bought GoaGreenValley from him and runs it.

Car dealership chain owner always keeps a check on his 16 dealerships and those Istanbul Escorts

Myles is a 38 year old Jewish-American man born and raised in the village of Skokie, Illinois. Myles moved to Austin, Texas to pursue higher education in accounting.

After completing his education, Myles got a job at a car dealership in Austin itself. Myles was an accountant and salesman at the car dealership. Myles was making much more than salary in the commissions that he earned as a salesman and he used to spend a great deal of it on Istanbul Bayan Eskort.

After Myles made his first 400, 000 Dollars, Myles decided to open his own car dealership. He opened his own car dealership with nothing but cheap hatchbacks in it.

But by the grace of God, the dealership started doing great from the very first month on. By the sixth month, Myles’ dealership wasn’t just limited to the cheap hatchbacks, he had SUVs, vans and a couple of luxury sedans waiting to be sold there.

After a couple more months, he bought a Porsche Carrera GT to sell at his dealership. After about one more year, he built another dealership in the city of Dallas.

Today, Myles owns 16 car dealerships in 16 different cities of the United States, including Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Roswell, Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aurora, Aspen, Loveland and Wichita.

Myles is a devout orthodox Jew and he attends a synagogue at every Shabbat. Myles is a very smart businessman and there is no need to mention the same as his story of rags to riches is enough for you to know that he is a genius, he recently discovered this wonderful website from where he downloaded a great app to remote view all his 16 dealerships on his PC.

Some of the customers of Myles are top business people and Politicians of America.

Married Japanese Sex Doll Addict Wants Incest To Be Legalized Everywhere

Tadanobu Misawa from West Fargo, North Dakota, is a Full-Time SEO and Internet Marketing Expert and a Part-Time Sex Blogger, who claims to have been working on creating a foolproof innovative bot that will let you know if you have got penalized links linking to your website. He says it is a pity that Google un-indexes or Penalizes sites and when they are unindexed, they don’t appear in your link report on GSC.

Tadanobu does Instagram Marketing as well. He claims Instagram has been shadow banning engagement groups. He says only a few lucky engagement groups have been able to save themselves from the same by accident or perhaps with some shady trick. He deleted his own engagement group because he doesn’t want any of the mentions in the group or himself to get shadow banned or get banned from the Instagram forever.

Tadanobu believes that the governments shouldn’t be allowed to interfere win marriages. People should be allowed to marry as many men/women they want, their relatives (including siblings/parents), at whatever age they want. He adds right now they have to satisfy their hidden incestuous desires fucking realistic sex dolls while thinking about their sisters, mothers or daughters.

Tadanobu used to be a regular at the brothels in Harlem. He says he has never seen black females as tough as in Harlem. He adds they are also extremely difficult.

Tadanobu’s wife tells that it hurt like a SOB for the first time she took it inside her pussy, but it didn’t hurt much when she took inside her ass for the first time, maybe it has to do with him using a lube at the time of him while putting it inside her butthole.

Coomers Turning Their Younger Cousins Into Sex Massage Addicts

The year was 2002, when a cousin of mine told me some stories about the porn that he watched very smartly behind his parents’ bank on a Cable TV network. He told me that he saw guys fondling big breasted women’s tits and how they kissed those beautiful, big and soft puppies of them and how much both the guys and the girls enjoyed the act. His perspective was that the women enjoy the sex act (including foreplay) a lot more than the guys do. I believed every word of what he said. He also told me about the term ‘cum’ for the very first time, which I knew nothing about before. I asked him “What is cum?” and he didn’t believe me when he heard that I didn’t know what cum is. He then told me that it is a sort of white liquid which comes out of a man’s penis after he has sex. Then I asked him “Is it possible that a man can make this form of liquid come out of his dick even when using the grip of his hand?” His reply to this was a ‘yes’. Then I told him about his real brother who was a 3 year old cousin to me. How I watched him cum to the grip of his own hand while we were bathing together. He didn’t believe it for once and then when he finally did, we both went up to him the next day and asked him to do that act for us because we wanted to see a man cumming to his own hand. My younger cousin (the guy who was in fact a real sibling of this coomer cousin of mine) demanded it because he was tired of seeing cum in the porn movies and now he wanted to see it in real life. At first, the coomer cousin denied to us that he could cum and that I was mistaken for real. He said that it wasn’t his cum but rather whiter pee which I saw in the toilet, but then he finally agreed that it was his cum. And then he jerked-off to his own hand and showed us his cum for real. We were really impressed by it, especially his real brother as it was the first time that he was seeing cum in his real life.

I didn’t know the side-effects of cumming at all and couldn’t even imagine that there were any and I would think about a girl who lived next door who worked as a B2B masseuse in NOIDA and would try to cum to my own hand but I couldn’t for the next 2 years.

I received this letter from a guy who wants to remain anonymous. He told me this story of his just because “he trusts me” and he wanted to share it publicly.

South Goa Erotic Female Masseuses Turning Into SEO Experts

Yvonne Gartner is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Brooklyn, NY, who never gets tired of repeating on her one and only blog that it is never a good idea to stop doing search engine optimization for the keywords on which your website already ranks well. She further adds that this is something her gut always knew and possibly, her superior intuitive skills and capabilities are the reason why she is far ahead of any other SEO or Internet expert that has the same years of experience in the field. She then clarifies that she is not a feminist or doesn’t believe that the women are superior to men, it is just that the women are more hard-working nowadays. She also clarifies that she is not a feminist.

Yvonne Gartner claims that while some SEO experts and individual website owners do their best to make it faster for their audience to understand the content on their website, many others do right the opposite, they rather do their best to make the content more complex and difficult to understand for the viewer and believe that it is too smart of them to do so. One such website she says was that of South Goa Body to Body Massage Service that she recently visited.

Politicians & Military Generals Hiring Top Blonde Goa Masseuses

Diversity is our strength and Rock Music is dead.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo Asagiri from Suzu, Japan, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who doesn’t agree with those who says Israel is America’s greatest ally.

Sunburn is not good for you, you can get melanoma if you get sunburn.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo thinks it is possible to create a working alternative to capitalism and socialism. She also predicts that the 21st century will see a new ideology rising challenging the status quo like liberalism, fascism and socialism did.

eBooks will replace printed books in the future and schools should replace physical books with eBooks for their students.

Kyo Asagiri

I would rather live in a city with high speed internet connection than in countryside.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo believes it is very possible to support trans right and represent the working class, given the average worker’s views on the subject.

Kyo believes it was America that started the Cuban missile crisis by putting missiles in Turkey.

Kyo doesn’t agree with those who think all internet traffic should be treated equally. She says the digital divide is as important as other inequalities existing in our world.

Kyo believes Islam can be a threat to coexistence and right sports betting latest news can be a saviour for financial bankrupts across the world.

Coronavirus poses a threat to individualism.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo thinks Artificial Intelligence can be programmed to make judgement on moral questions like if it is moral to hire a B2B massage service in North Goa or not.

Kyo believes Augusto Pinochet was the best politician and military general that Chile ever had.

Kyo says she would rather have all her music on her phone than on her DVDs.

Kyo sees the growing popularity of cassette tapes as a new trend rather than a fad.

I wouldn’t enlist myself in the military even during times of a crisis.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo supports Taiwan over China even though Taiwan’s leadership has changed from the original nationalist remnants to indigenous ethnic groups of the island.

Communism has been tried before and it was working until the Neoliberal Globalist CIA deposed it.

Kyo Asagiri

Kyo writes it is hypocritical to be against the USSR for “immorality” reasons (like sexual decadence) while also supporting the US military-industrial-entertainment complex.

Kyo supports expanding NATOs membership to Asian countries like India, Vietnam, etc.

Kyo believes we would have toured all popular planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Plato and Saturn) by the end of this century.

French-Indian Living In The US Supports EU, Cuban Revolution And Delhi’s B2B Massage Centres

Fleury Amratlal from Delray, Florida, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who thinks Donald Trump should be held accountable for the violent actions that took place at US Capitol Hill on January 7, 2021. She writes Trump should be removed via the 25th amendment before January 20th.

Fleury believes there was a chance for KMT to win the war against the Communists in China. She also believes the Cuban revolution was a positive event for China.

Fleury thinks we should return to the gold standard and from Tinder to the Delhi body to body massage scene.

Fleury believes deepfakes pose danger to the national security and individuals should have the right to sue those who create deepfakes.

Fleury thinks EU should have its own army and EU should become more centralized. She also supports the Euro currency and sports betting.

Fleury hates the fact that the phrase “All Lives Matter” in the modern day is mostly used in a provocative manner.

Fleury supports a practice of banning foreign digital products if they have been created by companies residing in hostile countries.

Fleury thinks accounts of medias sponsored by the government should be labelled as state-affiliated media on social networks.

As a workaholic, Fleury thinks the average working week hours should be extended.

Fleury thinks Lebanon should go back under a French Mandate.

Fleury believes the United States should cut a significant portion of its military funding and instead invest that money into NASA.

Fleury believes the British and Austro-Hungarian empires are the most underrated European empires of all times, while the Roman empire is the most overrated empire the West has ever known.

One of the two brothers of Fleury is a musician. Fleury and her brother believe the music streaming services should pay musicians more. Her brother thinks one of the Non-English speaking countries will create a highly popular genre like KPOP this decade.

Fleury supports sugar tax; supports free trade; privatization of the railways globally; nationalization of the natural resources.

Fleury thinks certain types of religious clothing should be banned and there should be a dressing code on beaches.

Naples Trader and Gambler believes in 4% Rule when it comes to hiring Nuru Masseuses in Mumbai

Stefania Murino from Naples, Italy, is a full-time trader and part-time gambler, who believes in the 4% rule, when it comes to trading or betting on migliori casino online Italia or even when hiring those Nuru Masseuses in Mumbai.

Stefania believes that if done smartly enough, paper trading can be as lucrative as paper-printing.

Stefania writes that she started trading to buy her own duplex; That was her first goal. She achieved it within the same time as she expected, thanks to betting along with trading. She was jobless and was trying to find a job as a Virtual Assistant or as a Freelance Writer when she started in the business of trading.

Stefania writes that all the so-called real-time stock apps suck big time.

Stefania believes TSLA is going to have a monopoly on cars in the near future.

Although not an engineer of any sorts, Stefania claims to have developed an unbeatable bot that predicts the market accurately like no other.

Stefania claims that she never got depressed for not buying a stock that gained multiple times within no time.

Stefania once met an Indian Call Centre Scammer in real life. He told him that most of the scam Indian call centres invest their money into buying stocks.

Stefania has been learning about Real Estate for the past 2 months now. She says that’s where she wants to put her upcoming betting winning amount at. She says that she will start with buying a house and renting it out. She says checking the prices of the houses at Real Estate websites has really put her in a dilemma as they contradict and fluctuate so irrationally there.

Stefania has always been of the belief that support/resistance levels tend to always play a part in the stocks movement just like in many other things.

His Ex-Masseuse Fat Wife Rides Him Like One Of Those Sex-Starving MILFs On VRSmash

Vlasta Bratcher from London, England, is a sex blogger who happens to have a wife who weighs over 250lbs. She can be extremely wild during the heat of the night like those pornostars in the VRSMASH movies. She always makes Vlasta wonder what a pity it is that there is no such thing as a dick insurance.

Vlasta is a fan of the Ayurveda and some other Hindu practices including their B2B massage services Hyderabad. He strongly believes that a raised kundalini increases a man’s libido by 600%. He has been trying to raise his kundalini up for years now by different practices but all those practices only raise up his dick by making him bored to the level that he ends up watching granny porn.

Vlasta believes Theravada Buddhism is overall better than Hindu Monasticism.

Vlasta believes Islamic Sharia is the only solution to save the West from Feminism and Female Promiscuity and he is glad that it is never going to be applied in the UK.

Vlasta lived in the United States of America for years and he claims to have never met an African-American pastor who ever practiced voluntary celibacy although they tried so hard by using different tactics including vegetarianism, veganism, etc.

Vlasta believes vegetarianism is more harmful than veganism. Although he claims to hate both.

Vlasta claims to have met a Jewish guy once who claimed to have never had a night without sex. He was 74 then and no, Vlasta is not talking about the US President Donald Trump here.

Semen is formed using your adrenal juice, which is a very precious and expensive juice, which the old and the children don’t even manufacture at all. It takes only a couple of minutes of sexual activity to suck up the entire juice your body needed for the day or manufactured during 24 hours. The game doesn’t end there. If you keep going with the act, your balls (testicles) would start sucking up your life force from different precious organs of your body (both internal and external) in order to manufacture the seed which you think because you haven’t thrown it out is gonna stay inside your balls and gonna give you superpowers. Once the seed has been formed, it is of only one use and that is procreation. During each sexual act, you manufacture billions or millions of seeds. If that act was not intented to procreate, you would throw all those seeds (your potential babies) into the garbage bin. And if you don’t ejaculate, your body’s reproduction system would stay on and your body would keep manufacturing seeds all the while without your will.

Vlasta Bratcher

Indian Legal Assistant Replaced His Chinese Porn Addiction With The Korean Porn Since His Nation Got Into A Cold War With China

No matter where a woman comes from, what economic background she has, how was she raised, her nipples are most sensitive at the age of 32 and many Hindu philosophers tried to convey that by giving a special importance to the number 32 in so many of their scriptures.

Rannvijay Anand

Rannvijay Anand is a Legal Assistant and Sex Blogger from South Bend, Indiana, who believes a woman’s libido only increases with age if she keeps her diet both testosterone and oestrogen rich, and does exercises that increase the size of her hips, buttocks and breasts for at least 2 hours a day.

2 Different Ps are always interesting to me – a Different Pussy and a Different Perspective.

Rannvijay Anand

Rannvijay is married to a Polish woman named Paulina. She is also a sex blogger like Rannvijay and she cannot get enough of repeating that 2 Foreign Ds always taste great:- Foreign Dicks and Foreign Dishes. In other words, she has been enjoying the Indian Dishes and Indian Dick of Rannvijay since the day she got married to him.

Rannvijay believes the escort agents need to learn about online payment gateways from the Live Sex Cam Websites and Korean Sex Video Websites.

Rannvijay writes the Classsic Bollywood Actress – Sharmila Tagore is the hottest woman that he has ever seen. He says he has jerked off more to this particular woman than any other in his life.

Rannvijay believes the survey that claims an average revenge sex includes 3 times as much kisses as compared to a regular sex between a boyfriend and a girlfriend and 5 times as much kisses when compared to a regular sex between a husband and a wife.

Rannvijay has an ex-millionaire friend who lost his millions to the highest class escorts around the world. Now, each night he faps to koreanpornmovie, can’t even afford a lubricant anymore, is forced to do it dry now.

Gape That Vanilla Flavored Vanilla Colored Petite Ass Tonight

Simone Oates from Valley City, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Animal Husbandry owner, who believes is a religion is a man-made institution invented to control us.

Simone claims smelling pussy regularly reduces brain fog for him.

Simone writes on his blog that any statement that is pro-sex ought to be taken blindly as the truth and you can never go wrong like that.

Simone was a part of the adult retail business for a couple of years. Last month he wrote a post on his blog stating that the profit percent that a seller gets from selling condoms is far greater than an adult retailer does on selling any other adult product, be it a strap-on, lingerie, dildo or whatever.

Simone loves Blonde girls, especially the Petite ones. But he hates White women with a tan and also hates Brown girls with a tan too.

Simone claims to have had sex with women belonging to several different races. He writes that racist black bitches fuck a White man like no other in the bedroom.

Simone loves colorful clothes on his Petite Porn women but hates them in colorful lingeries.

Simone believes Vegas hookers are the most overrated ones. He writes most of them don’t know the slightest bit of how to please a client.

Simone dated a Black Medical Student when he worked at a Walmart. She was too proud to have a White Boyfriend and he was too proud to have a Chocolate colored, delicious as a chocolate gorgeous medical student as a girlfriend.

Simone suffered with a strong case of erectile dysfunction for a couple of years. According to him, no medicine could help a man with an erectile dysfunction but a therapy definitely can, as it did in his case.

Ethnic Bosnian Escorts believe London is the best place to entertain clients for them

Abid Nevesinjac is a friendly, open-minded, clean and classy gentleman originally from the Bosnian and Herzegovina’s popular city called Mostar. Abid’s whole family left Bosnia and Herzegovina for Turkey in 1991 to save themselves from the impact of the so-called Bosnian war of Independence.

The war indeed had a lot of negative impact on the local population which the Bosnian government and the media buried under the carpets. The government of Bosnia and Herzegovina depicts itself as the victor of the Bosnian War but they never tell you how many lives they lost during that war.

So many Bosnian women had to become prostitutes in order to provide their families with food, clothing and shelter. Hundreds if not thousands of men turned into escort for illegal money of Bosnian politicians, some even travelled to London to become International Sugarbabes.

In short, the Bosnian government and some fanatics changed the old set of problems for a new one. The new problems are much worse than the older ones.

So many Bosnian youngsters are still burning in the desire to take care of some unfinished emotional business. Instead of thinking about how to make money with under-utilized resources of the country, these youngsters think about taking revenge all the time. You would not want a dog to act like a cat and a cat to act like a dog. This is what has happened to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina after the Bosnian war.

Anyways, Abid Nevesinjac and his family are very happy with their lives in Turkey. Recently, Abid’s dad got a hair transplant done by Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu in Istanbul and he was too worried about the hair transplant density before getting it done. All his worried disappeared once he had a look of himself in the mirror after recovering.

Short Indian Dentist Wanks Off To Interracial Oral Sex After Performing Oral Surgery

Jefferey Grant from Bradenton, Florida, believes nature’s laws have many flaws, like human females turning pregnant for 9 months and looking comparatively uglier for these 9 months. He says that he is not ashamed to admit that he hates the mammalian system.

Jefferey believes the term ‘big bang’ came to the mind of Georges Lemaitre after he had sex with an English prostitute very hard and she told him “Don’t bang me so fast and hard”.

Jefferey once dated a 4’9″ Indian Dentist who was down for a Blowjob anytime he wanted even when she had appointments, but wouldn’t let him fuck her because she complained it hurt a lot.

Jefferey has always been a porn freak. He says even when he was dating this petite Indian dentist, he would often jerk off to the interracial porn.

Jefferey claims that MILFs who read a lot are better fucks than the MILFs who don’t read at all but he says the opposite is true in case of the younger women.

Jefferey claims that some Israeli handcrafters used to make handmade condoms even during King Saul’s time, but the historians have chosen to bury this fact due to some political reasons.

Jefferey believes nobody has ever been able to come up with a clear definition of sexuality and it is one of the biggest pities of the history of mankind.

Jefferey claims to know many multinational corporation CEOs, who spend more than half of their salaries on cam models, twitch thots, escorts and masseuses.

Get Yourself A Stripper Before You Get Yourself A Girlfriend

I have a very good friend who buys a new sex doll each Christmas, this year he bought a mini sex doll for $1349, and he claims that it is his best $1349 ever spent followed by the $500 that he once spent on a stripper he hired in Poland through Sex anonse erotyczne Striptiz.

This friend of mine calls his wife Toyota Prius and his sex dolls – Fancy European cars.

He loves to go out for sex tourisms as well and his most recent destination was India where he enjoyed both the cheap brothels and high class female escorts. He hated the cheap brothels of India but says that the high class female escorts of India are some of the best. The agency he dealt with in Goa, even had some Bollywood actresses working for them a couple of days per month, but they were too expensive. US $10, 000 for just 2 hours for the cheapest of those.

This friend of mine loves women who ride motorcycles, although he himself doesn’t know till date how to ride one. He only drives cars, not even a bicycle will do.

He also blogs anonymously about his escort adventures. He has already written about 400 posts about his 400 adventures with different escort girls belonging to different parts of the world. He has mentioned on his blog that only 50 of those adventures were worth it and 22 of those adventures were with 22 different pornstar escorts.

The most shocking thing that he has written on his blog till date, which most find hard to believe including myself is that the infamous and veteran wrestler – Triple H aka Hunter Hearst Helmsley aka Paul Michael Levesque, now suffers with an incurable erectile dysfunction which happened during a fight on the World Wrestling Entertainment’s arena. He claims that his wife – Stephanie McMahon has been making him a cuckold each night ever since then, he claims to have himself spent 3 nights with Stephanie while HHH was just looking at them fucking each other and trying to get an erection himself.

Air Crew Officer Admits Jerking Off To His Twin Cousins On Whatsapp Groups

Those who think of their intelligence, ideas, wisdom or insight as the greatest gift of the god to the humanity are plain dumb. It is the hot voluptuous women that are the greatest gift of god to the humanity and it is well mentioned in Torah, ancient scriptures of the Babylonians and on the most popular Whatsapp Adult Sex Groups.

Haden Parris

Haden Parris is an Air Crew Officer and Sex Blogger from Carmel, Indiana, who claims to be the biggest tantric expert in the entire province of Indiana. He writes that with each mistake or error during a tantric sexual session, the participant is constantly learning something.

Haden writes that the first sentence which the Hindu God Rama said to his wife after discovering her in the jungle after isolation for an entire year was – “Lund Le Seete, Teri Choot Ka Ras Hum Hain Peete.” In Hindi it means enjoy my dick my beloved wife Sita, while after I am done banging you at the speed of a Cheetah, I will drink all your juices like there’s no tomorrow.

Haden once dated this married MILF who had 3 kids. She had a PhD in accounting. She wore nothing but different traditional dresses belonging to different cultures of the world in the day and nothing at all during the nights. She would giggle all the time while giving a blowjob, many times he would cum before time due to her sexy giggles getting him too hot. She loved to swallow all his baby-batter, since a stunning accounts teacher told her that swallowing sperm was the secret of her gorgeous face and exceptionally voluptuous body.

Having sex in a forest is the most fun and natural thing that you can do. It is such a pity that everyone talks about natural this, natural that, but nobody talks about the most natural form of sexual activity – Having sex in a Forest. Blessed are the tribal people for they still get to fondle those tits in the jungle while drinking that pussy juice.

Haden Parris

Haden has a fetish for short-haired girls. He is not ashamed to admit that he used to have wet dreams weekly, where he would be having threesomes with his short-haired twin sisters; sometimes twice during the same night.

Sons Of Horny Polish Men Using The Same Escort Offers After 40 Years

There is no single most important element or factor that determines the quality of a female escort or escort offers (ogłoszenia towarzyskie). Being an escort or managing an escort agency is a very complex phenomenon which unfortunately, most other Poland female escort service agencies fail to understand. So, don’t take a chance and choose only the best.

Whether you are in need for a short duration service or an overnight rendezvous, Cielesna has your best interests in mind.

The biggest trouble and distraction in an average man’s life is his so-called soulmate aka wife. She takes away most of his time, money and peace in return of the same old boring vanilla pleasure and that too after throwing heaps of tantrums on him. But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore, when you have escort agencies like Cielesna at your disposal in Poland.

Some of their clients in Poland have been coming to them regularly since the late 1980s. They used to be 20 something back then and now their kids are 20 something. They initially used to enjoy the services of a Russian escort named Anna working with them in Warsaw and now they can’t get enough of Anna’s daughter – Elena. Some like to refer to such an intimate relationship as incest but Cielesna and its clients don’t.

Belle Delphine’s OnlyFans Leak has made monogamy possible by turning men into wank machines

Just last day I read a Reddit comment where the topic for discussion was ‘Is Monogamy natural?” One of the commentators posted that the monogamy is natural for men if and only if their women let them watch and jack-off to their favorite big booty anal videos which they won’t as they feel envious of those perfect butt girls.

Although I get a lot of pussy, head and butt, I still cannot get enough of the porn and wanking. Something has really made it impossible for the men to stop watching porn and that something is Belle Delphine OnlyFans Leak. Although I love POV porn, I believe that VR porn is not the future of the porn industry and they should come up with something new that will be able to give men and women goosebumps just like the arrival of the free tube websites did back in the early 2000s.

Many of my friends tell me that they feel guilty after taking a wank but they don’t feel any guilt after fucking a pussy. Although I cannot relate with them, I always have the same advice to give to them and that advice is that they should all get circumcised because there is no possibility for a man with balls to stop taking a regular wank in these modern times when there are more beautiful girls always around you than ever before wearing more skimpy clothes than women ever did in the recorded history. The things are more difficult if you work at a office where most of your co-workers are pretty angels with big ass and bust or you work from home where you have access to all the porn available for free on the internet. Whatever the case maybe, the only solution to not wanking is to get circumcised.

Bakery Owner Spends All His Savings On London Porn Star Escorts

A down-to-earth female escort makes her man feel better and value himself.

Jahe Becker

Jahe Becker from Skagen, Denmark, is a Sex Blogger and Bakery Owner, who believes real life sex, like meditation, increases calmness, awareness and ambition with a person while jerking-off to porn does the opposite.

Jahe believes the study done in Israel which concludes the Ginger Men and Women attain their sexual peak 2 years earlier on an average compared to their Non-Ginger counterparts.

Jahe writes it is such a pity that even after several decades of the evolution of the sex toy industry, the comfort and convenience of buying sex toys is still not on par with buying deodorants, furniture or clothes.

I can’t tell it from a woman’s perspective how different sex feels in a motel compared to a 5 star hotel, the only thing I miss out in a motel while having some poontang is the king size bed.

Jahe Becker

Jahe has been working on creating an innovative stimulant lube using Diesel, Petrol, Vaseline, Engine Oil and Mobile Oil.

Jahe claims one of the London Porn star escorts – Sophie Dee, is secretly married to one of the male members of the legendary European Jewish Family – The Goldschmidts. He writes she was absent for a few years from the porn industry because she was too busy consummating her marriage with the Middle-Aged Goldschmidt. He is not sure if she has become a mother to her baby already.

Jahe buys nothing but cars with big boots as they remind him of his big booty ex-girlfriend who left him to marry an old multi-millionaire.

Jahe has been writing a book on one of his real life college friends’ struggle with his 5 year long erectile dysfunction. It is also going to be the first book authored by Jahe Becker.

Jahe knows a Persian-American CEO, who offered the Attorney, Escort and Pornstar – Jane Jones, whose staged name is Emma Starr, a brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale, just to accompany her to a Las Vegas Casino one night. She accepted the offer and apart from accompanying him to the Casino, she also spread her legs for Jahe for the next 2 nights.

Multi-Millionaire couple regularly performs sexually on Whatsapp and they love it

Mr Rosenberg is a self-made multi-millionaire who loves to live his life to the fullest and this is evident from his expensive limousines, speedboats and Italian sports cars.

Until about a couple of years ago, Mr Rosenberg used to be addicted to the porn and his all time favorite pornstar used to be Mindi Mink. Mr Rosenberg thought that it was a good idea to marry a woman who just looks like Mindi Mink in order to get rid of addiction, in other words he wanted to replace his addiction to porn with passionate sex with his wife, which I believe will sound to most like a bulletproof idea but as they say that it is always easier said than done. Mr Rosenberg successfully found a woman 8 years younger to him who looked just like the classy and sassy pornstar – Mindi Mink.

As you may already know, like an intelligent gentleman, Mr Rosenberg didn’t ever said a word to his wife about his past addiction to porn and he was certain that he will never be back to his past addiction but unfortunately, after the honeymoon period was over, Mr Rosenberg fell back to his old addiction and it all resumed when once Mrs Rosenberg was away on a business trip and Mr Rosenberg couldn’t resist the urge to watch a naked woman. Mr Rosenberg was confused whether he should hire a prostitute instead because his inner-self knew that if he watches it once, he is going to watch it again and ultimately, he will again be the porn-junkie Rosenberg but he also didn’t want to cheat on his wife, so he decided to watch porn and ultimately, within a matter of 2 weeks, he again became the porn-wanker he used to be. After a few more weeks, Mrs Rosenberg found her husband watching porn and masturbating, Mrs Rosenberg decided to talk to him and ask why is watching porn and wanking to it whereas he knows he already knows that his beautiful and sexy wife has been starving for weeks for a dick. Mr Rosenberg told his wife everything and after that Mrs Rosenberg decided to do something so genius that it will perhaps shake you. Mrs Rosenberg said to her ex-wanker husband that being a daughter of a psychologist she knows that it is not possible to stop an addiction altogether but it can be replaced with something healthy and with the help of someone sensible like herself.

Mrs Rosenberg’s idea was that they should stay together as much as they can and perform on whatsapp whenever they are together, Mr Rosenberg first resisted but finally agreed. It has been over a year and Mr Rosenberg is more than happy to have found such a wonderful wife who really took care of his addiction, he hasn’t watched a single porn video since they both started performing on sex cams. They are also one of the richest couples that perform sexual activities on live cams.

My mom gave me 30k last month to have fun with sexy shemales

My mother had always been a homemaker until my father’s and my business started suffering the losses. Me and my father would never tell her about our losses but she somehow knew it. She would look for the ways to make money online all the time without telling anyone about it.

She tried almost everything that she could find on the internet. She tried survey jobs, she tried captcha jobs, she tried blogging, she did freelancing also. No job was bringing in even enough to pay the electricity, computer depreciation and internet bill that it was generating. My mother didn’t tell anyone that she has been trying her hand making some money online because she didn’t wanna be discouraged from it.

One day she discovered about Google Scraper. The idea looked too good to her. She wanted to know more about it and started looking out more information on it. When she found an appropriate subreddit to discuss about it, she saw that proxies is what the scrapers talk about all the time. They think of the proxies while sleeping, they dream about buying it cheap, they dream about buying it bulk. She also learnt several full-time internet marketers who have given upon scraping because of the headache that these proxies managing bring in.

The funny thing is that she didn’t even know what a proxy is at that time. She looked for more information about it and she is a kind of a lady that doesn’t give up. She then looked for someone who can take care of the proxies and stuff. She found out a company that claimed they will take care of it all and she made a deal with them. She has made over 72k US Dollar in the past 9 months with using this technique. God Bless my mother!

She gave me 30, 000 USD to enjoy vacations last month, I enjoyed vacations in Goa with that money and spent a lot of it on shemale porn video.

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I recently came across some comments on a James Deen and Alanah Rae porn video where he was punishing Alanah very badly. The theme of the video was punishment and hence it shouldn’t come as a surprise. But what came to me as a surprise was the fact that how the people (all male usernames) mentioned that how much they miss James Deen in the porn. There is a reason why they always used to choose James Deen for such movies. The guy was really abusive and he has been accused of being abusive by more female pornstars than any other including one of my favorites – Nikki Benz. I don’t want to waste my time with talking about the idiot James Deen anymore, let’s talk about something else.

I remember that I used to feel very bad and guilty after jacking-off to the incest porn when I used to be a teenager but now I don’t. Now I love those incest porn videos, especially the ones involving blowjobs.

I personally believe that nobody other than Jesus has been able to live a celibate life in the entire history of mankind. I firmly believe that all the rest who claimed to have lived celibate lives were/are all liars including the apostles, Hindu monks and others. I have seen many Hindu monks checking out young webcams models when they think nobody is looking.

I have personally observed this one thing in my life after fucking hundreds, if not thousands of women of different races and classes, and that is that the best dressed women are generally the lamest fucks. And there is another thing that I have observed in this time period and that is that nothing enlarges my dick like a good old big ass. If your wife has a big ass, then send her to me and I will prove to you what I just claimed.

Riku loves Cam Models more than the rest of the internet porn combined

I have a Japanese friend named Riku, who brags that he once fucked a nurse in the Ambulance once when he was extremely ill. He believes that the nurse had took some sexual stimulant which she discovered at the hospital and was the one to initiate it. He says that till date, he cannot forget that fun experience.

This Japanese friend of mine believes that you are not a good husband until you have made your wife had some fun with a BBC at least once. He claims that he regularly hires black gigolos to fuck his beautiful wife with ample curves and she loves him for that. He says that a White dick trying to beat a BBC is like the Triumph trying to beat the Mercedes in 1950s.

Riku claims that the Amazon blondes are a lot more fun than their Brunette or Ginger counterparts. He likes to give example of one of the most popular Amazon pornstars and certainly the most popular Italian pornstar for the past few years – Alura Jenson. He says that it is a pity that the blondes don’t make as great BBWs as their brunette counterparts. He likes to give example of the infamous pornstar – Sofia Rose in this regard. He once created a wonderful blog post giving example on his blog with the title – ‘The Battle of the BBWs’. In this blog post, he wrote just as I pasted below:-

“Take Sofia Rose, the pornstar as the challenger BBW and Samantha 38G as the reigning BBW of the porn industry, Sofia can give Samantha a run for her money any day of the week. Sofia just loves sex and that’s the reason why she kisses her male partners so much on the lips. Take her HeavyonHotties videos for example, in both of those videos, she spent almost half of the time kissing that fat dude.”

Riku says that he himself doesn’t watch the mainstream American porn much, but rather he spends most of his spare time jacking-off to the cam girls. Learn here what are cam girls.

5 Feet 11 Inches Tall VR Cam Girl Admits Sucking His Real Brother’s Dick Once

She wears skin-tight shirts and boots all the times, she is 5’11” tall and has a marvelous body, which gets any man (perhaps including her brothers and father) hard just with a sight of her.

She gifted her bisexual husband Lelo Earl, one of the most expensive butt plugs made of 24 Karat Gold on his 36th Birthday. He gifted her a Johnny Sins sex doll on her 32th Birthday which she could be found playing with on some of the top VR Cam Girls websites.

She loves to get her ass whipped by something strong that makes her ass look red like an apple, with just one whip, like you would see in XXX Videos. She once got seriously wounded once, but back to getting her ass whipped regularly as soon as she got healed.
She drives nothing but right-hand drive cars, he drives nothing but trucks or SUVs. She loves her cars in pastel colors, he loves his cars white, black or red.

He claims that the assholes of women between the ages of 35-45 feel the best; She asks him “How do you know it when you claim that you never had sex with anyone other than me in your entire life and I am only 32?” He replies that this is what they concluded it in a study. She asks him to send her the link to that list. He replies that they have deleted it or it is no more publicly available. She knows that he is lying.

She ends up cheating with a black man and finds it to be nothing special. She then tries a Hispanic dick and gets addicted to it and now fucks that same Hispanic dick more than she does that of her husband, whom she claims to love so much.

This is the story of a Certified Dermatologist couple whom I met recently on a SlackChat.

Motivational Speaker is going to spend half of his wealth on Female Escorts and Sexy Webcam Videos

Griffin (name changed) used to be a broke motivational speaker. Yes, most motivational speakers are broke. They tell you all the useless techniques that never work. Their time management lectures are the biggest waste of time. Just search on the Youtube for “Motivational Speaker” and you will see thousands of those. 99% of the motivational speakers don’t even have their own car. They all travel in a bus or some other public transport.

Griffin like all the other motivational speakers spoke so confidently to his audience, while in reality he was broke like all other motivational speakers. Every single one person in the audience would cheer up when they heard his name, it was obvious, because most of them were paid audience. Griffin’s Youtube earnings and the money he earned by the tickets sold weren’t enough to cover the expenses, but the hope of becoming another Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar or Brian Tracy kept him going.

Griffin’s family was upset with him. They knew that Griffin is never going to succeed on this path and he will never be another Anthony Robbins or Jim Rohn. His girlfriend left him for a guy who owns a Ferrari. She didn’t like going on dates in a metro train.

Griffin approached many other sexy webcam video women but they all rejected him. After Griffin lost all the hopes, he tried buying lottery tickets. Instead of investing in paid audience, Griffin would now spend all his money on television draws. Griffin was lucky, he won 1.6 million US Dollars after only investing 3000 US Dollars.

After winning the jackpot, Griffin is confused where to invest the money. His family wants him to invest it in the real estate, Griffin personally wants to invest half of it in growing his motivational business and half in the escorts since he has got that wild animal libido now since he started taking X Animal, he says that he is never dating again, his previous relationship was so bad that he has lost all hopes with dating.

Use telepathy to communicate with your big ass MILF wife to know whether she is in the need of some dick at the moment

The porn industry has really come very far. A fitness freak pornstar, escort who also happen to be one of the most popular Reddit Cam Girls told me that she had to go through a written examination before being auditioned practically for her first movie. She told me that over 88% of the female candidates fail the written examination that they take and the percentage of failures is even higher for the male candidates whether it be for the written or practical examination. Passing both the written and practical examination were inevitable for this big ass MILF, she is really smart and wonderful in bed. She also told me that she keeps experimenting with different diets all the time.

One good friend of mine who worked for the CIA in the past told me that the ratio of crossdressers has greatly reduced a lot since the internet porn has come into the picture. He like myself believes that the interest in crossdressing has its roots in unsatiated sexual desires and it was at its peak in the 1970s and 1980s when sexually stimulating videos and pictures were everywhere but it was widely believed that masturbation is bad. The medical doctors proved the belief long ago but the belief stayed for too long. Even today such a stupid belief exists in the minds of a great percentage of the population of the earth, especially in the third world countries.

This Ex-CIA agent friend of mine learnt meditation techniques by an Indian yogi and he claims that he can talk to his loved ones through telepathy. He claims that he can meditate for 4 minutes sitting in any part of the world and tell whether his wife is horny tonight or not, even without talking to her through telepathy or some other means.

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If you think that the beer makes your woman horny, try to feed her some Red Bulls tonight and wait for your balls to get empty like the Iraq’s oil fields.

I have always been a regular visitor to the world-class escorts and I am yet to meet an escort with blood pressure issues. Those escort chicks are so content, happy and blissful that they never suffer with any of that.

Also, each of the pregnant cam girls that I ever met owned more expensive gadgets than the richest corporate women I know, they really believe in using nothing but the best.

Most escorts that I met, loved to learn what they didn’t already know, be it the positions, the etiquettes, you name it.

I recently met a renowned historian who told me that the ancient Romans used to fuck their female slaves much worse than their Islamic counterparts, he also showed me some Roman-themed free porn to prove his case. I don’t know whether he was right or not and I don’t care about any of that history shit, but I gotta say that the chicks in each of those videos were effing hot.

I recently enjoyed a trip to New Delhi, India as a sex tourist and it was saddening to see that there were less Russian escorts in the city this time than there were back in 2004. I believe that it has most likely to do with the declining economy of the nation, which has been going down like never before since the new government of ‘The Childless Modi’ took over.

According to me and many other friends of mine, a smart woman is one who doesn’t let a single drop of your semen go waste. She literally swallows it all like a real daughter of a bitch. My ex-wife was also like that until she once caught me fucking her own mother; That’s when the procedure of my divorce with her began. Her mother loved to get her ass cheeks slapped and hence I would like to end this post by quoting “Never marry a woman who doesn’t like to get her ass cheeks slapped.”