Japan has much freakier and thirstier BBWs than Samantha 38G

Gone are the days when they used to mock large women with name-calling. They used to call them buffalo, cow, you name it, but nowadays these women are referred to as BBWs, no matter which part of the world they are from. Several BBW have been having a great success with choreography and dance videos on the Youtube and Television whereas others like Ashley Graham are having a great success with BBW modeling. My most favorite BBW is Samantha 38G who is my most favorite Non-Japanese pornstar and although I have seen much freakier Japanese BBWs on different Sex Jepun Porn websites, I do not know their names and hence cannot make a mention of those here.

As an older man who has already crossed the age of 55, I have been providing young men with tips on my blog regarding sex and here is one more advice from me for the rookies – always choose a freakish woman over a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman will forget you soon enough no matter how hard you try to last longer in bed and how many sacrifices you make for her but one hell of a freak woman will never forget you if you were really able to make her happy in bed. Here is how you can distinguish a freak woman by a non-freak one – freakish women don’t talk much while fucking but they moan a lot and their moan sounds thousand times better than your average pornstar who generally fakes those. These moans sound so good to the ears that most of the times you automatically recall those in your mind even when you recall the name of that woman 50 years later.

I guess that’s enough teaching for today, see you guys later, keep your dicks and chicks healthy.

Highly creative men have very high libido and they are more likely to hire escorts even at old age than their low libido counterparts

When I was a teenager, I mostly used to wank using my left hand and that’s the very reason why my left arm has always been stronger and bigger than my right one.

Being a devout Muslim couldn’t help me. I used to pray to Allah all the time to help me stay away from the Zinah but nobody came to the rescue.

I kept on committing Zinah no matter what and I still remember the time when I fucked my first girlfriend in her pickup truck while it was raining. She only sucked the tip of my dick no matter how much I insisted her to take it full in.

I had a friend in my college years who always started thinking what his progeny would look like with a random woman whom he used to be attracted towards.

I was recently able to locate him on the Facebook where he told me that he has been creating profiles on matrimonial websites instead of PlentyOfFish or Tiner and he dates and fucks the interested women and then runs away without marrying them which I find ridiculous. He must not have enough budget to hire classy escorts otherwise he wouldn’t be doing this stupid stuff.

I am over 55 and still 70% of my browser history consists of escort, cam and porn websites and I am proud of the same. I know several men who lost their sex drive only when they were in their 30s and I cannot even imagine how big of losers they are. I personally believe that majority of men and women have a low libido and that’s the reason why they aren’t as creative as they should be.

Found my Hispanic mentor lookalike on an amateur Spanish porno website and it really got me rock-hard

Women enjoy sex without condoms and no matter what the scientists tell you, the pill is more beneficial for the women in the long run. Women can always more than compensate for the hormonal imbalance with ingesting semen regular through their vaginas. Ingesting semen through vagina is extremely good for a woman’s health and several surveys confirm the same.

I have been working on inventing a sniper product that will ensure the right throw for the women looking to get pregnant as I am very well aware of the fact that the women unable to get pregnant through their husbands the conventional are not always ready for the IVF or other related methods and hence this invention is the right cure for those.

I love a woman wearing nothing but a sexy and revealing apron, especially if she has a great ass. I have seen several such women in amateur Spanish porn videos (videos porno amateur).

I eat a lot of seafood in order to increase my vigor but nothing does it better for me than watching my favorite amateur Latin American porn videos.

My first Latin fuck was my mentor at the job when I was recruited as an apprentice back in the late 1980s. I fucked her the very 4th night of my job and she seemed to have loved it and so did I. We kept fucking like rabbits every other night for months and then she suddenly lost all interest in me and the same was the case with me as well.

I am glad that this mentor of mine let me fuck her even though several tall, young and handsome Latin guys were after her. I know those Hispanic dudes are masters in bed, I know several White women that filed for divorce with their husbands after riding a big Hispanic dick. Thank you Miss Mentor for letting me fuck you every night for months.

Behind those Hijabs are marvelously silky smooth breasts that can turn your world into a living paradise

I have lost a lot of my appetite with my age but my sexual appetite only seems to grow with my age. I love eating while making out and that’s the reason why most preferred venue for fucking is kitchen.

As you may all be already aware of the fact that I am a Muslim but I am not an Arab and neither my wife is an Arab but I love Arab women more than women belonging to any other race. I bet that Hagar was a stunning woman and that’s why her descendants are mostly so sexy and freaky in bed although they hide those marvelous assets behind those dark hijabs, burqas and naqabs. Perhaps if these sexy Arab women didn’t hide their assets like that, they would not be able to come out of the house due to the fear of getting raped because these women are unbelievably sexy. Nowadays, there are several Arab women working as escorts in Lebanon and UAE, if you haven’t fucked one yet, you are definitely missing one of the greatest pleasures that life has to offer to you as a man.

More men in different cultures are homosexual than we will ever come to know and you know where am I pointing at. Men belonging to different cultures have increased their chances of fucking an Arab beauty due to these sexy Arab women marrying gay men who being unable to get hard for their wives, hire or call other men to fuck their wives and that’s when Arab Sex Scandal are made.

One government official from belonging to an Arab country personally told me that a couple of Arabic countries have been considering taking Jaziya (Tax) from the gay men in their society in exchange for giving them freedom to marry the men. I believe that when this happens, a great percentage of Arab men will come out as gays which will give us a greater opportunity to marry, befriend or have one night stands with the Arab women which will turn the earth into a Jannat (paradise).

Brazilian men have some of the biggest cocks, they sometimes get bigger with age

I recently read the story of this homosexual Indian gentleman who got married because of the family pressure at the age of 27. He started receiving the pressure as soon as he got to be 18 but after trying his best to avoid to get married, he finally ended up marrying a woman whom his parents chose for him belonging to the same caste and class as his.

This homosexual Indian young man believed that he will be able to get hard for his wife but during the first night all his hopes came to an end. He stayed completely celibate before the 6 months of his marriage, no masturbation, no sex and applied the most expensive Japanese oil that he could find online on his penis and massaged it thoroughly but failed to get hard for a woman.

After getting disappointed each night for over a period of 2 months, he finally disclosed everything to his so-called wife only to get slapped, mocked and made fun of everywhere. The situation got so bad due to the conservative Indian society that he had to leave the country and settle in Brazil forever where he can easily enjoy the big dicks of Brazilian men and whenever he doesn’t get any, he can log into his favorite gay site with mature men (Site Gay com Homens Maduros).

This homosexual Indian gentleman really applauds the people that struggled to make same-sex marriages and sexual encounters legal and acceptable by the society in general.

He also says that he gets goosebumps whenever he thinks of tall, strong and hairy gay men from the beautiful country called Brazil. He claims that he never liked the way the Indian gay men looked and they even had smaller penises.

Big tit women make the best wives – Abid Jasic the Dickhead

I just learnt some Hindi and I wrote these lines “Apni Biwi ko Bhej, Karun use main chase, speed meri hai tez”. The lines mean – Send your wife to me, I have been chasing her for a while, I fuck at a very fast speed. Though the lines may not sound or appear very fascinating to most, I dedicate these lines to my neighbor whose big tit wife I have been chasing for a while now.

More and more people nowadays have been using the unit pound instead of kilogram when it comes to measuring the weight of almost anything and each time hear the word ‘pound’, I am reminded of this neighbor of mine that I have been chasing for a while as she is from England and she still mistakes dollar for pound many times and her fascinating big tits always make me fantasize about pounding her.

Before the internet, most of the slangs weren’t as popular as they are now. We used to refer to sexual stamina as battery life in the 1990s and the term pillow for a big boob is being used since time immemorial but I never heard a teenager use these terms anytime before this decade. Nowadays I see teenagers using slangs that I myself never heard.

One of the teenagers that I met a while ago on a discord chatroom told me that he has been working on creating a software that will allow the couples to have a better sex life.

My advise of today to all the inexperienced bachelors would be that they should always look for a woman with big and nice quality tits as these are the women that are loving, caring, warm and friendly and make the best wives, just that they cheat on you if you are away for too long as they cannot live without a dick as long as their low estrogen counterparts but that doesn’t matter much to most of the modern men. Modern men love sharing just like myself. I have been sharing my big jugged wife with my friends and others, thanks to condoms, now we can whoever, whenever, wherever without much risk of STDs.

Never disturb someone who is edging to big booty porno

I own a boutique hotel in the downtown area of my city and let me tell you here that whenever you see a ‘Do not Disturb’ sign on the door of a hotel, don’t come to the conclusion straight away that someone is fucking inside or someone is sleeping, nowadays, the case mostly is that someone is busy edging to the big butt porn inside.

I once came across this guy who used the term ‘hot tea’ to refer to sex and ‘orange soda’ to refer to masturbating.

Once I even came across a man who would get unconscious for a while after achieving sexual climax each time.

I really believe that vodka has a huge part to play in the extraordinary beauty of Russian women but I also believe that those Russian girls really need bigger booties to look even better.

I believe that the governments must do something to lift off the taxes from the sexual products so that the world can become a better place.

I cannot comprehend why talking about porn is still a taboo whereas talking about sex is not. My wife never got ready to do porno although I was the one to suggest it to her and encourage her to do the same as well but she has been creating ASMR videos with kisses, moans and farts lately on my advice and suggestion and uploading the same on Youtube where she is receiving a lot of positive feedback for the same. She has been receiving more complimentary comments for her big booty than anything else.

Some of the Stripchat ladies had their training at real life strip clubs

There is this dude whom I would call Israr here. This Israr guy has got my husband addicted to stripchat by letting him know where he can find discount coupons for the same.

Israr claims that he used be a guide long ago and while he worked as a guide, he used to have sex with pretty MILFs all the time.

Israr claims that having sex in a pink colored environment increases intensity and joy of sex for the male partner whereas it does the same for the female partner in a blue colored environment. Israr goes to an extent of claiming that this color scheme raises the joy and intensity of sex to such an extent that he knows several women who would never get wet before started getting wet after using blue color everywhere in their bedroom and he knows several men that used to be always half erect but started to get fully erect after using pink color everywhere in their bedroom.

Israr claims that having sex or masturbating can reduce or increase the length of a man. Israr says that it totally depends upon how you choke your chicken, when you choke your chicken and to what you choke your chicken. Israr says that he has been working on creating a complete tutorial that will showcase how a man can increase or reduce the size of his genital using magical wanking or sexing tips and tricks by Israr. Israr says that first he was only willing to create a tutorial for the increment of size but then a friend suggested to him that he knows several men who hate their high libido and larger than life genital size which wasn’t totally new to Israr but made him think again and he finally decided to create one for reducing the size and libido as well. Israr says that he estimates the market size of the men that want to decrease their size to be somewhere between 10-20%.

Found my class fellow fucking the girl of my dreams on Big Boobs Tube

There was a dude in my school whose mother performed at strip clubs but she raised her one and only son to be a strict catholic and would have been proud if he became a pastor but he ended up becoming a porn actor, writer and director. He wasn’t my friend or anything, just a regular class fellow and I wasn’t aware of his profession or career until I saw his movie last night on Big Boobs Tube where he was fucking the woman of my dreams with her fishnets on.

I wasn’t aware of who he was until his face started looking familiar to me and I did a research on him only to discover he was who I thought he was. The dude used to brag to his friends about his long dong and how he can edge for 4-5 hours at a time and everyone used to think that the guy is a troll but he was right. I never had an idea that I could be envious of someone like that wanker.

From my own experience, I have come to the conclusion that horny men put women off, just act uninterested till she gets desperate to fuck you and fuck her with taking control of her, don’t act desperate, hungry or thirsty again, be a MAN. Suck her boobs like she is your slave and fuck her pussy like you were born to drill.

I once fucked this woman whose mother was of Indian origin and Father was French, this bitch had the most exotic look I ever saw in a woman. She made me cum within 2 minutes and she had this proud look on her face after that happened but I didn’t act like a loser at all although I felt like one inside and that made her pride disappear within a few seconds when she saw my proud, arrogant and manly face even after I came within about 2 minutes. Male apes don’t last long and they still couldn’t care less, all they care about how many pussies they get, not about how long they last.

VibraToy has been making the lives of thirsty pussies easier and full of satisfaction

One of my good friends – Emma recently bought a VibraToy so that she can fuck herself while watching live sex shows. Emma is about 15 years younger than me but she has bigger boobs and ass than me which I really envy because I used to have small ass and small boobs while I was her age. My assets were too small that I couldn’t attract any other guy than my husband – Abid with them. Abid was and is still a fuckhorse and he would fall for any walking thing. One of the things that I did to increase the size of my assets was to rub olive oil all the time on my assets.

I sometimes thing that Emma is going to go Allegra Cole size naturally if she keeps growing like this and starts applying olive oil to her assets just like I used to in order to make those huge assets even bigger. Wonder what a funny moment it will be when they will order the coffin for Allegra Cole. They will have to order a huge funeral to fit her boobs in.

Abid says that he finds female gymnasts with huge breasts and deep cleavage to be the finest looking and that’s the reason why I have established a gym inside our house so that he doesn’t go out there and get insulted by those hot gymnasts when he tries to hit on them. He cannot get any anymore, he is too old now. He has gone so old that he eats aphrodisiacs all day and applies different sorts of oil on his dick to fuck me.

Wealthy aircraft manufacturer has gone nuts over Sofia Sweety

One of my good friends is a wealthy gentleman who owns a company that builds small aircrafts. This friend of mine brags about his cock all the time and when he recently learnt the Hindi language, the first thing that he did was to write a dirty song “Tedhi Lulli Wale, Aaja Gaand Marale, Chootad Tere Kaale, Ismein Hum Lulli Daalein”.

This wealthy friend of mine has been watching a softcore pornstar Sofia Sweety for the past 6 months and this has happened for the first time that he has gone nuts for a woman so much that his desire for her is not limited to her fanny only but he wants entire Sofia Sweety and he has gone mad to the level that he is willing to live in a homeless shelter for the rest of his life if he could just fuck her for once a week. He says that he hasn’t seen a young teen so beautiful ever before.

He wants to learn Spanish language now and he has been looking for a female teacher that completely resembles Sofia Sweety. He says that he is going to find one no matter what.

This small aircraft manufacturer is of the belief that a woman’s measurements don’t matter as much as the quality of her flesh and he claims that he hasn’t seen a woman with a better flesh quality than that of Sofia Sweety in his 55 years of life.

This filthy rich middle-aged man is not ashamed to brag about his masturbation addiction and he claims that if the governments don’t want their male citizens to be wankers then they must make a law for the women to look ugly and dress up in Niqabs or Hijabs.

Abid dripping his cum on my eyes reminded me of our ex-porn blogs host tenant with a big cock

Abid has got a new addiction of rubbing his cock against my eyes after he is done fucking me. I don’t have any problem with the same as I find it joyful myself but sometimes his cum keeps dripping after minutes of fucking me and that’s when my eyes get sticky to the point that it makes me so fucking angry that I start thinking that I will never let him fuck me ever again.

One of my friends is used to saying “A woman is created by her parents but destroyed by her husband”. This stupid habit of Abid keeps reminding me of the same quote by one of my best friends again and again. I wish that he could destroy my pussy just like he once used to when we were both young and my pussy was drum tight and his cock used to be rock hard and much bigger than it is now, you could call it a ‘giant cock’ back then.

Abid knows very well that I am the same MILF who is soon going to be a GILF who fucked our young tenant one the very same day he started living at our house and I went there as an excuse to inspect if everything was alright and it indeed was. This same tenant turned out to be the guy who recommended to me the best porn blogs hosting I ever came across back then. Now when I look back and see how much I have enjoyed different big cocks, I want to become young again and fuck thousands of different and even hotter guys at least twice each.

Why I told you my story with this tenant is because I wanted to remind Abid that if he doesn’t check whether his cock is still dripping cum and keeps fucking me like that, I will have to separate from him and live with some young hottie with a big dong. There are plenty of young and handsome guys with big tools willing to fuck and take care of me all the time but it is very hard for Abid to find an aging but hot woman like me.

My husband Abid only wanks on Wednesdays now

After being addicted to porn and masturbation for the past few months and failing to give it up completely, my husband has made a new resolution that he will only watch porn and masturbate on the Wednesdays.

I have been telling him that excessive masturbation and sex reduces the calcium content inside the male body but he wouldn’t listen to me and now he says that he feels his knees have gone weaker.

A blonde wearing white clothes is the greatest turn on for my husband and he tells the same to me repetitively without feeling embarrassed or ashamed although he knows that his wife is not a blonde and has always been envious of the blondes since the college days.

I personally believe that just like the scientists recently discovered that the matter is made up of atoms, they are soon going to discover that a male body is made up of sperms and the power of sperm is the driving force in a male body. They might as well create a sperm bomb just like they created atom bomb.

My husband’s most favorite Pornstar – Alexis Fawx looks more attractive to him with black hair and he is not ashamed to admit that he fucked his American-Indian stepsis while watching one of Alexis Fawx’s incest videos. He finds women of mixed heritage the best looking ones and that’s why he couldn’t resist fucking this stepsister of his who is a slut as well.

I personally believe that it is harder to please a young girl than it is to please a MILF. I personally get pleased very easily now when I compare it to my younger years when men with the biggest dicks and the best stamina would fail to please me.

My husband fucked me thrice over a couple of nights watching those sexy emo camgirls

My husband has started to ice his balls everyday, he wears diapers so that he doesn’t get all wet down there, LOL and although he has hit the fever a couple of times owing to this activity, it hasn’t mattered to him much, he is still icing his balls. He believes that applying ice on the balls increases his virility, creativity and can even keep him feel young for longer and expand his lifespan as well. He cannot stop recalling and repeating how hard he used to be in his teenage years when he used to wank to Traci Lords watching her movies on the VCR. He even felt guilty after he jerked-off to Traci Lords’s movie ‘Sister Dearest’ which featured incest but he enjoyed it so much that he did it again hundreds of times watching the same scene from the same movie.

My husband has been chatting with emo camgirls for the past couple of days non-stop and he fucked me thrice while watching those chicks. To be honest, I envy those beauties and I am myself thinking of getting that emo style but I fear that I don’t look silly, awkward and ugly because I am not as sexy, fit and beautiful as those girls.

I got to learn a new story as well about my husband that once a female cousin borrowed money from him and it wasn’t a small amount, it was 200, 000 US Dollars and when she failed to pay him back, he told her that he will forget about it all if she lets him fuck her for a few nights which she did. Now, she is thinking about #metoo which doesn’t make sense according to me in this case.

Me and my husband recently came back from a trip to England where we noticed that there are more busty women walking the streets of England than anywhere else and most of those are immigrants. The country has a great number of emo chicks as well.

Bratty Sis features the nastiest, the horniest, the finest teen chicks in the porno industry and you know it

A fit old woman is far sexier than an unfit young woman but the story is totally different when the woman is in her late teens or early 20s and is your sister as well. I know that my wife is gonna be mad at me for writing this but I cannot help myself. Since I have started watching Bratty Sis porn, I cannot help myself checking out their website at least tens of times to see if there is a new release (movie and cum release).

Watching tall, strong and handsome men with a hairy chest makes my wife go all wet and I am gonna do this to her now. I have been looking for a Bratty Sis video that features such a man and show the same to my wife so that she also get addicted to the Bratty Sis videos and we both make love together while watching Bratty Sis videos which is my dream and my wife’s nightmare. I would also love my wife to play my sister. OMG! Am I having a rock-hard erection while writing this?

I really hope that the next US president be a pornstar. It is a shame that many pornstars have participated in the elections but none could ever become a governor.

I believe that breasts most precisely define’s god excellence and although I have sucked some of the finest looking big breasts in my life, I still respect small breasts and many of Bratty Sis’s models have small breasts which I love. Small breasts, natural big breasts, silicone breasts, breasts everywhere are the reason why there is so much of positive vibe everywhere around the earth and that includes your daughter’s breasts as well. Let me suck your sexy daughter’s breasts just once so that a guru like me can tell you more mysteries about the life and the world in general.

Finally, Abid the Wanker enjoyed an erotic massage in Quebec by a real-life beautiful woman

Finally, my husband got rid of his addiction to that porno bitch Alexis Fawx. Last week, he enjoyed an erotic massage by a French beauty in Longueuil, Quebec.

He told me everything about his rendezvous with this chick. He told me that this chick everyday eats pomegranates to turn her lips into even red. She also told Abid that coffee and red bull both act like aphrodisiacs for both the genders.

I forgot to tell the visitors about how I slapped Abid last month when I caught him calling an English-speaking Japanese sex chat website. After getting a tight slap by me, he disclosed that he had been trying for so long but they never answer his phone.

I personally know a female pornstar that used to hate sex but after joining the porn industry, she got addicted to sex and now doesn’t plan to retire until the day she dies.

I personally believe that anarchists both male and female are highly sexual people and Che Guevera is just one example.

There was a time when my husband couldn’t care less about Alexis Fawx’s fake tits but now after sucking my tits and that of the erotic masseuse in Quebec, he has reverted back to his addiction of sucking real tits again.

My husband – Abid used to find softcore porn movie actresses more attractive than the hardcore porn movie actresses until he started wanking to that Alexis Fawx bitch but now he has reverted back to his old tastes again including his obsession with natural and beautiful big tits just like my own.

This erotic masseuse that he enjoyed every inch of in Quebec, was the daughter of a lawyer and being a daughter of a lawyer, she had great communication skills.

My wife has no idea about how many erotic accounts I have on different sex-related websites

I dedicate the song ‘Tell me Lies’ by Fleetwood Mac to Boobpedia for telling me nothing but lies. Boobpedia is full of lies and I cannot even recall how many times it lied to me. Once I read on a Boobpedia post that the pornstars Jessica Robbin and Pocahontas Jones are sisters and just yesterday I read that Andi James and Britt James are mother and daughter, and I know for sure that both are false.

Once I was chatting with Pocahontas Jones on a cam website where I dared ask her about whether Jessica Robbin is her sister and she clearly told me that she is not, I told her that I asked just because I read a post on Boobpedia and sent her the link to that post as well, which she complained about to the Boobpedia and they removed ASAP.

Yesterday, I watched one video of Andi James and then one of Britt James, trying to find resemblance between the two, which I really failed to. I watched both the videos while my wife was away, she doesn’t have any issues when I fuck other women but she doesn’t let me watch porn or lemme masturbate to the point of ejaculation; she has no idea how many erotic accounts (conto erotico) I have on different porn websites. She also has no idea about my hidden fleshlight that I have kept inside my personal locker.

As I am getting older, I have started to look for ways to increase my virility and one of the ones that is really working for me is eating figs and pomegranates everyday.

All this Hentai porn addict can think about is sex and the hot women

Yesterday, I met a guy on an online forum that keeps wondering all the time that whether there are fleshlights available on the planet Mars or the astronauts fuck with each other?

This dude claimed that he is only 19 and cannot get enough of the Hentai porn. He also told me that he participates in GTA Vice City’s Studio Missions all the time just because of that crazy porn director and Candy Suxxx.

He says that the name Chile reminds him of Tara Holiday each time someone mentions it. He also said that the name soulmate should be replaced with slimehole mates or something else.

His most favorite real life pornstar of all time is Brandi Love and he wants to smell her pussy at least once before dying.

This dude lost his virginity to a college friend of his. He was sitting behind her on her ATV, got a hard on and ended up fucking her later that night.

Once when he had a chat with a pornstar on live cam, she told him that she was raised a catholic and her parents wanted her to be a nun instead but she ran away from home and became a pornstar and camgirl to satiate her high sex-drive and make a living simultaneously.

He also told me that all the women in his family have tattoos all over their bodies. He is not ashamed to admit that he peeps them all, all the time and sometimes even jerks himself off using their underwear. He said that his mum recently got a tattoo done on her pussy , he told me that his mum has blonde hair on the head but light brown hair on her pussy and perhaps nobody excepts himself, his dad and herself know this fact.

Buy a fleshlight if you are afraid of that deathgrip or don’t have a pussy to fuck

My catholic sister recently caught her son masturbating to some Kay Parker’s taboo porn and asked me about what she should do in order to save him from masturbation as he is single and my sister has very strict Victorian views about the masturbation. She mostly refers to the same as the secret vice and believes that the masturbation is responsible for each and every disease mentioned by Ellen G. White and John Harvey Kellogg in the long run.

I suggested her that she should buy his son a fleshlight and be polite to him as it is completely natural to masturbate for a young man his age. She followed my advice and bought him one while the family was still in Australia.

This nephew of mine started his career as a freelance ghostwriter and currently makes over 20, 000 US Dollar a month with his own array of erotic websites.

I have the list of all the websites and blogs ever built by him. He is very frank with me and I was the one who gave him all the sex education that he ever needed. I doubt that he was expecting a tugjob or a blowjob from me as well as he is used to see in the porn movies but I never gave him one and he feared asking me for the same as well although I could read it in his eyes that he was desperate for some.

He used to date girls before and his first fuck was on the top of a mountain with his second girlfriend that was 14 years older than him and would fuck him all the time when her husband was away.

He has gone MGTOW now and believes that pussies suck inside everything, including the joy from the life of the one that fucks them. He claims that the Bermuda triangle is an exclusive example by the mother nature of a pussy that sucks up everything inside.

Alexis Fawx is not my friend’s hot mom but she is definitely my wife’s greatest enemy at the moment

Hope you just read my wife’s rants about my addiction to and obsession with Alexis Fawx. My wife forgot to tell you that how I put my coffee on her ass to make it look like her ass is hotter than a heater and although she really gets flattered by this act, she also got embarrassed a couple of times when she farted meanwhile, lol. I still didn’t mind drinking the same coffee.

While my wife was busy ranting about my obsession with Alexis Fawx, I was busy watching the same Alexis Fawx My Friends Hot Mom movie for the fourth time in the past 2 weeks.

Anyways, let us talk about something other than Alexis Fawx for sometime. I don’t want my wife to kill me while I will be asleep. I recently became pen-friend with the son of the Cuban-American pornstar – Alanis. He is such an idiot that when someone asked him a question related to his wife – “Is she comfortable in her own skin?” He replied, “Yes, most of the time but when she is not I use my skin to comfort her and my dick as well.”

This son of Alanis claims to have had sex with the 1980s German singer – Sandra Cretu. He is such a show-off, he rides in a Mercedes but never gets it fixed until it refuses to start and he also uses the cheapest possible oil in his Mercedes.

Once while he was on NoFap, he searched for ‘Dhaliwal’ on Google, came across Naina Dhaliwal and Amrit Dhaliwal’s bikini pictures and broke his NoFap then and there.

Fish and pussy start to stink in 3 days but not in this Alexis Fawx bitch’s case

This Alexis Fawx bitch that my husband has gone crazy is really a weird one. I recently saw her video where Alexis Fawx son was fucking her and she was delighting in it. I very well know that it is all staged and she perhaps is never going to fuck her real life son no matter what. But what’s wrong with these porn actors, they have lost all of their ideals and principals. Pornstars like Alexis Fawx make me like the Republican party although the current biggest leader of the Republican party is accused of having incestuous relationships with his own daughter.

I personally start stuttering if I don’t have sex for more than 3 days but at no cost will I have sex on the camera featuring my own son as the one who is going to fuck me.

I know some women that need a 48 hours break after each fuck and that includes some prostitutes as well.

I am a daughter of a Playboy Cover Girl. My mother had a very high sex drive and she had several sexual partners. Most likely, I have inherited high sex drive from my mother but there is no way that my mother or myself can ever fuck our own sons in our dreams. Even some animals don’t do that.

Anything is possible in the world of porn, where the dicks are harder than the rocks and fake boobs are bigger than Taj Mahal’s dome.

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To all those that are aware of my obsession with Kiki Daire, I have found another obsession and she is Alexis Fawx. I have been watching Alexis Fawx XXX movies for the past few days and fucking my wife watching those. My wife looks and sounds a bit jealous of her but I couldn’t care less.

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In another interview of Kiki Daire which I watched on the Youtube, Kiki said that she doesn’t agree with the ones who say that fapping steal the thrill from the real thing.

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I am thinking about visiting Seattle for the very first time as I heard from my husband and his colleague that strippers in Seattle dance as well for the women as they do for the men.

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I just had a chat with the host of this Delhi outcall escort service agency who told me that they are setting up a review section on their website which would be incorruptible, in other words, only honest and genuine reviews by the real clients will be posted there and nobody other than a verified client will be able to post a review. She also told me that due to the infiltration of the fake pictures in the Delhi escort industry, they are busy building a photo gallery which nobody would be able to copy and paste pictures from.

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