Governors Jerking Off To Bongacams Models During Election Days

Ivan Gentry from Frankenmuth, Michigan, is a Sex Blogger and Architect, who likes to study the history of sex related businesses as a hobby. He has been on it for the past 7 years now. He writes that the sex business ideas were at their peak in the year 2007 followed by the year 1983.

Ivan believes the statistics that conclude the Levantine Arab countries, especially Jordan and Lebanon have the highest rate of erotica readers are accurate. He also agrees that Libya has the greatest number of regular erotica readers in the African continent.

Ivan agrees with the study that claim the adult males living in a single parent household masturbate more often than their counterparts living in a two parent household.

The notion that an Average American Governor has more sex on an average than an Average American President is as true as an Average Professional Hooker having more sex than a Average American Homemaker wife.

Ivan Gentry

Ivan lived in Japan for 3 years. He writes that when people talk of the prostitution in Japan, they name cities like Tokyo, Yokohama or Osaka, most of the times; Ivan doesn’t deny that these 3 cities have a large number of happy ending masseuses, street hookers and high class escorts that when put together are larger than the number of the masseuses in Thailand, but it is the city of Kawasaki that has the best-looking, best=-smelling and most elegant female escorts, especially the mature ones, he writes. Ivan adds that some of the examples of the infamous Kawasaki city’s feminine beauty could be seen on Bongacams, Welcome to Sex Webcams Bongacams here.

Ivan’s uncle served in the army for a good length of time. He says many navy merchants and military experts commit corruption with the help of each other and they are often caught having illicit sexual relationships with each other, when they generally use to continue their monkey business of corruption.

HQ Toy Pussies Combined With HQ VR Porn Are More Addictive Than Real Life Pussies, Latest Studies Conclude

Julius Wade from Pierre, South Dakota, cannot stop fucking his Pink Dynamite Sex Toys and this is what he wrote on his blog recently:-

Here is the deal guys. I relapsed last night and I am so tired of trying for over 15.5 years now. I have decided that if I relapse ever again, I will pass the ownership of the server to one of existing leaders here and leave.

If I relapse ever again, I will stop caring about fapping or not fapping. I will start working out like crazy everyday to get fit, find a girl for myself, get married and get into some business that won’t demand me being a celibate (no long hours, not tons of creativity required) as I know my limits with an active sex life.

But If I don’t relapse ever again, which I will definitely try my best to, I will stay a celibate my entire life and use my extraordinary energy, drive and passion to reach the top as I know my potential when I am practicing ‘no lust celibacy’; it is far higher than my sex drive.

But if I relapse ever again, I am done with trying to be a celibate forever.

I was sleep deprived yesterday, like only slept 3 hours in 36 hours, whenever that happens, I get these crazy boners that won’t go away for hours and also my brain wasn’t functioning right, then I had a little argument with my parents. Then I did the same mistake again that always leads me to a relapse, i.e. taking my phone with me to the bed and I relapsed multiple times.

Whatever be the case now, one relapse and I am done. There are no excuses anymore. I am so sick and tired of it.
I know how bad it is but I still do it nonetheless.

I don’t want to live and die as another married normie and I shall try my best to never relapse again.

I want kids but no I don’t want to marry. I respect the institution of monogamous marriage but it is not for me. But I will still do it if I ever relapse again because it is better than being a wanker or a whoremonger.

Julius Wade, A South Dakotan Blogger

Make Sure You Workout And Take That L-Arginine Before You Meet Sexy Women For Fun

Women who like to keep their nails extraordinarily large prioritize the girth of the dick over its length.

Lloyd Revy

Lloyd Revy from Sutter Avenue, New York, is a Sex Blogger and Economist, who believes the supplement L-Arginine doesn’t help improve the blood flow in the arteries of the heart as much as it does to their genitals. He doesn’t take any other supplement than L-Arginine and it has been the same for over past 7 years now.

Lloyd claims to know a family in his neighbourhood where the dad gets cucked by his two stepsons every night. Both the brothers fuck their stepmom for hours at night while the dad looks at it all sitting butt naked on a couch in the same room tying to get his weak dick hard by stroking it using different oils and/or stimulants only to face unsuccess each night.

Lloyd writes it is a pity that due to some people on the internet having faked illnesses to get attention, those who actually got illnesses and want to tell it, can look to some as they are faking it.

Lloyd claims working out gives him more urges to watch porn and fap but he rather uses this drive of his to meet sexy women and satiate them and make each of them crazy about him.

Lloyd also does Ashwini Mudra to strengthen his dick.

Lloyd believes a human female breasts are the biggest marvel of god’s creativity. It is the greatest example of how much gravity a little creation of god can possess.

Lloyd claims that most of the female squirts in the mainstream porn industry including the ones by Jada Fire and Veronica Avluv are fake.

Chemistry Teacher Rides Her Mechanic Husband Like Those Bitches Do In China XXX Videos

Allie Darcy from Beach, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Chemistry Teacher, who is open on her blog about regularly cheating on her car enthusiast husband, who seems to be more concerned about the buttons on the steering wheel on the cars than her breasts.

The best friend of Aliie’s husband is a mechanic who told his girlfriend that her breasts are like 2 big airbags and to everyone’s surprise, she loved the comparison and let him play with her airbags that very night, all night, like they do in that China XXX Video.

Allie never liked the fiance of her one and only daughter. He lives in a different country. She fears each day and night for her daughter’s future.

Allie has had sexual affairs with 5 different economists till date. She says each of them was very cautious about using the precautions.

Allie calls bullshit on the conspiracy theory propagated by some that Indian Philosopher and Mystic OSHO was a CIA Agent who was put in the position to destroy the Hindu concept of Brahmacharya because the US feared that India will become a superpower otherwise. She says bigger bullshit has not been propagated before.

Allie writes sadists are some of the worst people in bed, especially when they are males.

Allie has been involved in a short movie project for a while. The movie is a porn parody, featuring the American Pornstar MILF – Friday as Pro-Wrestler Rick Rude’s wife. Allie claims she is the one who got the offer to play Rick Rude’s wife before but she refused the offer and then they offered her the work as an assistant-writer and she delighted in it.

Beauties Curvier Than Angel Wicky Waiting For You On Live Sex Cams

Armando Angel from Beulah, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and eBay seller, who believes MGTOWs are a high IQ people and no average or low IQ person would ever like to join them.

Armando believes Japan is the most incel country in the world right now.

Armando used to jerk off using a condom in the college days to online sexy girls and wouldn’t throw the condom unless he had shown it to the fellow students in the college. He used to do it to brag about the thickness of his semen.

Armando writes ejaculation even once a month will leave you half as creative if you didn’t ejaculate at all.

Armando claims even being around nuclear technology reduces testosterone levels in men and according to him that’s the main reason why the testosterone levels have been dropping in men continuously for decades now.

Armando believes the Catholic Church will soon agree to the purchase of condoms if the couple is married.

Armando was in Japan for a few years. He writes several Japanese pimps have been using the Japanese Cyber Cages as a hub for their prostitution deeds.

Armando claims to know a sexologist who advises the use of a different brand of condom to the men and women belonging to different race. He believes this doctor is on another level and this advise of his is legit as fuck.

Armando believes Angel Wicky ought to be the most popular pornstar of the current times, not Mia Khalifa. He claims Mia Khalifa would have remained on the corner if she weren’t a media darling.

Hundreds of Married Couples Choosing Live Sex Cams as a Means to their Primary Income Since Covid-19 Pandemic

Ragnar Eyre from Brussels, Belgium, is a sex blogger and tour guide, who believes Italian pussies taste the best. He says he will choose an Italian pussy over the most delicious pasta any day.

Ragnar is married to a full-time homemaker and a part-time cam model. Every weekend Ragnar joins her and they make it a couple cams. His wife’s pussy is so hairy that she needs to comb it twice a day.

Ragnar believes women hit their sexual peak at the age of 34. Both his wife and the singer – Nicole Scherzinger are the best examples of it, he says. He has always had a huge crush on Nicole Scherzinger. It is one of his dreams to meet her in real life.

Ragnar never gets tired of repeating this personal story when once he was suspended from the college and he took revenge by having sex with his college principal and her daughters using astral projection.

Ragnar recently fell in love with Nancy Bhabhi AKA Nandita Dutta from India, since he saw her soft porn movies and her saree photoshoots. He writes he has been trying to make his way to reach her without any mediator. He says he would sell the house he lives in just to be able to smell her pussy for once.

Ragnar discovered fapping at the age of 18. He was just playing with his dick and it felt extremely good to him. He is 28 now and has never been addicted to fapping until Covid-19 kicked in and he had to spend his days sitting at home having nothing else to do other than playing with his wife or his own dick when she is not available to play with.

Plenty of Coconut Available in the Market to Use on Your Dick while Chatting on Live Sex Cams

Patrick Lowe from Miami City, Florida, is a sex blogger and retired attorney general, who claims it is a false rumor that the soy increases estrogen levels in men. He claims to have had the first experience of this. After eating soy rich foods all the time on purpose for 6 months straight, his Testosterone levels increased but not the estrogen levels. He writes the soy made him too rich in testosterone that he would become like the Hindu God Shiva (Hindu God of Destruction) whenever he wouldn’t get any pussy. He was always found checking out Livecams those days to satiate his sexual desires.

Patrick is married. He says it is strange and weird that he has bad nightmares whenever his wife is having menstrual cycles.

Patrick is proud of the fact that his garbage can is always full of sexual products – Lube, Condoms, oil bottles he used as lubricants, etc.

Patrick believes natural oils, especially coconut oil work better on a dick than the best lubricant available in the market.

Patrick regularly hires pornstar escorts. He enjoyed the escort services of the GILF Pornstar – Patty Plenty. He says just like in her porn movies, she was very relaxed and offered him second session for free, which proves she loves the sexual action. He says it is a pity that the porn industry doesn’t give chance to fun-loving ladies like Patty Plenty but dumb bimbos like Mia Khalifa, who just look like they are waiting for the sex to get over as soon as possible and never look like they are enjoying it.

From Malta to Bengal, these Cam Models Make you Cum on Your Wall

John Loughleed from South Dakota, is a sex blogger and an architect who writes on his blog that he is really disappointed with the acting skills of the 21st Century Pornstars. He wishes all the time if someone could bring back the Golden Age of Porno. He appreciates the bedroom skills of the modern pornstars though. He still prefers free sexy private cam over the modern porno. Whenever he watches porn, it is mostly from the 1970s, 80s or 90s.

John loves to read the Indian history and mythology and he has come to the conclusion that the Hindu Goddess Durga used to be the Goddess of Sex before the Aryans came to India and persecuted the Durgs worshippers and the Goddess Durga herself. The Indians then decided to change the stories in their mythology to avoid the sort of persecution in the future and the rest is history. He adds that Durga is mainly worshipped in the Bengal region of Indian and it is a well-known fact that the Bengalis are one of the most sex-obsessed people in the world and have the largest racial population in the Indian Subcontinent.

John is currently dating a German, French, Italian, Irish and Native American mixed woman. Her uncle is a priest who lived in Malta for 1 years. He claims there is something about the dome of Carmelite Church that makes the priests of that church so sexual. These priests are regularly found having sex with one another or hiring hookers. both male and female.

John once participated in NoFap for 30 days, only to fap like there’s no tomorrow for the next 60 days. A 90 day challenge for real.

For a Gay Man, it is as much fun to bang a total stranger as it is to bang a Friend

Irresponsible sex is the best sex.

Bjorn Foshe

Bjorn Foshe from Michigan, USA, is a gay sex blogger and an engineer, who claims the Coomer Wojak character was in originally designed by a notorious homosexual forum poster who mostly goes by the name – JamestheBBCLOver, but an anonymous 4chan user labelled it as his own later by deception.

Bjorn believes homosexuality is the most natural form of human sexuality and it is easily proven by looking at the Bonobos but what a pity that the so-called intelligent human societies and religions are not willing to accept it as it naturally is. He adds heterosexuality is a choice though.

Bjorn has a bisexual friend from the New York City who claims the First Lady Melania Trump regularly hires Gigolos and apparently, President Donald Trump never had much sex with her since the beginning of their marriage.

Bjorn has been working on inventing a vaccine which he claims would be able to change a person’s sexual orientation on demand. He believes most men would choose bisexuality through this vaccine as it gives them the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds, and he believes no man would be able to resist the gorgeous big cock men available at Complete List Of Best Gay Sites 2020 » SingleSceneDating

Bjorn actively campaigns against the misguiding online communities like r/nofap, r/semenretention, etc, that claim masturbation and porn are unhealthy.

Bjorn recently made a post on his blog claiming that he is very soon coming up with a questionnaire that would let a person know their sexual orientation like no other questionnaire or survey ever did before. He says he is too excited about it as it is the need of the current times when men and women are so confused about their sexual identities. He claims to know several men and women who wasted their entire lives just to discover what their sexual orientation really was and till the last day of their life, they remained a failure.

Bjorn writes it has been scientifically proven time and again that homosexual men and women are 3 times as creative on an average compared to their heterosexual counterparts but no mainstream media source would dare mention it anywhere. “What a shame!”, he adds.

Last month, Bjorn decided to convert to Hinduism just for the reason that they worship Phalluses. He also got a new Hindu name as soon as he got converted but he prefers to keep that name a secret. He also regularly recites a mantra which the Hindus claim increase the testosterone levels of a homosexual man like no other.

Bjorn has a Gujarati-Indian friend who told him that Mahatma Gandhi and India’s First Prime Minister – Jawahar Lal Nehru were secretly gay lovers. Bjorn says that the news didn’t shock or surprise him at all because he can tell a gay or a bisexual just by a glimpse and both Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru look like bisexuals.

This Gujarati-Indian friend of Bjorn claims to have interviewed hundreds of Aghoris based in Punjab, India and most of them admitted to being homosexuals. This news also didn’t surprise Bjorn at all as he always could tell why these men wake up in the dark; “For the secret rendezvous of course”, he says.

Looking for Porn Videos List while wearing a Kippah is Haram

There’s no such thing as a sexually drained person.

Claire Karina Garrett

Claire Karina Garrett from Delaware, Ohio, is a sex blogger and beautician, who writes most women love misogynists more than they do simps because an average misogynist is a lot more obsessed with the women than an average simp. She gives the reference that MGTOW Reddit Groups and Discord servers are an example for anyone who wants to discover what she is saying. She adds it won’t take an average person more than 5 minutes on any of such communities to confirm her claim.

Claire is married to a Jewish man and after marriage for 15 years, she claims to have discovered that wearing a kippah increases both DHT and Testosterone levels in men. On the days he wears that kippah regularly, he is often seen looking for the porn videos list although he bangs her twice a day, each day.

Claire is not ashamed to admit that she lost her virginity at the age of 20 in an open Jeep.

Claire has 5 Flat Earther Female Friends. All 5 have flat chest and flat butt without any exception.

Claire writes her ultimate dream is to find the world’s first super=advanced free-sex tribe on an island.

Claire has been wearing the same styled cat lingeries for over 3 years now. Instead of getting bored of the same, she has becoming more obsessed with it rather.

Claire was in an adult retail business for a while during the past decade. She writes love is in the air during summers. Each year, the sales of condoms and contraceptive pills rise to 200%. She jokes no wonders why the hottest countries are also the most densely populated.

Claire claims drinking semen of her husband regularly cured alopecia for her.

Eskou is one of the most beautiful things about Japan followed only by Japanese Hentai Porn

Darel Pendergrass from Montgomery, Alabama, is a sex blogger and leather belts retailer, who claims eating certain junk foods increases libido like no other. He adds it is a pity that these junk foods are not found in the category of aphrodisiacs anywhere.

Darel writes on his blog that although the North-East Indian women share the same DNA with Western Tribes of China, they have much larger breasts than their Chinese counterparts on an average. He says it is a pity that there are no studies why the case is such.

Darel writes it is another pity that so many people are so scared to visit a sexual health professional.

Darel doesn’t seem happy with the research literature revolving around the sexuality related subjects.

Darel has been doing a research on the Japanese enkou tradition lately and he says he hasn’t had so much fun performing a research before.

Darel believes the role of mental health and personality is vastly underrated in terms of a person’s sexuality.

Darel claims to know hundreds of men named Paul. He says without any exception, they are all sex freaks.

Darel never gets tired of repeating that total strangers have better sex than people in relationship in general.

Darel believes sexual problems due to the emotional control in the early age of an individual belonging to any gender are real and it is another pity that not much focus is placed on the same.

An Average Tranny Porn Site is 12, 654 times as Popular as an Average Religious Website

Priscilla Majella from Orlando, Florida, is a sexual blogger who claims sexual prowess is directly linked with financial and family success.

Priscilla writes on her blog that when once she interviewed a sexual victim nun. The nun told her honestly that she had had sexual affairs before becoming a part of the Church as well but no man performed the sexual intercourse as an average priest does. She even told Priscilla that as much as 30% of the priests regularly jerk off to tranny porn sites regularly.

Priscilla dresses herself up in black 7 days a week and likes to call herself the princess of darkness.

Priscilla claims Satan and Iblees are two different angels. Both were simultaneously cursed after the god found them indulged them performing gay sex on each other.

Priscilla is not ashamed to admit that she regularly hires male escorts as n international traveller. She loves Eastern European guys more than any other. She writes on her blog that the best trait of the Eastern European male escorts is that most of them are action oriented.

Priscilla follows Zoroastrianism. She claims to have never indulged in masturbation since she started following the same.

Priscilla says according to the law of Zarathustra – The one unpardonable sin is wilful masturbation. Even rape and genocide can be forgiven but not masturbation.

Priscilla believes a man can cure his impotence merely by following the subliminal method like her ex-husband could. She then contradicts herself by stating that maybe it was her hotness that cured it.

I highly doubt that my current MILF Girlfriend used to be a Cam Model

My current girlfriend is a bisexual woman who claims to have had sex with several social workers till date. She says that both male and female social workers are some of the worst people in the bedroom with ugly looks and lower libidos. She also claims that social workers are more likely to commit suicide as well.

My current girlfriend firmly believes that there will be universities in the near future that will teach escorting courses. She believes that the foundation of such universities will start from the Netherlands or Thailand. She adds that looking at the rapidness of the development in certain Asian countries, first university of that kind will most likely be built in Thailand. She also believes that in the future, there will be recruitment agencies that will get men and women employment into escort agencies in a very organized way.

She also says that the escort girls that don’t allow their pictures to be posted on the official website of the escort agency must allow the escort agency to post their black and white portrait at least because nobody wants a surprise if they are paying that kind of a money for a little bit of fun.

I highly doubt that this current girlfriend of mine used to work as a camgirls live herself to satiate her very high libido and also to make an extra buck but I dare not ask her. She is a fine fucking MILF and I am not doing anything that will take her away from me. Each time I fuck her, the next day my dick is so hard that each day feels like a new day when I hit the puberty. She loves to get licked.

Even Transgender Men and Women Love to Watch Hentai Porn

I know several transgender people and they all have one thing in common and that is that they watch more porn than they fuck in reality. They like to watch a lot of porn on the free hentai steam.

I believe that all the masturbation gloves available in the market presently are useless and that’s the reason why I want to launch my own brand for masturbation gloves.

I checked a recent survey in which it was mentioned that the men that spend more time jacking off to their favorite porn are far more happier than the ones that fuck the pussy of their favorite women regularly.

“Two big mountains and a valley,
Having an off-road in the valley.”

The above mentioned poetry is what my 21 year old nephew came up with in a recent family party when everyone was drunk. This nephew of mine tells me that he never chases a woman who is good at debates or is a good public speaker. He also told me that the chicks nowadays are so desperate for the bodybuilder men that they mess up with the bodybuilder bouncers in order to get groped because they hate their rich and ugly boyfriends. I am happy that this was not the case with us when I was his age.

I told this nephew of mine what my grandfather told me and that is that the true happiness is not hidden in how much money you make but rather how many pussies you fuck.

1990s saw the hottest Asian women

“Don’t wish for less babies, wish for more contraceptives.”

I believe that the rest of the history except for the King’s harem stories and other sexual escapades of the royals is nothing but trash.

As a married man for decades now, I want to convey to you that women over 40 years old are most sexual in the month of February. My wife wants it 24/7 in that very month. Sometimes she wants it so much that I feel like passing out and I am glad that we had an open marriage, other guys get to help me in this as well and they all love helping me in this regard.

I also believe that 1990s were the best times with the hottest Asian Voluptuous women globally. These women would tell you straight on your face that you better learn to finger the ass than to slope your dick straight inside of it.

I had a Japanese male friend who used to claim that if you lose as much semen after having a wet dream. That generally means you had sex with a succubus in the dream. He recently got into an adult business and the business motto is “Commit yourself to sexcellence.”

This Japanese friend of mine also believed that the Hindu God Shiva achieved the position of the highest god in the Indian Subcontinent by practicing non-stop tantric sex without any ejaculation at all with his beloved super-sexy wife – Parvati for years.

He also believed that certain statues of the Hindu God Krishna have always been capable of performing the sex act with their devotees.

I strongly believe that the escorts, adult models, cam models, pornstars, twitch thots, etc, are all agents of change and it is a pity that they are not given as much respect in the society as their less-contributing counterparts.

Chill Slav ladies from Prague waiting for you to show up on Nudecams

I remember meeting this couple once in Prague. The man was a homosexual and the woman was a lesbian. They were so much in love. They never used to get tired of repeating that theirs was the most pure love with no lust involved. They were highly active sexually with other men and women but they never had sex with each other.

The couple was not happy with the fact that a woman serves less time in jail when they rape someone.

They both agree on the fact that girls need to be at ease. If she is having good, chilled, laughing times, she is open, just like one of those girls on Nudecams.

I remember a 40 year old woman once told me that she looked her best and felt more horny than ever before at the age of 33. He calls bullshit on the theories that claim women hit their peak at the age of 40.

This same lady told me that most men unknowingly give off rapey vibes, that’s why girls get put off by them. She says one has to keep misogyny and red pill in check, because women are eventually the barometers of a man’s worthiness of life.

I always advise all my readers that it is always more fun to tap a religious woman as they don’t masturbate as often and that’s what makes their pussy feel a lot better.

London is indeed a jungle when it comes to free flings with top notch beautiful women

So, as most of my regular readers already know that I was in London for the past few months and you guys all know very well that I can’t live without fucking around.

I didn’t spend a dime to have these flings in London. You may also learn to do the same – Click here to find naughty sluts in the UK that need casual sex.

One night I met this thin pale White chic who was a flat-earther as well. She told me that she believes that the earth is as flat as her tummy.

She told me that she was an expert in planetary reading and she told me that all the planetary conditions are in my favor at the moment and will remain so for long in the future.

She told me that she taught in school for 2 years in the past. She called me honey all the time and I loved her for that; I called her baby-doll in return.

Her colourful bikini reminded me of a butterfly. She further told me that she had an array of butterfly lingerie. I can only imagine right now about she looks in each of those and jerk off.

I wanted her to do a roleplay of my slave girl while I act as a king, she agreed to it happily, she tore her clothes to look like an actual slave girl for me and I loved it. I didn’t have a crown but I managed to make something else as my crown which I don’t want to disclose here.

I enjoyed all my time with her. It didn’t matter much whether the lights were off or on.

Another night, I met this single MILF in London for a fling, who literally had the body, height and face of one of my most favorite porn MILFs of all time – Mindi Mink. She wasn’t White though. She was a fit, athletic and flexible Punjabi-Gurjar lady who told me that she belonged to a family of one of the most Indian athlete families.

The moment I had the first glimpse of her, a sound came out of my mouth ‘Thank You Lord’ and she heard it very well and smiled and kissed me instantly after it.

I spent 5 consecutive nights with her and she took equal care of me all 5 days. God Bless the Great Britain!

Indian Devar Bhabhi Porn giving Brazzers, Scoreland and Naughty America a run for their money

I believe that the discipline and orderliness found among the Brazzers and Naughty America pornstars is unmatched and that’s the reason why they Naughty America and Brazzers have always been ahead of the Scoreland, BangBros and other major rivals. The only thing that all these major porn studios lack in is displaying Devar Bhabhi Porn, I was introduced to the Indian Devar Bhabhi porn when a friend sent me movies of Savita and Mona Bhabhi on YellowPlum – One of the top Indian XVideos channel.

There is this friend of mine who claims that more than half of the world in the prehistoric and ancient times used to give sex education to their adult children before marriage by performing sex in front of their adult children. He adds that these parents would also let their adult children fuck themselves so that they learn better and the parents can have an idea about how good their adult children are sexually.

This friend of mine also claims that sperm is a living entity which is very harmful for you whether you are allergic to it or not. He claims that cleaning your sperm with a tissue paper is not going to solve the problem for you; You would be better washing yourself off multiple times.

He is also not ashamed to admit that he would go out of bed in the middle of the night as a teenager and would sniff his sexy big boobs bhabhi (sister-in-law’s) undergarments and jerk-off using those.

As a child, he used to be a child with rages, now, he is an adult with a 12-inch long dick. As a kid, he used to make it difficult and painful for his parents, now he makes it difficult and painful for his wife/girlfriend.

Most Twitteratis are wondering if the 5G Towers will make Judy’s Big Booty look more realistic looking on the screen

I have been watching a digital sport watch whenever I have a fucking session with my wife for a while now. It really helps me keep the right track of the time on how long I lasted.

You don’t always have to look like Johnny Bravo to look good to your woman, especially if yours is a freak like judythebigbooty.

One of my good friends believes that the god created fruits in men and women’s sexual organs. According to him the cherries represent the hymen, oranges represent boobs, watermelons represent buttocks and bananas represent dicks.

This friend of mine believes everything that comes out of the conspiracy theorist – David Icke’s mouth, including that the British Royal Family is Half-Reptilian and Half-Human. He also believes David Icke’s theory that the coronavirus is a hoax and the 5G towers are responsible for it.

The wife of this friend of mine is a motivational speaker by the day and an escort by the night.

I recently read a post by judythebb on Twitter where she made a claim that the idea of men without moustaches is an agenda by the feminists to make the men unattractive to the women. She finds hot men with moustache irresistible and she believes that the feminists can’t stand the fact that a straight man looks more attractive to a straight woman than a straight woman does to a straight man on an average.

Judythebb also claims that any sex that lasts lesser than 60 minutes leaves her completely cold.

Coffee has been making me dizzy and giving me brain fog lately, but I still drink it pots of it everyday, because it increases my libido like no other.

Trucking Company owner from Atlantic City prefers Korean Porn Movies over any other

Kelvin Balonay from Altantic City, New Jersey, started off as a truck driver, but today owns a fleet of trucks. He believes that Gaia should be the #1 Korean pornstar of all times followed by Minka. He says that Minka is all tits while Gaia is an entire package, one just has to watch his Korean Porn Movie featuring Nuru Massage.

Kelvin says that he recently dated a New York girl who pretended to be the daughter of a multi-millionaire, only to learn later that all her clothes were pre-used eBay clothes that she would file a dispute against all the time on PayPal.

Kelvin would have never known her reality if his sister, who owns and runs a not-for-profit eBay store that sells products just for the same of her and other horny men and women’s happiness didn’t tell him the same.

Kelvin believes that misanthropes and misogynists both love sex more than their Non-Misanthropic counterparts, especially when the ones having Germanic ancestry.

Both Kelvin and his wife are pro-wrestling fans. They both wear each other’s favorite wrestler’s costumes before making out and together scream out loud “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” before making out.

Kelvin and his wife used to be school buddies. They were always good friends, they never flirted with each other in school and didn’t have a crush on each other either. They met each other on a Tinder Surprise date years after completing the school and impressed with each other’s sexual performance and energy, they decided to marry to enjoy the same sexual performance and energy every night of the year.

LGBT Advocate from Sydney is often found performing telepathy or performing a search on ‘Adult Hub’

Ann Hardin from Sydney, Australia, is a full-time DJ and part-time LGBT advocate and sex blogger, who claims that more animals, birds, etc like to make love to the same gender than we will ever know.

Ann agrees with Reverend Jim Jones when he said that every human being is homosexual.

Ann says that she is happy that as much as half of the boys hostels in some cities of the USA have become very much like the notoriously popular ‘Gay Love Hotels’.

Ann has a very good gay friend who loves drifting in his Nissan 370Z. He uses the codeword – “Ever been in a drift car before”, whenever he is in the mood for sucking some dick. He loves to suck both straight and gay dicks alike.

She claims that the future of the automotive industry lies in the hands of the homosexual people and adult hub is the proof of the same.

Ann writes on her blog that she has been studying zoo geography to understand the laws of the nature, sexuality, evolution and many other things better.

Ann claims to have sucked more gay dicks than any other straight woman and she says that she can tell the difference between a gay and a straight dick just with a glimpse.

In the December of 2016, Ann went to India to study the infamous ‘Indian Prehistoric Telepathy’, only to realize 2 years later that is a scam. She has been exposing the so-called miraculous Indian Prehistoric Telepathy since then on blogs, forums, chatrooms and other online platforms,

Date all the Russian and Ukrainian women you can before the Coronavirus destroys your dick

I recently came across a press release that had it mentioned that the men and women who work at steel factories are far more horny compared to the men and women who work at other factories. The author even added that perhaps this is the reason why the population of the entire first-world Western countries during the Industrial Revolution mainly during Andrew Carnegie’s time grew like never before.

I won’t disclose the name of the author here but I can give you a couple of hints here – The author has an Economic Degree. He worked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the past. He is a hardcore Catholic who claims that we are living in the end times and once he wrote an article in 2018 about How to date Russian women thanks to camgirl sites before the Armageddon takes place.

I believe these are hints enough to identify the real author. Anyways, I would like to discuss more about a popular African-American author from Kentucky, who recently made claim in an article that men used to have boobs as well millions of years ago but some virus destroyed it. He further added that he is scared that the coronavirus and other virus of the same forms might even destroy the dicks of the homo sapiens sapiens in the near future and before that happens, it is most recommended that men learn How to date Ukrainian women thanks to camgirls sites.

My wife Abida lets me enjoy some hot Korean massage while I am in Chungnam

I believe that the idea of creating a dagger came to the mind of the inventor after seeing his own or other men’s dicks. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the original idea came to the idea of a ever-horny woman who couldn’t get enough of or enough dicks.

Every married or couple in a committed relationship knows that fucking the same person at the same location can never be as much fun. Honest couples like myself and Abida admit it to each other but the dishonest ones wouldn’t do the same.

Abida lets me enjoy those stunning some hot massage by Korean chicks when I am away on a business trip to Chungnam (충남출장마사지) and she really delights in it.

Abida believes in reincarnation. She believes that she was killed by a jealous female cousin in her past life who found Abida sleeping with her boyfriend and she got intensely jealous of seeing her boyfriend enjoying sex with Abida so much and drinking Abida’s squirt while he wouldn’t even lick the pussy of Abida’s cousin. That got Abida’s cousin infuriated and she ended up killing Abida by stabbing her multiple times. Abida says that she is not sure whether her cousin was ever convicted of the crime or not but she says that she can clearly visualize the sight of her having sex with her cousin’s boyfriend and her cousin stabbing her multiple times.

The best feeling for Abida is when my huge balls touch her asshole while I fuck her in the spooning position. My balls seem to love it too, as I last longer and my balls feel like steel when I fuck her in the spooning position.

My wife Abida keeps sending me the links for Escorts and Adult Listings whenever I am away from home and her big tits

The feminism in the ancient Sicily is evident from the Saint Agatha’s breasts. As all our regular readers know already, myself and my wife – Abida, both are atheists but we don’t forget to celebrate Saint Agatha’s Feast Day on every 5th February, each year.

As many of the regular readers of our blog already know that Abida used to own a lingerie store and I used to be a wholesaler of the lingerie and that’s how we met.

As a married man for almost 3 decades now, I would say to you that monitoring the internet is easier than monitoring the pussy of a wife who is always out on a business trip. But I am glad that I had a sort of open marriage and instead of monitoring each other’s genitals, we encourage to fuck other men and women. My wife – Abida, is always busy sending me Escorts and Adult Listings whenever I am away from home.

I recently met a retired male pornstar and clown, who told me that the late Pro-Wrestler – Matt Osborne aka Doink, wanted to be a pornstar himself but didn’t due to his own and his dad’s legacy.

I have been thinking about creating a deepfake porn website completely dedicated to the hot news reporters and anchors. Both the male and the female fuckers would be reporters.

My experience with hundreds of different women tells me that neither tiny not tall girls are as sexual freaks as the average heighted ones. So, if you are a rookie, look for a woman with an average height.

Eddie Guerrero stole the tagline ‘Latina Heat’ from this Adult SEO Services Company owner

Once while my wife Abida was sleeping, 2 cockroaches started roaming on her pussy, I was awake and watching all this, but I decided to not wake her up or shoo the cockroaches away, because I was enjoying the sight of both the cockroaches and my wife enjoying. I never watch bestiality porn or I am not advocate of animal sex with the humans, but it is my personal belief that all animals, birds, insects, etc, love to make love to the humans, us humans are just too naive to understand it. I believe that the humans ooze sexuality like no other creature on the planet and that’s one of the things that makes us separate from the rest of the creation.

One of my good friends owns an Adult SEO Services company. He is an atheist himself but his 22 year old son is a devout Catholic who claims to be the most pious person student of Christ. My friend didn’t have an idea that his son used to take a wank until he saw cum stain all over his blankets, bedsheet and other places.

This friend of mine just like myself cannot fall asleep until and unless he gets to fuck at least twice. His wife is also a freak like himself. He did some time in prison back in 2015 and he claims that he didn’t sleep for a second for all the four days that he was in the prison.

Live Global Sex Championships will be premiered on Porn365, watch it to discover how good your countrymen and women fuck

Learning to climb a tree is the best exercise that you can do to increase your sex drive, especially if you are a male. I believe that this is also the secret behind the extraordinary sex drives of those chimps, bonobos and baboons. To see how much these three fuck and how long they can stay hard, just watch a Youtube video of any of these three fucking their females.

I wonder why there is no such thing as sex championship contests. I have been thinking about having sex championship competition on the global level. There would be a total of 8 teams – North American, South American, African, European, Russian, Southeast Asian, Chinese, Australian. Out of these 8, two will reach the finale. The teams that would be able to fuck the longest with or without ejaculation will win. (No food or water would be given to the contestants and it would be premiered live on Porn365).

I have always believed that doing extensive mental tasks like learning a new language decreases a woman’s libido and I have several examples to prove it. Take the example of Linn Bergrenn of the musical band – Ace of Base. She never married, has never been rumored to be in a sexual relationship with any man or even a woman. She is most definitely an asexual person.

Myself and Abida have been thinking about getting our faces painted lately. I would love to get my face painted as a dick while Abida has been thinking about getting her face painted as a pair of boobs. We don’t have kids at home and we don’t give a fuck about what the society thinks of us, the only thing that has been keeping us from it is whether we will be able to score as many men and women as we do now after we do it. Please leave your opinion in the comment section and let us know.

Scottish Pornstars are as underrated as the Scottish bands

As most of the regular readers of my blog already know that there is a lot of incest going on in our family and we are a family of free sex believers. You perhaps would be surprised to learn that each of my wet dream in the past few years has been with a family member despite the incest going on within my family in the waking situation.

I have traveled the world, but I haven’t been able to find women hotter than the ones in Scotland. Those below 30 Scottish women are stunners, in the word’s truest sense and they love to fuck. Some Scottish women look as good after their 30s than they did before it, take Georgie Lyall the Scottish portnstar for example, the bitch is 35 and she is looking better than ever before in her most recent movies. She loves to kiss as well, just look at her hd porn movies with Jordi and Dane Jones.

I have been working on a scientific experiment lately. I have been filling a bucket with my semen for the past couple of weeks, I heat it up everyday so that it doesn’t become useless and I also add some biotics to it everyday so that it doesn’t die. I take out this semen out of my body after jerking off to free premium porn.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the first Porn and Sex University of the world is built in Hungary

I am in my 50s and my balls still don’t ever feel empty even after I cum buckets multiple times.

I believe that in the near future there will be a Porn degree and the day is not far enough. In the universities where they will offer Porn degrees, they will teach the history of porn, how the porn industry evolved and its likely future and the upcoming possible technological advances. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens somewhere in the Eastern Europe, most likely Hungary.

I speak broken Hungarian and I love to read those erotic ads (szexapró) on the Hungarian Magazines. They are some of the best. My wife Abida literally hates those gorgeous Hungarian models on those Hungarian erotic ads.

Eating a sum total of 3 KG of pomegranate, figs, kiwis, dates and grapes each day tripled my sexual stamina. My dick is also stiffer than it has ever been and Abida is loving me for it.

I practiced Taekwando in the past and it did nothing but reduced my sexual libido and sexual stamina to an unbelievable extent.

I believe that soon enough it would be discovered by the handwriting of a person about how good they are in the bed.

My Chrome Browser has more porn bookmarks than any other.

I have been writing sex poetry with one hand and I jerk off with another while listening to the moans of Mindi Mink, Tara Tainton and Xev Bellringer every 9-10 PM for the past 3 weeks and I am loving it.

Classy French Woman that I met through JustFlirty happily fulfilled my Armpit Fantasies while my wife – Abida was sleeping drunk in the next room

I recently developed an armpit fetish but my so-called beloved wife – Abida, has gone too lazy lately that she has a hard-time shaving her armpit. So, I thought that I would do myself a favor and instead of some escort fulfilling this fetish of mine, I would rather log in to justflirty and have a real woman do it for me and boy, I wasn’t wrong. The woman I met, I first saw her in American Idol, she was a participant and both the male judges were flirting with her like there was no tomorrow.

I saw the social media accounts of all her family members once she disappeared after fulfilling my armpit fetish and they all pretend to be an extremely classy family with high morals on their social media. You wouldn’t know that the family participates in sexual orgies together and the woman I met, told me that she is also responsible for fulfilling the sexual armpit fantasies of her own first cousin.

I believe that a sex story doesn’t deserve to be called such unless it is a long one and that’s the reason why the posts I write are never long, because I write my real-life sexual experiences, not some stupid fake sex stories.

I don’t know if it is with me only and my good friends who are extremely sexual like myself. We like to listen to a different type of music when we are horny and sexually tensed and other type after we are done making out. I personally love to listen to the 80s rock when I am sexually tensed and after I am done fucking, I love to listen to the modern-day hip-hop.

Those Escort Ads have literally been saving lives, especially those of men

The roots of the extraordinary human thinking skills and thinking process lies in the human males trying their best to fuck each and every female and the females trying their best to use their pussies in the best way possible in order to get as much as they could from the human males.

I have always had an eyebrow fetish. The first thing that I always look for in a woman is her eyebrows. I love to rub my dick over a woman’s eyebrows including that of my wife and the girls I regularly meet through Annunci escort.

I love women from the Indian subcontinent and it is my personal experience that the Pakistani girls like to party a lot more than their Indian counterparts. Perhaps, it has to do with their non-vegetarian diets. The Pakistani people also eat a lot more spicy and dried food compared to their Indian counterparts.

I didn’t know this until I met this Indian MILF escort currently living in Chicago, that the Indian women wear saree because the Indian men have a fetish with women’s hips and belly. I did a little bit of research on it and I discovered that those South Indian movies are full of erotic scenes based around women’s hips and bellies, which may be weird to many westerners, but not to the South Indians.

Me and Abida create tons of Christmas craft each year. Last year, all of it, without exception, was sexuality related.

I believe that the increasing pollution in big cities is the reason why the people of the big cities, no matter what their sexual orientation is, are way less sexual than their counterparts belonging to the small towns or villages.

My Promiscuous Sister-In-Law’s Best Friend is Proud to be a part of CamBoozle

One of my sister-in-law’s best friends is always overawed by the fact that she is a part of one of largest luxury escort agencies and free live sex cams website. The money alone is not the thing that makes her overawed, but rather the kind of men that she had the responsibility of making happy through both the mediums.

I believe that the average economy of the American families and the average times that these family members get intimate with each other, are both strongly underestimated. Normally, it’s the Southern and Hillbilly families that are alleged to be incestual, but I know several Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills families where siblings, parents, grandmothers and other family members fuck each other like rabbits.

My first trip to the New York City and Orlando, Florida, was with an escort and both the trips were the two best trips of my life ever.

I am proud to say that I still fuck as good today as I did before my marriage with Abida, which took place about 30 yuears ago.

Abida has a sister who weighs 350 lbs and I bet that she can give BBW pornstars like the Sofia Rose and Samantha 38G, a run for their money, anytime, any day.

This sister of Abida regularly joins us in a threesome to make our marriage working even better; Her husband, her kids, nobody else in our family, outside us three, has any idea about why this BBW sister of Abida visits Abida’s house so frequently and we all want it to stay this way. Myself or Abida never told her that we fuck around with other men and women all the time, so that she feels she is the special one and it is a wonder that she has never come close to knowing that by herself either.

The Popularity of Skinny Blonde Pornstar Piper Perri is the Proof that Skinny Girls are Loved as much as their Voluptuous Counterparts

I believe that the big booties everywhere have been causing global warming more than anything else. I also believe that the case is only going to go worse no matter what the governments do or say about it since the women are only going to discover more exercises to increase their booty size, no matter whether are some skinny girl porn star or a voluptuous Latin beauty like Kiara Mia.

I believe that the Australian and British women are much better than their North American counterparts, take the Australian Angela White and the British Jasmine Jae and Antonia Deona as just a couple of examples. No North American Pornstar of the modern day can beat the 3 beauties that I named; No wonder why the mainstream American porn industry calls the Australian and British pornstars all the way from their countries to the USA to shoot a scene.

I have traveled around the world and not to mention that I have been to almost every town and city in the USA. I must say that the Michigan City has the best escorts in all of USA. I travel all the way from Chicago to Michigan each weekend to spend a night with a skilled Michigan escort.

Moscow might have better looking escort chicks but no escorts beat the skills of Michigan city’s escort ladies.

Abida (my wife) recently turned vegan. Last month, she got ‘Milk Dairy’ tatted on her big beautiful natural breasts as well. I have been drinking milk from that dairy for years now and I am yet to find a better dairy.

Stop trying to prove that Jesus was Black, rather try to bring in as many Black Models as possible to the Live Sex Cam Industry

One of my conspiracy theorist friends, who has been bashing Covid-19 and the conspiracy behind it all the time for the past 30 days or so now, also has some conspiracies to disclose surrounded around the adult industry.

He claims that Sarai Minx, the 25 year old black pornstar from Miami is a daughter of one of the most popular Hollywood couples from the 1980s, but both the daughter and the parents have been keeping it a secret from the entire world, but if someone looks at her face with focus, leaving alone her stunning boobs, one can come to the conclusion about who her real parents are. He adds that she inherited her gorgeous looks from both her good-looking Hollywood parents. He claims that he got to learn this truth after chatting with Sarai Minx on a camgirlslive website for weeks. He says that once while chatting with him, after Sarai became well-familiar with him, .e., she now knew what he did for a living, and other things like what his hobbies were, his ancestry, etc, she told him the truth, which really terrified him for a minute and turned him into a porn conspiracy theorist along with a political conspiracy theorist.

This friend of mine is an anti-conspiracy theorist as well, who claims that all those who spend hours of their time a day proving whether Jesus was White, Black, Latino, Aboriginal or Middle-Eastern, do not at all care about the color when the cam model that they are chatting with is fucking hot. He believes that those who have been trying to prove the color of Jesus for years are the hypocrites of the highest level.

Thanks to PornDepom, I can now watch Underrated Teens, MILFs and GILFs from Europe fucking their Male Partners like Bonobos

You know what pisses me the most off nowadays? The guys who refer to the younger and inexperienced women as immature. Calling such women immature is the most immature thing that an adult can do.

I am really glad about the fact that the hottest and deserving MILF pornstars of today are not going to be unemployed or out of money in their older days as the GILF genre is really one of the hottest in the industry currently. Don’t believe me? Just check the statistics of porn download this month.

I really feel pity for the underrated MILF pornstars like Kara Knox, Nadia Night and Lucky Benton. But I feel even more pity for the underrated pornstars belonging to the European porn industry, who never get noticed much. Only freaks like myself and my wife are the ones who generally know their names, and if by chance their video(s) ever get viral, nobody is aware of who they are, where they are from and what language they speak. It is really a shame. But thanks to porn download websites like PornDepom that is mainly focusing on making such European videos available and perhaps, it is their priority that such young, MILF or GILF gems should not go unnoticed and fulfill their aim of making straight men and bisexual men sexually happy, which will ultimately get rid of evils like rape out of the society.

One MILF pornstar belonging to the American Mainstream Porn Industry, who I believe is underrated in many aspects is Mindi Mink and I believe that a lot of the credit of her not being a success like Alexis Fawx or Lisa Ann goes to herself only. She is the best dirty talker out there followed by the buxom Xev Bellringer, but she spends more time fucking her dildo than a real dick, though she can take a real dick better than most Top 100 American or British Porn Stars ever. Just watch her video with Lance Storm or the one where she tells her son the benefits of having a girlfriend. She is a real freak but an altruist one. She should really go out there and suck and fuck more real dicks, she is already 51, approaching 52 this year and she shouldn’t be so fearful about getting HIV or other illness, in my arrogant opinion. Mindi, if you are reading this, please feel free to contact me or my wife and perhaps, we can all make a threesome video together.

Uber Cab Drivers across USA pimping Lesbian women that breastfeed you like a mother would

There are more female Uber pimp drivers than you can imagine in the USA than you can imagine. They have arrangements with the motel people in the town and they many times also know the people in 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and can arrange a room for you there as well. They also have lesbian chicks working with them, who are willing to do anything for their lesbian clients, including breastfeeding them like you would see in a lesbian breastfeed porn movie.

Several male Uber cab drivers also tried to pimp for some extra money but I don’t know a single such Uber driver who got success with it. Both the female and male passengers/escort-seekers are more comfortable talking to a female driver over a male one, no matter how good looking or courteous the male cab driver is.

I believe that the people fucking around all the time since the invention of effective ways of contraception have become available is the cause of global warming, and that includes the family members who fuck around all the time.

I have been bashing Coronavirus and the panic that the media has been creating around it all the times. I compare this panic with the panic that the Catholics in the Victorian era used to monger regarding homosexuality.

As most of the regular readers of this blog already know, that I am very well-familiar with several real life gay men and lesbian women. I am not afraid of my relationship with the gay men and straight women when I courageously mention here that each and every of them who wear green all the time are the biggest loose cannons that I know and the ones that love to wear red all the time are just the opposite, hence you can’t predict a homosexual by his;/her clothes.

More Sexy Nudist Women Joining the Adult Webcam Industry than ever before, creating unprecedented Global Warming

When I was a teenager, one of my randy and rowdy aunts always told me that the story of Delilah and Samson is true and it wasn’t Samson’s hair but rather his semen that she took away from him. I always laughed at this story told to me by my aunt like I still do and always asked her politely, if she would like to take some of my semen away from me and be my Delilah, she always had the same answer for me to this ‘”You pervert son of a dirty bitch. I am way beyond your standard, you would better be finding someone from your own league.” She would always disappear after saying this same thing to me.

This aunt of mine was one of the first to join the nudist movement in the United States of America. She always believed that the clothes were the biggest sham on earth after the religion. She found no point in getting undressed as she always believed that the adult human beings get dressed in order to only get undressed, which I myself quite agree with. She had the body of the Spanish pornstar – Merce Palau and she loved to flaunt it, and I would sniff her pussy without her permission while she would be sitting around doing something that kept her busy. She would act like she hated it but I always knew that she loved it, once she even moaned when I rubbed my nose too hard while I sniffed her pussy for a couple of seconds after ultimately running away.

You may be wondering about why am I feeling so nostalgic about my randy and rowdy nudist aunt today, well, last night, I had a live sex chat with one of the adult webcams model who looked just like this aforementioned aunt of mine. I knew both her daughters and I was certain that she wasn’t one of those. But all the time I was confused that she may be one of her illegitimate daughters because her voice was also 99% like that of my aunt. I went into a private chat with her, but I was so busy enjoying her beauty that I didn’t want to lose her to some silly personal questions related to her ancestry, lol.

My Chef Nephew is happier with his Sex Dolls than he could ever be with a Girlfriend

I am personally not familiar with a single male chef who spends more time reading cooking related books than he does reading sex magazines. Same goes for the choice of their TV shows.

I have a nephew, who is a chef. The first crush of this nephew of mine was the Miss Elizabeth of Pro-Wrestling. When she is no more there and there aren’t enough videos of her for him to jerk-off to, he buy sex doll that only look like Miss Elizabeth and fuck those all the time. He has never been in a relationship and considers it to be a waste of time.

Well, I have been in romantic relationships with several escorts in the past and the funny and strange thing when you are in a relationship with an escort is that there is no such thing as a love triangle when you are in love with an escort, hooker, erotic masseuse, whatever, there are only hexagons, decagons, etc.

It is really crazy how so many lesbian escorts go away fooling their clients pretending to be straight throughout their entire careers. I myself kept getting fooled like that until whence once my bisexual wife called up an escort agency for a lesbian escort and the same chick who sucked my dick pretending to be a straight woman was the one to arrive at our house. I asked the escort for a compensation and she told me that all that she could do was to allow me to watch her sex session with my wife with the condition of not making a video. I was more than happy with it and I followed them both like a mad dog to see them make love.

My KINK has reached new heights lately and I am loving it

I believe there will be Global Inter Universities fucking competitions between professors, principals, directors and students by 2060. I also believe that I would be alive to see the same happening if I keep fucking like a freak like I already do.

Well, my sexual KINK has reached new heights lately. I have been drinking the pee of my wife Abida using a straw. I insert a huge sized straw inside her pussy when she wants to pee and keep the other side of the straw in my mouth until she is done. It really feels amazing. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have been missing a great deal of entertainment.

As most of my regular readers already know that I am a huge Pro-Wrestling fan. I recently met Dakota Runnels with her mother Terri Runnels at a party, both the mom and daughter were wearing the skimpiest clothes and both looked equally hot. Both the mother and the daughter had some of the fittest and delicious looking boobs that I have ever seen. I am still wondering what their nipples look like.

The regular readers of my blog also know that myself and my wife – Abida had an open marriage and where I fuck around with the women openly, she fucks around with both men and women. She claims that the women from the hilly regions are freaks whereas the men belonging to such areas are right the opposite. I agree with her on the freakishness of the hilly women here, as I love those Hispanic women belonging to the hills.

With so many gorgeous below 35 pornstars becoming a part of the Mainstream American Porn lately, free porn has become irresistible to a straight adult man

I am always proud to say that my wife Abida is the greatest moaner there was, the greatest moaner there is and the greatest moaner there will be.

Myself and Abida both believe that handmade condoms are the future and there is no place anywhere for the current quality of the condoms.

My wife has big broad shoulders like the infamous pornstar – Xev Bellringer, the 31 year old chick with big natural and beautiful boobs, who is notorious for making incest porn. As per my personal observation over the decades, women like these cannot be satisfied with just one dick, no matter how long you can last, how good you look or how big your dick is. Chicks with such shoulders could be 4’11” tall, but your ‘Mandingo Dick’ or ‘J-Mac Stamina’ is never enough for them, unless you bring your likewise friends along with yourself.

It is possible to find the most gorgeous beauties in the form of masseuses, escorts or others while away from home, but to find a girlfriend or a wife away from home is almost impossible. At least in my case.

I am glad that the zest and enthusiasm for the free porn only seems to grow as the technology reaches new advances. And with the quality of the female pornstars that have been joining the porn industry lately, the porn has become irresistible to an adult straight man. No matter what an average American adult says to you regarding the porn nowadays, you can be certain that he watches porn at least 30 minutes a day.

I am not happy with the ad slicks of the porn industry that have been around lately though.

Incest Porn is the most popular Porn Genre in India and my PIMP friend believes that it is no surprise for those who know the history of the nation

One of my good friends is a pimp who never gets tired of bragging that he loves each of his escorts as much as a jeweler dealing in diamonds loves each of his jewel piece, only the jewel pieces that he deals in cannot be sold forever and no words are enough to define their beauty.

This pimp friend of mine claims that Covid-19 aka Coronavirus is a conspiracy to destroy the ever-prospering escort business. He believes that fucking different women everyday makes a man his best version and in a sense immortal and that’s what according to him, Illuminati fears the most.

My pimp friend also believes that those who marry mainly for sex, do it wrong, they should rather be dating a pornstar, hiring escorts, availing regular Nuru massages in Goa.

My pimp friend also claims that the entire nation of India used to be Polyandrous until the Muslims took over. He further adds that the Indians used to fuck like crazy back in the day and they are the people who love to watch the incest porn more than any other sort of porn.

This pimp friend of mine believes that Indian biracial women are still the best fuck and that’s the reason why he is married to an Indian-American woman who is Half-Punjabi and Half-Bengali. He says that she is the best fuck that he has ever had. He says that he is proud of the fact that his wife can give Nina Hartley a run for her money. He says that he is never going to pimp his wife but he wants her to join the mainstream American porn industry because it really lacks an Indian talent who could be one of the Top 25 Global Pornstars. He says that he is well aware of the fact that there are 2 mainstream globally popular Indian pornstars – Sunny Leone and Priya Rai, but he believes that they are nothing close to a Kay Parker, Traci Lords or Jenna Jameson, which he firmly believes his wife is.

He was introduced to the Bengali food by his Half-Punjabi and Half-Bengali wife. He claims that it has increased his libido and sexual stamina as much as 250%.

Also for those who don’t know. The secret behind one of the most popular pornstar belonging to India – Priya Rai, is also the Bengali food, according to Priya Rai herself.