I am Abida Jasic and I let my husband have fun with strippers in Pittsburgh

Hello guys and girls, I am Abida Jasic, an ex-cam girl from Canada. I am of Arabic origin and my husband is from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I came to Canada in order to live my life my own way – with freedom (mostly sexual freedom) and my husband came here with a dream of becoming rich overnight. My husband hasn’t become rich yet but he has got a sexy thing like me who he fucks whenever he feels like and the moment he looks at me wearing something sexy and skimpy, he completely forgets about his Canadian dream, lol.

I am completely liberal in a way that I let my husband have fun with other women as much as he wants to, although he prefers me over any other woman in the world but I can feel and see him getting bored of me many times and that’s when I let him have fun with other women.

I keep checking different webcam, stripper and escort websites for my husband so that he can enjoy his life to the fullest and feel happy for having me as his wife.

I only select the best of the best for my husband’s pleasure, be it the cars, the women, clothing or watches.

My husband owns an art gallery in the downtown area which is extremely successful and nothing less than a landmark.

I ma too sorry that my husband never got to visit the little heaven called Amsterdam yet. I am certain that I will take him there soon enough so that he can enjoy some Dutch angels but for now I am very proud of myself for booking the best Pittsburgh strippers for his nephew’s bachelor party that is going to take place in the coming Sunday.

My husband and I, both are coffee lovers and our favorite type of coffee is cappuccino. We love the cappuccino that they make in the North Indian McDonalds.

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