Delhi is the new Bangkok

Delhi is full of innovative female escort service agencies, 99% of the revolutions that take place in the escort world of India, begin from Delhi only. Delhi was the first city whose escort agents first started sending the pictures through Whatsapp, Delhi was the first city whose escort agents first employed Russian and other foreign girls and you will be perhaps amazed to know that it was Delhi whose escort agents created the first escort service website in India, before this escort services used to advertise on newspapers and again, the first escort service advertisements appeared on the newspapers of Delhi.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you or anyone else that female escort service agencies in other cities of North and South India are too weak and too dumb to compete with the escort agencies based in New Delhi.

If you are an escort enthusiast and coming to India for business and by chance you have the option to choose any city of India, go for Delhi – you will have more and better options to choose from than in Amsterdam or Bangkok. The best thing about the female escort service agencies of Delhi is that they never try to upsell, no matter what.

My husband has tried several escort service agencies in different parts of India and one thing that is common among them all is that the escort girls in India, no matter which city of town, always greet you with a big smile.

If you can’t wait to meet your Delhi escorts and want someone to visit your hotel within 30 minutes, no need to worry, most of the major escort service agencies of New Delhi offer super-quick visits and can send one of their angels to your hotel within as less as 20 minutes.

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