Rebellious daughter is a high class Florence escort

My husband was in Florence, Italy last month where he met one of the smartest escorts ever. This Florence escort’s name was Paola. Paola is of Australian, Dutch, French and Italian ancestry. Paola told my husband that she couldn’t even make a small talk with the man before she started escorting. The mother of this escort accepted Islam after becoming obsessed with the same. She asked her daughter to also dress in hijab, don’t talk to the men, don’t go out to work and get married ASAP. Paola left her home in rebellion and became an escort after not being able to find a job.

Paola also told him when he hired her for the third time that she wants to create her own condom company.

Paola didn’t let my husband take any pictures of herself but she says that she looked out of this world when she was all naked but covered her breasts with her long curvy hair and kissed the tip of his dick non-stop.

Paola was so slim that her rib-cage was even visible but she is now planning to gain weight after she learnt from a few clients of her that making love to BBWs keeps the men younger and vigorous for very long as BBWs have very high estrogen which is great for men’s health. Paola wants to serve the community by increasing their lifespan and making them happier and healthier. Paola’s best friend is a stripper who claims that CIA and FBI guys are the most frequent at the strip clubs.

Paola has also been washing her pussy regularly with very warm water because she says that it makes her feel young and like a virgin again.

My husband hired this woman thrice during his time in Florence, Italy and each time she was dressed so beautifully. She told him that she also provides a special service where she teaches the teenagers how to jerk-off properly to make it the most pleasurable and last hours doing the same.

The third and the last time when my husband hired her was the most pleasurable of all. This blonde beauty was dressed up as a bridesmaid the last time he hired her, had blue mascara on her eyes and blue lipstick on her lips. The most pleasurable moment for both was the time when she grabbed both the bed handles with both her hands and gave my husband a rhythmic thrusting movement in a cowgirl position and finally ended up eating his cum.

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