Finally, Abid the Wanker enjoyed an erotic massage in Quebec by a real-life beautiful woman

Finally, my husband got rid of his addiction to that porno bitch Alexis Fawx. Last week, he enjoyed an erotic massage by a French beauty in Longueuil, Quebec.

He told me everything about his rendezvous with this chick. He told me that this chick everyday eats pomegranates to turn her lips into even red. She also told Abid that coffee and red bull both act like aphrodisiacs for both the genders.

I forgot to tell the visitors about how I slapped Abid last month when I caught him calling an English-speaking Japanese sex chat website. After getting a tight slap by me, he disclosed that he had been trying for so long but they never answer his phone.

I personally know a female pornstar that used to hate sex but after joining the porn industry, she got addicted to sex and now doesn’t plan to retire until the day she dies.

I personally believe that anarchists both male and female are highly sexual people and Che Guevera is just one example.

There was a time when my husband couldn’t care less about Alexis Fawx’s fake tits but now after sucking my tits and that of the erotic masseuse in Quebec, he has reverted back to his addiction of sucking real tits again.

My husband – Abid used to find softcore porn movie actresses more attractive than the hardcore porn movie actresses until he started wanking to that Alexis Fawx bitch but now he has reverted back to his old tastes again including his obsession with natural and beautiful big tits just like my own.

This erotic masseuse that he enjoyed every inch of in Quebec, was the daughter of a lawyer and being a daughter of a lawyer, she had great communication skills.

My wife has no idea about how many erotic accounts I have on different sex-related websites

I dedicate the song ‘Tell me Lies’ by Fleetwood Mac to Boobpedia for telling me nothing but lies. Boobpedia is full of lies and I cannot even recall how many times it lied to me. Once I read on a Boobpedia post that the pornstars Jessica Robbin and Pocahontas Jones are sisters and just yesterday I read that Andi James and Britt James are mother and daughter, and I know for sure that both are false.

Once I was chatting with Pocahontas Jones on a cam website where I dared ask her about whether Jessica Robbin is her sister and she clearly told me that she is not, I told her that I asked just because I read a post on Boobpedia and sent her the link to that post as well, which she complained about to the Boobpedia and they removed ASAP.

Yesterday, I watched one video of Andi James and then one of Britt James, trying to find resemblance between the two, which I really failed to. I watched both the videos while my wife was away, she doesn’t have any issues when I fuck other women but she doesn’t let me watch porn or lemme masturbate to the point of ejaculation; she has no idea how many erotic accounts (conto erotico) I have on different porn websites. She also has no idea about my hidden fleshlight that I have kept inside my personal locker.

As I am getting older, I have started to look for ways to increase my virility and one of the ones that is really working for me is eating figs and pomegranates everyday.

All this Hentai porn addict can think about is sex and the hot women

Yesterday, I met a guy on an online forum that keeps wondering all the time that whether there are fleshlights available on the planet Mars or the astronauts fuck with each other?

This dude claimed that he is only 19 and cannot get enough of the Hentai porn. He also told me that he participates in GTA Vice City’s Studio Missions all the time just because of that crazy porn director and Candy Suxxx.

He says that the name Chile reminds him of Tara Holiday each time someone mentions it. He also said that the name soulmate should be replaced with slimehole mates or something else.

His most favorite real life pornstar of all time is Brandi Love and he wants to smell her pussy at least once before dying.

This dude lost his virginity to a college friend of his. He was sitting behind her on her ATV, got a hard on and ended up fucking her later that night.

Once when he had a chat with a pornstar on live cam, she told him that she was raised a catholic and her parents wanted her to be a nun instead but she ran away from home and became a pornstar and camgirl to satiate her high sex-drive and make a living simultaneously.

He also told me that all the women in his family have tattoos all over their bodies. He is not ashamed to admit that he peeps them all, all the time and sometimes even jerks himself off using their underwear. He said that his mum recently got a tattoo done on her pussy , he told me that his mum has blonde hair on the head but light brown hair on her pussy and perhaps nobody excepts himself, his dad and herself know this fact.

Buy a fleshlight if you are afraid of that deathgrip or don’t have a pussy to fuck

My catholic sister recently caught her son masturbating to some Kay Parker’s taboo porn and asked me about what she should do in order to save him from masturbation as he is single and my sister has very strict Victorian views about the masturbation. She mostly refers to the same as the secret vice and believes that the masturbation is responsible for each and every disease mentioned by Ellen G. White and John Harvey Kellogg in the long run.

I suggested her that she should buy his son a fleshlight and be polite to him as it is completely natural to masturbate for a young man his age. She followed my advice and bought him one while the family was still in Australia.

This nephew of mine started his career as a freelance ghostwriter and currently makes over 20, 000 US Dollar a month with his own array of erotic websites.

I have the list of all the websites and blogs ever built by him. He is very frank with me and I was the one who gave him all the sex education that he ever needed. I doubt that he was expecting a tugjob or a blowjob from me as well as he is used to see in the porn movies but I never gave him one and he feared asking me for the same as well although I could read it in his eyes that he was desperate for some.

He used to date girls before and his first fuck was on the top of a mountain with his second girlfriend that was 14 years older than him and would fuck him all the time when her husband was away.

He has gone MGTOW now and believes that pussies suck inside everything, including the joy from the life of the one that fucks them. He claims that the Bermuda triangle is an exclusive example by the mother nature of a pussy that sucks up everything inside.

Alexis Fawx is not my friend’s hot mom but she is definitely my wife’s greatest enemy at the moment

Hope you just read my wife’s rants about my addiction to and obsession with Alexis Fawx. My wife forgot to tell you that how I put my coffee on her ass to make it look like her ass is hotter than a heater and although she really gets flattered by this act, she also got embarrassed a couple of times when she farted meanwhile, lol. I still didn’t mind drinking the same coffee.

While my wife was busy ranting about my obsession with Alexis Fawx, I was busy watching the same Alexis Fawx My Friends Hot Mom movie for the fourth time in the past 2 weeks.

Anyways, let us talk about something other than Alexis Fawx for sometime. I don’t want my wife to kill me while I will be asleep. I recently became pen-friend with the son of the Cuban-American pornstar – Alanis. He is such an idiot that when someone asked him a question related to his wife – “Is she comfortable in her own skin?” He replied, “Yes, most of the time but when she is not I use my skin to comfort her and my dick as well.”

This son of Alanis claims to have had sex with the 1980s German singer – Sandra Cretu. He is such a show-off, he rides in a Mercedes but never gets it fixed until it refuses to start and he also uses the cheapest possible oil in his Mercedes.

Once while he was on NoFap, he searched for ‘Dhaliwal’ on Google, came across Naina Dhaliwal and Amrit Dhaliwal’s bikini pictures and broke his NoFap then and there.

Fish and pussy start to stink in 3 days but not in this Alexis Fawx bitch’s case

This Alexis Fawx bitch that my husband has gone crazy is really a weird one. I recently saw her video where Alexis Fawx son was fucking her and she was delighting in it. I very well know that it is all staged and she perhaps is never going to fuck her real life son no matter what. But what’s wrong with these porn actors, they have lost all of their ideals and principals. Pornstars like Alexis Fawx make me like the Republican party although the current biggest leader of the Republican party is accused of having incestuous relationships with his own daughter.

I personally start stuttering if I don’t have sex for more than 3 days but at no cost will I have sex on the camera featuring my own son as the one who is going to fuck me.

I know some women that need a 48 hours break after each fuck and that includes some prostitutes as well.

I am a daughter of a Playboy Cover Girl. My mother had a very high sex drive and she had several sexual partners. Most likely, I have inherited high sex drive from my mother but there is no way that my mother or myself can ever fuck our own sons in our dreams. Even some animals don’t do that.

Anything is possible in the world of porn, where the dicks are harder than the rocks and fake boobs are bigger than Taj Mahal’s dome.

I sometimes thinking about becoming a sexologist. I want to get into any business or profession that gets to deal with sex all the time but then again there is no way that I will ever fuck my own son in any case.

Abid’s obsession with this Alexis bitch needs to take a toll

I don’t know what has happened to my husband, he has been busy applying those ice cubes all the time to ease off his sexual tension that he has been facing watching the movies of this porn bitch – Alexis Fawn all the time.

Once he fucked his ex-girlfriend and a street hooker one after another on the bed of his Dodge Ram truck and I didn’t mind at all but this Alexis bitch is driving me crazy.

My male Rottweiler dog loves to sniff my panties and I think I will have to fuck my dog in order to take revenge from my stupid husband.

I think that a bitch’s impoliteness doesn’t matter much if she is a stunning beauty and this seemed to have happened in the case of my husband. Just five minutes ago I read the post where he mentioned that Alexis insulted him on the radio but his obsession with her is not ready to take a toll.

I have big natural boobs and I caught him recently posting beneath a Pornhub video of this same Alexis bitch that natural boobs are invaluable but implants if done right aren’t bad either. I felt so disgusted about this. It takes a lot of estrogen and a lot of massage with the usage of right oils to get boobs like mine but now can any bitch have equally good looking boobs with the help of a surgeon?

One thing that I love about my husband though is that he hates taboo and incest movies, he feels very guilty after he watches one.

I wonder why Alexis Fawx hasn’t done a pregnant porn yet

My favorite Alexis Fawx video of all times is the one in which Alexis is giving feeding the guy along with giving him a handjob.

I find pregnant women far more attractive than the non-pregnant ones and that’s the reason why I insist my wife all the time to get fucked by me without me or her using any sort of contraception but the bitch wouldn’t agree.

Anyways, I wonder all the time why Alexis hasn’t done a pregnant movie yet although she has been pregnant several times. She maybe thinking that it will ruin her image or it will not be good for her baby but I find this awkward that still so many women are not aware of the fact that in several African tribes, it is a custom for the mother to be fucked each night while she is pregnant as there is a notion among the people of those tribes that it helps in popping out a healthier baby.

I love chubby women more in general but Alexis is definitely an exception to that. It is really sad that Alexis Fawx MILF doesn’t provide her escort services anymore.

There was a time when I was addicted to the strip clubs and live sex shows and I fear that I am now getting addicted to the porn again first time after the teenage years.

I believe that a beautiful voluptuous woman can be more dangerous than all the Russian nuclear weapons combined. I also believe that there should be college degrees in the field of sex, so that we can have better escorts, pornstars, strippers, etc. I believe in liberal governments and I really believe that they will do the same in the near future.

Alexis Fawx is my new love

To all those that are aware of my obsession with Kiki Daire, I have found another obsession and she is Alexis Fawx. I have been watching Alexis Fawx XXX movies for the past few days and fucking my wife watching those. My wife looks and sounds a bit jealous of her but I couldn’t care less.

I live in the same neighborhood as Alexis Fawx and when recently I dedicated the song – Bette Davis Eyes to her on our neighborhood radio, Alexis replied me with “Get lost weirdo”. Who cares? My wife is never going to let me fuck her. My wife doesn’t yet know about this insult of mine by Alexis and I don’t intend to tell her in the future even though I sometimes feel tempted to tell her about the same as I care about each and every smile of her and this incident is definitely going to make her super-happy.

Alexis Fawx’s waist reminds me very much about that of an escort bitch that I fucked from the Kashmir Valley while I was there for some business. Kashmiri girls are really beautiful, especially the Hindu ones, but there aren’t enough of those there anymore, they are all on diaspora and all the Kashmir is a totally Muslim dominated region now.

My dad was a pimp and I inherited this great talent in the art of pimping, I would have made billions pimping pornstars like Alexis but my nagging wife wouldn’t ever let me pimp anyone. Gosh! I cannot even pimp my wife. I would love to see my wife getting fucked for the dollars by a BBC.

Gosh! Now I can enjoy Kiki Daire’s Super-HD videos for free

I remember watching the video of my all-time favorite pornstar Kiki Daire where she was enjoying her fuck-session so much that she kept calling her male co-star throughout the session. The male had a large beard and mustache, and he was getting this look by Kiki that she is willing to be a slave to his cock for life.

I hate women with saggy breasts and that’s the reason why my wife can be found everyday using home remedies to make sure that her breasts don’t become saggy.

I once saw an interview of Kiki Daire where she mentioned the argumentative guys and as much as she hates argumentative guys, she loves calm, cool, strong and silent guys and if they are big in size, she finds them irresistible.

She also mentioned in the same interview that she loves the 70s or 80s music being played in the background while she is getting fucked.

Once I enjoyed watching a porn video of Kiki Daire on a premium porn website where this Estonian guy was fucking Kiki Daire without a break and without switching the position and they both were in the state of a sexy and interesting silence.

In one of the interviews, Kiki mentioned that she has sex with her husband at least 3 times a week and she doesn’t count the number of times she blows or fucks other guys.

In another interview of Kiki Daire which I watched on the Youtube, Kiki said that she doesn’t agree with the ones who say that fapping steal the thrill from the real thing.

As much as I find the front of the Kiki Daire attractive, that much I find her back as attractive as well. Those stupid cameramen get so much focused in showing Kiki’s front most of the time that they don’t even care about showing her back even once in the entire 30+ minute long video.

My husband fucked this Porto escort just like a rabbit and he brags too much about it

Some say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, some say it is through his penis but in my husband’s case, it is both. As he is getting older, he first needs some food to provide him some energy with to fuck a woman and then after he feels happy and satiated, she can have the way to his heart. His heart and dick completely belong to me but I sometimes give him the liberty to give it other women on temporary basis, which this old and bald idiot never fails to.

Recently, when he was in Porto city of Portugal for the first time, the first thing that he did after landing there was to call up an escort for a meeting, he describes it as that he could smell the incense of the fine pussies everywhere in the air of the Porto city and that’s the reason why he wanted to have a memorable sex in Porto (sexo porto).

My hubby can’t resist a woman with big full lips (just like mine, though mine are the best), especially when they are painted up with a bright purple lipstick and by golly, the escort chick was wearing a bright purple lipstick on her big full lips which got my old hubby rock-hard like he was a 18 year old on Viagra.

He hired this Porto escort chick for just one hour initially, but he ended up extending the duration to entire night which the escort was more than happy with because she thought that the old man will keep sleeping throughout the night and she is getting paid for almost nothing, but was she wrong? He fucked her whole night just like a horny rabbit. He tells me that she liked it too but I doubt him on this one.

My husband is getting older day-by-day but I couldn’t care less as I have got MeetinChat and my husband’s friends – Gog and Magog

My husband has come to the stage when his entire body starts trembling after taking a wank or fucking me or any other woman. Since my husband has started getting and feeling older, I am more busy having threesome with 2 of her friends whom I like to call Gog and Magog.

Last week, when Gog and Magog were away, I started looking for a secure live cam website and ended up meeting a young aspiring model on a website called MeetinChat.

This young aspiring model visited my place when my husband was at home. My husband kept watching a football match when this hot young bod was kissing me while giving me a massage. After about 20 minutes of all this romance, he entered my front door and fucked me for 40 minutes straight in about 6 different positions including doggystyle, cowgirl, missionary and spoon.

After having fun for over one hour, he was tired as fuck and laid with me for a while. He told me that his first sex affair was with his own aunt who tugged him when he was 18. She didn’t give him a blowjob or anything but kept stroking his penis while he was watching a porn flick on his DVD player.

He also told me that he had first sex with an escort who was called by his father at their home but after his father passed out fucking her thrice within 2 hours, she came to his room and started having sex with him. He told me that it was his second best night, I asked him “Which was the first best then?” He replied “That will be tonight”. I comprehended what he was trying to convey. He enjoyed fucking me so much that he wanted me for the entire night and I was more than happy with it.

Live sex cams are getting more fun each day with growing competition and more beautiful couples joining sex cam industry

My husband always used to tell me that Hijabi Arab women are always more fun to fuck, I didn’t believe him until I saw those stunning and sexual Levantine Arab women from Lebanon on live sex cams.

My husband once told me that he used to jerk off to the pictures of the Turkish actresses that he once found accidentally during his teenage years. Somewhat similar case was with me as I used to finger myself looking at the pictures of the hairy middle-eastern men. I also dated a pornstar to feel like a bad girl when I was a teenager. You wouldn’t believe that this pornstar never tried to have sex with me, he even never initiated a kiss with me, it was always me who would initiate the kiss. I still get wet when I think about his curly blonde hair and 9 inch long cock and feel so lucky when I recall that he was not HIV positive like many other male pornstars of the time.

Yesterday, when my husband and I were chatting with this straight couple on a live sex cam, I felt so related to the lady. She loved fingering herself but she hated being fingered by someone else, especially a strong man with rough hands. I myself never let my husband finger me. This couple was so good-looking that you won’t doubt for once if they told you that they are both movie stars. The man looked like he was packing more heat than John Holmes and Ron Jeremy combined and the woman looked like she is the reincarnation of a 80s sex-symbol actress whom I would not like to name here.

This couple told us that they are thinking about becoming escorts as it recently became legal in their country. They also told us that when escorting was illegal in their country, a couple of escort service agencies were teaching law to the prostitutes working with their agency so that they could tackle the cops and other law-related issues easily. A similar thing among all these escort agencies was that these were all founded and operated by lawyers and there is a suspicion that all these lawyers from different escort agencies are familiar with each other.

I searched the pictures of the lawyers (illegal escort agency owners) on the Google and one of them looked just like my Colombian ex-boyfriend who had 10 inch long and very stiff dick. His picture really took me back to the time I used to have fun with his cock and to try to live my fantasy again, I had a session with my husband thinking that he is that Colombian ex-boyfriend of mine. My husband wasn’t ready and he had to use Kangaroo pills and thank god, he really made me orgasm. After the session, I couldn’t stop myself from singing Keri Hilson’s popular song – I like. My husband’s dick – I like, his balls – I like, his chest – I like, my orgasm – I like, his cum – I like.

Fuck-machine is a very underrated term to describe my husband since he started taking Kangaroo sex pills

Some say that career women are the best fuck-girls as they do their best to become stress-free, I would say the same just until about a week ago before I myself and my husband took those sex pills. I will say that these sex pills can make a lifelong impotent rock-hard.

If you are a regular reader of our blog then you must be aware of the fact by now that we are a very dirty and filthy couple and we let each other fuck any stranger, any escort. I had no idea that my husband was fucking all these women after taking these sex pills and once even after we both came back from a sex orgy party, he was rock-hard again and fucked me twice after we reached back home.

My husband has found a new love in Levantine Arab women, especially the Lebanese ones and he has always been on a lookout for new Levantine Arab escorts in our city and sometimes when he is very horny and hasn’t come out of the hangover of the Kangaroo sex pills.

I had no idea that my sister-in-law who has a big belly and a big booty has had been working as a camgirl for the past few years and the Jaguar F-Pace she bought came from the money she earned as a camgirl and I was more surprised to learn that my husband learnt about the Kangaroo sex pills from his sister only. No, they don’t have any sort of incestuous relationship, they never had such a dirty relationship, their relationship has always been pious and pure but my sister-in-law told my husband about a soldier she was dating, his cock was always harder than a rock and he would last hours, once she found Kangaroo sex pills in his trousers’ pocket and that’s where she learnt about it and told the secret to my husband so that he can make me happy.

As all my regular readers know, I am the most loving wife as long as my husband keeps me happy and satiated on bed. I am extremely thankful to my sister-in-law for recommending my husband about the Kangaroo sex pills.