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My husband always used to tell me that Hijabi Arab women are always more fun to fuck, I didn’t believe him until I saw those stunning and sexual Levantine Arab women from Lebanon on live sex cams.

My husband once told me that he used to jerk off to the pictures of the Turkish actresses that he once found accidentally during his teenage years. Somewhat similar case was with me as I used to finger myself looking at the pictures of the hairy middle-eastern men. I also dated a pornstar to feel like a bad girl when I was a teenager. You wouldn’t believe that this pornstar never tried to have sex with me, he even never initiated a kiss with me, it was always me who would initiate the kiss. I still get wet when I think about his curly blonde hair and 9 inch long cock and feel so lucky when I recall that he was not HIV positive like many other male pornstars of the time.

Yesterday, when my husband and I were chatting with this straight couple on a live sex cam, I felt so related to the lady. She loved fingering herself but she hated being fingered by someone else, especially a strong man with rough hands. I myself never let my husband finger me. This couple was so good-looking that you won’t doubt for once if they told you that they are both movie stars. The man looked like he was packing more heat than John Holmes and Ron Jeremy combined and the woman looked like she is the reincarnation of a 80s sex-symbol actress whom I would not like to name here.

This couple told us that they are thinking about becoming escorts as it recently became legal in their country. They also told us that when escorting was illegal in their country, a couple of escort service agencies were teaching law to the prostitutes working with their agency so that they could tackle the cops and other law-related issues easily. A similar thing among all these escort agencies was that these were all founded and operated by lawyers and there is a suspicion that all these lawyers from different escort agencies are familiar with each other.

I searched the pictures of the lawyers (illegal escort agency owners) on the Google and one of them looked just like my Colombian ex-boyfriend who had 10 inch long and very stiff dick. His picture really took me back to the time I used to have fun with his cock and to try to live my fantasy again, I had a session with my husband thinking that he is that Colombian ex-boyfriend of mine. My husband wasn’t ready and he had to use Kangaroo pills and thank god, he really made me orgasm. After the session, I couldn’t stop myself from singing Keri Hilson’s popular song – I like. My husband’s dick – I like, his balls – I like, his chest – I like, my orgasm – I like, his cum – I like.

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