My husband fucked this Porto escort just like a rabbit and he brags too much about it

Some say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, some say it is through his penis but in my husband’s case, it is both. As he is getting older, he first needs some food to provide him some energy with to fuck a woman and then after he feels happy and satiated, she can have the way to his heart. His heart and dick completely belong to me but I sometimes give him the liberty to give it other women on temporary basis, which this old and bald idiot never fails to.

Recently, when he was in Porto city of Portugal for the first time, the first thing that he did after landing there was to call up an escort for a meeting, he describes it as that he could smell the incense of the fine pussies everywhere in the air of the Porto city and that’s the reason why he wanted to have a memorable sex in Porto (sexo porto).

My hubby can’t resist a woman with big full lips (just like mine, though mine are the best), especially when they are painted up with a bright purple lipstick and by golly, the escort chick was wearing a bright purple lipstick on her big full lips which got my old hubby rock-hard like he was a 18 year old on Viagra.

He hired this Porto escort chick for just one hour initially, but he ended up extending the duration to entire night which the escort was more than happy with because she thought that the old man will keep sleeping throughout the night and she is getting paid for almost nothing, but was she wrong? He fucked her whole night just like a horny rabbit. He tells me that she liked it too but I doubt him on this one.

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