My husband is getting older day-by-day but I couldn’t care less as I have got MeetinChat and my husband’s friends – Gog and Magog

My husband has come to the stage when his entire body starts trembling after taking a wank or fucking me or any other woman. Since my husband has started getting and feeling older, I am more busy having threesome with 2 of her friends whom I like to call Gog and Magog.

Last week, when Gog and Magog were away, I started looking for a secure live cam website and ended up meeting a young aspiring model on a website called MeetinChat.

This young aspiring model visited my place when my husband was at home. My husband kept watching a football match when this hot young bod was kissing me while giving me a massage. After about 20 minutes of all this romance, he entered my front door and fucked me for 40 minutes straight in about 6 different positions including doggystyle, cowgirl, missionary and spoon.

After having fun for over one hour, he was tired as fuck and laid with me for a while. He told me that his first sex affair was with his own aunt who tugged him when he was 18. She didn’t give him a blowjob or anything but kept stroking his penis while he was watching a porn flick on his DVD player.

He also told me that he had first sex with an escort who was called by his father at their home but after his father passed out fucking her thrice within 2 hours, she came to his room and started having sex with him. He told me that it was his second best night, I asked him “Which was the first best then?” He replied “That will be tonight”. I comprehended what he was trying to convey. He enjoyed fucking me so much that he wanted me for the entire night and I was more than happy with it.

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