Abid’s obsession with this Alexis bitch needs to take a toll

I don’t know what has happened to my husband, he has been busy applying those ice cubes all the time to ease off his sexual tension that he has been facing watching the movies of this porn bitch – Alexis Fawn all the time.

Once he fucked his ex-girlfriend and a street hooker one after another on the bed of his Dodge Ram truck and I didn’t mind at all but this Alexis bitch is driving me crazy.

My male Rottweiler dog loves to sniff my panties and I think I will have to fuck my dog in order to take revenge from my stupid husband.

I think that a bitch’s impoliteness doesn’t matter much if she is a stunning beauty and this seemed to have happened in the case of my husband. Just five minutes ago I read the post where he mentioned that Alexis insulted him on the radio but his obsession with her is not ready to take a toll.

I have big natural boobs and I caught him recently posting beneath a Pornhub video of this same Alexis bitch that natural boobs are invaluable but implants if done right aren’t bad either. I felt so disgusted about this. It takes a lot of estrogen and a lot of massage with the usage of right oils to get boobs like mine but now can any bitch have equally good looking boobs with the help of a surgeon?

One thing that I love about my husband though is that he hates taboo and incest movies, he feels very guilty after he watches one.

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