Finally, Abid the Wanker enjoyed an erotic massage in Quebec by a real-life beautiful woman

Finally, my husband got rid of his addiction to that porno bitch Alexis Fawx. Last week, he enjoyed an erotic massage by a French beauty in Longueuil, Quebec.

He told me everything about his rendezvous with this chick. He told me that this chick everyday eats pomegranates to turn her lips into even red. She also told Abid that coffee and red bull both act like aphrodisiacs for both the genders.

I forgot to tell the visitors about how I slapped Abid last month when I caught him calling an English-speaking Japanese sex chat website. After getting a tight slap by me, he disclosed that he had been trying for so long but they never answer his phone.

I personally know a female pornstar that used to hate sex but after joining the porn industry, she got addicted to sex and now doesn’t plan to retire until the day she dies.

I personally believe that anarchists both male and female are highly sexual people and Che Guevera is just one example.

There was a time when my husband couldn’t care less about Alexis Fawx’s fake tits but now after sucking my tits and that of the erotic masseuse in Quebec, he has reverted back to his addiction of sucking real tits again.

My husband – Abid used to find softcore porn movie actresses more attractive than the hardcore porn movie actresses until he started wanking to that Alexis Fawx bitch but now he has reverted back to his old tastes again including his obsession with natural and beautiful big tits just like my own.

This erotic masseuse that he enjoyed every inch of in Quebec, was the daughter of a lawyer and being a daughter of a lawyer, she had great communication skills.

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