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A blonde wearing white clothes is the greatest turn on for my husband and he tells the same to me repetitively without feeling embarrassed or ashamed although he knows that his wife is not a blonde and has always been envious of the blondes since the college days.

I personally believe that just like the scientists recently discovered that the matter is made up of atoms, they are soon going to discover that a male body is made up of sperms and the power of sperm is the driving force in a male body. They might as well create a sperm bomb just like they created atom bomb.

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My husband has started to ice his balls everyday, he wears diapers so that he doesn’t get all wet down there, LOL and although he has hit the fever a couple of times owing to this activity, it hasn’t mattered to him much, he is still icing his balls. He believes that applying ice on the balls increases his virility, creativity and can even keep him feel young for longer and expand his lifespan as well. He cannot stop recalling and repeating how hard he used to be in his teenage years when he used to wank to Traci Lords watching her movies on the VCR. He even felt guilty after he jerked-off to Traci Lords’s movie ‘Sister Dearest’ which featured incest but he enjoyed it so much that he did it again hundreds of times watching the same scene from the same movie.

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