VibraToy has been making the lives of thirsty pussies easier and full of satisfaction

One of my good friends – Emma recently bought a VibraToy so that she can fuck herself while watching live sex shows. Emma is about 15 years younger than me but she has bigger boobs and ass than me which I really envy because I used to have small ass and small boobs while I was her age. My assets were too small that I couldn’t attract any other guy than my husband – Abid with them. Abid was and is still a fuckhorse and he would fall for any walking thing. One of the things that I did to increase the size of my assets was to rub olive oil all the time on my assets.

I sometimes thing that Emma is going to go Allegra Cole size naturally if she keeps growing like this and starts applying olive oil to her assets just like I used to in order to make those huge assets even bigger. Wonder what a funny moment it will be when they will order the coffin for Allegra Cole. They will have to order a huge funeral to fit her boobs in.

Abid says that he finds female gymnasts with huge breasts and deep cleavage to be the finest looking and that’s the reason why I have established a gym inside our house so that he doesn’t go out there and get insulted by those hot gymnasts when he tries to hit on them. He cannot get any anymore, he is too old now. He has gone so old that he eats aphrodisiacs all day and applies different sorts of oil on his dick to fuck me.

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