Wealthy aircraft manufacturer has gone nuts over Sofia Sweety

One of my good friends is a wealthy gentleman who owns a company that builds small aircrafts. This friend of mine brags about his cock all the time and when he recently learnt the Hindi language, the first thing that he did was to write a dirty song “Tedhi Lulli Wale, Aaja Gaand Marale, Chootad Tere Kaale, Ismein Hum Lulli Daalein”.

This wealthy friend of mine has been watching a softcore pornstar Sofia Sweety for the past 6 months and this has happened for the first time that he has gone nuts for a woman so much that his desire for her is not limited to her fanny only but he wants entire Sofia Sweety and he has gone mad to the level that he is willing to live in a homeless shelter for the rest of his life if he could just fuck her for once a week. He says that he hasn’t seen a young teen so beautiful ever before.

He wants to learn Spanish language now and he has been looking for a female teacher that completely resembles Sofia Sweety. He says that he is going to find one no matter what.

This small aircraft manufacturer is of the belief that a woman’s measurements don’t matter as much as the quality of her flesh and he claims that he hasn’t seen a woman with a better flesh quality than that of Sofia Sweety in his 55 years of life.

This filthy rich middle-aged man is not ashamed to brag about his masturbation addiction and he claims that if the governments don’t want their male citizens to be wankers then they must make a law for the women to look ugly and dress up in Niqabs or Hijabs.

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