Some of the Stripchat ladies had their training at real life strip clubs

There is this dude whom I would call Israr here. This Israr guy has got my husband addicted to stripchat by letting him know where he can find discount coupons for the same.

Israr claims that he used be a guide long ago and while he worked as a guide, he used to have sex with pretty MILFs all the time.

Israr claims that having sex in a pink colored environment increases intensity and joy of sex for the male partner whereas it does the same for the female partner in a blue colored environment. Israr goes to an extent of claiming that this color scheme raises the joy and intensity of sex to such an extent that he knows several women who would never get wet before started getting wet after using blue color everywhere in their bedroom and he knows several men that used to be always half erect but started to get fully erect after using pink color everywhere in their bedroom.

Israr claims that having sex or masturbating can reduce or increase the length of a man. Israr says that it totally depends upon how you choke your chicken, when you choke your chicken and to what you choke your chicken. Israr says that he has been working on creating a complete tutorial that will showcase how a man can increase or reduce the size of his genital using magical wanking or sexing tips and tricks by Israr. Israr says that first he was only willing to create a tutorial for the increment of size but then a friend suggested to him that he knows several men who hate their high libido and larger than life genital size which wasn’t totally new to Israr but made him think again and he finally decided to create one for reducing the size and libido as well. Israr says that he estimates the market size of the men that want to decrease their size to be somewhere between 10-20%.

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