Women envy big natural boobs more than anything else that you can imagine

The belief that belly dancing increases breast size has been proven wrong and lesser women than ever before are now participating in the belly dancing.

As a woman, let me tell you that other women envy naturally busty women than anything else that they tell you. Most women very well know that a beautiful woman with stunning big boobs can conquer the world if she tries hard enough.

One of my brothers is a video game designer who is responsible for creating hundreds of adult video games. He told me that the boobs related games get the most of the traffic in his niche and while creating video games in which the protagonist is required to kiss as many lips as possible or bang big asses, he feels like he is wasting his time. He just needs to create one boob related video game to get as much traffic as the 20 ass or lips related combined videos will give him.

I personally love to play some 80s soundtrack while making love to my husband. My most favorite 80s track of all time is ‘Flames of Love’ by Fancy. I used to believe that Fancy was a gay until I found a video of his fondling boobs of a fan-girl. Since then I doubt that he is a bisexual, he is not very active in the music industry anymore and I believe that he spends most of his time watching busty porn videos on the internet.

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