Male strippers were never so much in demand before, thanks to organizations like Playtime Strippers

One of my female cousins who is a devout Protestant is getting married for the second time next month, i.e. in August of this year. She arranged a ladies night at her farm house in Orange Country where these Male Strippers from a company called Playtime Strippers stole each and every lady’s heart.

This female cousin of mine is a part-time actress and she told us that one of the reasons for arguments between herself and her ex-husband used to be that just because she was an actress, he used to believe that she was acting all the time. He used to believe that she was acting while she had an argument with her, he used to believe that she was acting while she orgasmed when they had sex, all of the time he would think that she was acting.

Anyways, let us come to this wonderful ladies night that she arranged. The male strippers were extremely punctual and arrived on exact time.

The last thing that the ladies would want in their stripper is that he turns out to be a tiny man and the unfortunate thing is that most of the agencies only send tiny men which us women hate but this Playtime Strippers agency is really something, they sent us huge, bulky, strong and handsome men whom us ladies couldn’t get our eyes off from.

It was clearly visible from the men’s thongs that they all had big dongs inside which I personally found extremely hard to resist. One of the strippers was wearing dark glasses on the special demand of the best friend of the bride. This man was hairy, bulky, strong and looked like he was an Arab.

Looking at the number of ladies nights that take place across the globe nowadays, it seems like never before the male strippers were so much in demand.

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