Masturbating using your imagination is a mortal sin but jacking off to porn is a virtue

You don’t need the machismo of Razor Ramon to fuck a random street whore and neither do you need it for ellinikes tsontes. The later is definitely far superior to the first and you can never feel bored with it.

Although the BBWs are very popular in the porn industry nowadays, I still believe that they are highly underrated. My day is never over unless I ejaculate to a sexy BBW porn movie.

Yesterday I met these bisexual dad and son, both of whom happened to be bisexuals. both the dad and son are always working on techniques to increase the size of their little friend and they both keep recommending each other the right penis pump.

I believe that the transgender porn will see its last days by the end of 2025.

I remember when I used to be a teenager, everyone in my family could tell the time I was going to take a wank, I used to jump around like hell in excitement.

People that don’t watch porn just because they feel like they are cheating on their better-half aka spouse or girlfriend are always lonely and those who irrespective of the fact that whether they have a girlfriend , spouse or are single, don’t stop touching your junk or looking at porn, those who don’t stop looking at porn and masturbate regularly, are the ones who never feel lonely, I am the prime example of the same.

I believe that masturbating without using porn is a mortal sin according to the Catholic religion as you are having sex with someone without their permission subconsciously if you masturbate to your imagination, which is not the case when you masturbate to porn because the pornstars have agreed to create that porn video just for the sake of helping you to jerk off or some other sexual reason. Hence, it is a virtue to masturbate using porn.

No many which technology comes and goes, Japanese porn is always going to be the hottest

I wonder all the time about how lucky the Japanese men are that get to fuck those stunning Japanese MILFs and teens on the regular whereas guys like me have to do with javboard.

You don’t need an iron will but an iron cock to satisfy a stunning Japanese MILF. One of my good friends who happens to be an accountant, also happens to have a very large and stiff cock, he is also a car freak, he refers to his girlfriend’s big booty as boot space. His girlfriend’s big boot is capable to take all of his huge dick and therefore he says that his girlfriend has a boot space of 11 inches.

My wife is not ashamed to admit that it was her mother who mentored her into sex, instead of being ashamed, she is proud of the same because she believes that her mother did a great job and I can attest it as well.

I ask you this question “How long can you live without the masturbation or sex?” I know that not longer than a week, the testosterone levels peak on day 7 and it is impossible for a man to control himself on that day and if he doesn’t, he will end up having a wet dream.

Many people accuse the smart phones for being responsible for the increased masturbation statistics. Let me answer those all, even when they had landline phones, they were all masturbating and even though they didn’t have high speed HD porno back then, they used to masturbate to the imaginative porn and your granddad can confirm this to you, if he is alive otherwise you may ask your beloved daddy about the same.

These Thai pornstars have better natural bodies than Goldie Blair

High maintenance women are just like high maintenance cars in every respect except for one and that is most high maintenance cars don’t last for long but high maintenance women do.

I have bedded several engineer women in bed and they are boring as fuck when it comes to a fuck.

I only have morning sex just like many of my Thai friends that introduced me to AV movies (หนังเอวี). I started watching Asian porn to relax after a long day of work but nowadays, I relax more than I work. I am not addicted but AV movies have really given me a reason to live happily.

I remember when I was in Canada at the Hyundai Manufacturing Plant and I met this MILF Korean translator there who seduced me to fuck her the very same day I met her. That was the day since I started loving Asian women so much. Asian women are really more fun-loving, naughty, open-minded than their Western counterparts.

I have a friend whose wife fucks around all the time. She loves village men and claims that they have harder dicks than their city counterparts. This friend of mine also has sex as the first thing in the morning, he says that the coffee has a sedating effect on him and that’s the reason why he has coffee as the last thing before going to the bed.

I have a 25 year old nephew, who is so madly in love with Goldie Blair, he came to me last week and told me about the same. The way he was staring at his aunt, I feared his intentions, anyways, he asked me if I knew a woman who looks like Goldie Blair, he would be willing to do anything for her, I told him that I don’t know any and he should persuade and talk to Goldie Blair herself, he then told me that Goldie Blair is married and she is not willing to give up on her husband. I then told him to keep looking but not at your auntie.

Abid doesn’t have a refractory period in the rainy season after he jacks off to one of those videos on hvideo

I think it is amazing how my husband Abid doesn’t have any refractory period after fucking me or fucking anybody else or after jacking off to sex videos on hvideo.

Abid believes in reincarnation. He wants to be reincarnated as a big boobed woman so that he can have both fun and money at the same time. He believes that women enjoy sex more than the men and men are crazy enough to spend all that they got on the women.

I really get shocked each time Abid puts his dick abruptly in my mouth.

Abid believes that Brooke Benson is the most underrated pornstar of all times. He is madly in love with her face, boobs and facial expressions. He says that it is a pity that they only star her in the movie which no other pornstar is willing to work in.

Abid and I met for the first time at a local car dealership and he was even crazy then, he wanted to fuck me in the car that he recently bought.

Abid believes that losers lose the size of their cocks with increased sexual activity and winners gain it, sadly enough, Abid has only been losing it.

Erectile dysfunction destroys your confidence which not only kills your sex drive but also kills your career as well, especially if you are a gigolo, pornstar or a camboy.

I believe that incest was far more common in the Victorian times than it is now – Hinterkaifeck Murders story is just one example.

The army guys behave extremely disciplined in the bedroom, I have had fun with several of those, let me tell you. They have a stiffer and longer cock in general as well.

Pornstars are Rothschilds’ agents, especially the real life mother-daughter duos

Most husbands nowadays think that they spend a lot of time fucking, turns out that they spend most of their time jacking off to their favorite porn, there is really a porn solution for everyone in the modern day and time.

You all deserve big boobs on your chick and to fuck her, a large dick but that doesn’t mean that you stop using porn to relieve yourself. Watch all the porn that you can, for a happy, healthy and long life.

I have a friend who thinks that he is a hardcore porn addict and because of the very same belief, he has limited his fap to once a week.

I believe that 80% of the magazine models in the near future will all be pornstars.

Although the BBWs are very popular in the porn industry nowadays, I still believe that they are extremely underrated.

I used to enjoy a lot of elevator porn back in 2007-2010 but nowadays they very rarely produce any elevator porn.

Looking at different teenage pornstars that are second or third generation, it seems to me like that soon enough, the porn industry is all going to be a family business. My personal favorite real life mother and daughter pornstars are Andi James and Britt James, I really hope that the mother-daughter duo soon enough works in a single movie.

I remember how stupid I used to be in my early 20s. I was fucking this stunning MILF regularly to whom I said that she needs a breast replacement surgery. She slapped me right in the face after hearing the same.

Sex Aggelies everywhere

Gone are the days when a woman who could take a BBC with immense ease was considered brave. Nowadays, each and every woman has tasted a BBC and most of them have discovered that the BBCs are extremely overrated.

I don’t know if you have ever called on one of the sex aggelies numbers, but if you have called one of those, then you must be aware of the fact that gone are the days when an escort girl or a call girl will only appreciate a client that will pay her top dollar just like the full-time car reviewer would do only appreciate the car manufacturer that will pay him top dollar to review their car.

My advice to you an avid escort lover is that you should always go for a horny looking escort over a good-looking one.

It is a well-known fact that women of the first world countries don’t need your protection anymore, they just need your dicks.

After talking to several men on the topic and also according to my own personal observation, the men who ejaculate early, regret it for the weeks to come and those who last longer are always proud of their accomplishment.

If your wife or girlfriend is so engrossed into work all the time that she forgets to take care of her own and your special needs, then ought to hire a good female escort, regularly.

One of my good friend, who is a historian claims that the prehistoric and ancient Babylonians used to masturbate more than they fucked and he never fails to provide several proofs to back up his claim.

I am a straight married woman who is not ashamed of committing adultery with a man that uses Xtragel

There is no denying that men that eat and use aphrodisiacs of different kinds are more creative as they include a long list of prolific writers and other artists. They are also more self-disciplined as well, as per my personal observation.

Many men have been able to find a partner of their dreams since they started using something like Xtragel, if you don’t know about it already, then feel free to read Xtragel Funciona. Some men could even correct the angle that their penis points to, with the use of a pump. I am not copying this from a script, it is my personal observation. Yes, I have made love to such men before and I am not ashamed of it even though I am a married straight female.

Without a doubt, the man who invented the first automatic penis enlargement pump was a man of great genius and self-mastery and although he was a man of great self-mastery, he has proven a point with his invention that no matter how big of a self-master you become, you can never master your sexual appetite.

I was yesterday reading the story of this bodybuilder on the BodyBuilding’s Miscellaneous forums that how this bodybuilder was caught while using his penis pump in his Range Rover at a parking lot and how embarrassed he was made to look just for increasing his size. He wrote the story in an extreme funny way that I am laughing while I am mentioning this here.

Along with increasing your size, a penis pump also increases your energy and stamina. This is again coming from my personal experience with a gay man.

There are 99% chances that you will be able to increase your size, if you use your penis pump regularly and well. According to different studies, an enlarged penis also increases the volume of oxygen that you inhale.

Jewelry plus Nylon = 10 times the fucking pleasure

I personally used to believe that strippers and philosophers cannot be good strippers until I recently saw the video of this one chick who was stripping in her nylon like it is nobody’s business.

I am working on creating an app that will allow you to speak through your buttocks. I need funds for that and I really believe that my fans who are regular to reading my blog will send their wives to the strip clubs to make some fast buck and send the same money to me so that I can create that app.

I recently had a word with this stripper who told me things I never heard before, she told me that contrary to the popular belief, strong and bulk men melt faster in front of a woman. She also told me that men with long and stronger looking fingers are usually rough in bed. We all know that President of USA – Donald Trump has small hands but we got to check out his fingers as well this time to confirm this.

This stripper also told me that rich men have smaller dicks compared to their middle income counterparts.

I believe that there will be pussy and dick shaped airbags in cars in the future and a Korean automobile company will be the first one to do the same. I am not going to name this automobile company but the auto enthusiasts already know which one.

I make my girlfriend wear all of her gold jewelry whenever we are down to fuck and believe me, it increases the pleasure multiple times. Our ancestors were not fools, they used to do the same. Tonight I am going to make her wear her jewelry along with her nylons to see if it increases the pleasure even more.

I recently took this porno survey and came across several different interesting opinions

My husband Abid has found a new fetish now – he edges whole week in my pussy and to porn using his own hand and lubricant for hours a day but only cums once a week.

So, I recently committed this porno survey of different couples last week where I came across several different people of different tastes, opinions and habits. One man that I came across told me that his wife prefers to use vegetables while watching porn whereas he himself prefers using fleshlight or sex doll while watching his favorite porno. He also added that they both prefer fucking themselves with their toys or vegetables more than they do like to fuck each other.

One young man told me that he edges all the time while watching his favorite porno and he claims that for a single man, edging gives great confidence to get in a relationship as he is confident enough to last for hours at a time.

One man in his late fifties told me that the longer a man wanks, the longer he can focus for and that’s why he likes to take a wank for hours at a time.

One man in his mid-30s was so much against the concept of celibacy. He said to me that the Spartans were a great warrior people and they were ruled by their women and had no concept of celibacy in their society. He said that India has the concept of so-called Brahmacharya and they don’t have many great warriors, which is just contradictory to the belief that celibacy makes you stronger in every aspect, especially if you are a man.

Other than engineering, Germany is also one of the best when it comes to the live cam websites

Do you know what a ‘Breast Failure’ is? A breast failure is when the big boobs fail to impress a boob lover that the owner of those breasts is trying to impress. Luckily, that never happened with me when I speak to those Webcam Deutschland babes. These ladies have some of the best boobs that you have ever seen.

I will soon enough publish the story of a cam model who accused her colleague of raping her. Her colleague was really lucky enough that he had several recordings of them both performing on live sex cams. He literally saved his ass due to live sex cams.

I also remember meeting my favorite wrestler diva on a webcam site. My most favorite diva – Sensation Sherri Martel didn’t live long enough, otherwise I am certain that I would have chatted with her some day as well.

I really want my wife to perform on these live sex cam websites as well but she is shy as hell. I am certain that she is never going to do it.

I once had the pleasure of chatting with this B-Grade movie director and actress on live sex cam and that was one hell of a great time spent. She put a large glass bottle inside her pussy like it is nobody’s business and kept it inside for hours.

I cannot recall the name of that village in Russia where each and every lady is a cam model. I must say that this village is heaven on earth.

There is one great thing about the cam models from Russia and other Eastern European countries and that is that most of their cam models look better than the hottest of their pornstars, models, news anchors, TV and movie actresses.

Modern cam models are some of the most interesting people that you will ever meet

I don’t know if I ever told you that I lived in the OSHO Ashram in Oregon for a long while and they would say ‘cocks fired’ whenever an orgy would start. Mostly it was Ma Anand Sheela who would that if she weren’t busy fucking herself.

For me personally, talking and drinking with a fun-loving man is as much fun as taking his huge dong inside and when I don’t have any man other than Abid for me, I open up free cam chat online and fuck my vibrator or dildo while talking to a Rick Rude lookalike on the webcam. Abid is getting older and he can’t get it up enough for me anymore.

I recently met this one cam model a few days ago who eats nothing but superfoods including nuts of all kinds, dried apricots, goji berries, you name it.

Several vegan cam models are also out there nowadays.

I remember talking to one programmer cam model who told me that she created her own cam website but it failed miserably.

If you ask me, a pussy should only be considered hot only if it is as hot as a cup of hot tea.

These cam girls are really interesting women, they like to read books other than blowing or fucking. One cam model told me that when she is not live on a sex cam chat, she is either fucking her boss or is in a library. She told me that her boss gives her the salary for only fucking her. She also listened a lot to the free Youtube audiobooks.

Governments must award those that are promoting the swingers culture for making the world a happier and more pleasurable place

It is interesting how Scandinavia is on top in case of swinging couples as well. Perhaps, it is due to they marry late or are more educated and broad minded. Or maybe it has to do with them being out on a business trip for long and then when they meet up again they want to make it something special.

Some people have a funny idea that an exchange of money takes place in swinging each time, for their information, yes it does take place sometimes but that is very rare. Mostly, the only money that is spent during swinging is on drinks, cigarettes and food.

I personally know a filthy rich Arab gentleman who recently married for the third time and took his wife to a swingers party. The man was cool, calm and confident like most of the times because of his pretty and young wife that he brought along with himself but on the contrary, the wife was extremely nervous until and unless she got to enjoy the cock and muscular body of another man for the first time. She loved it so much that since then she is one of the most famous Arab women in the swingers party scene.

It is my personal advice to you that you cannot enjoy pleasure under-pressure, so keep your worries away when you are going to indulge in swinging.

I really appreciate the efforts of those that are working towards the betterment of the swinger culture including those that publish Best Swinger Porn Videos online to encourage the swinging culture.

My husband took my naked pics and uploaded those on MyNudeX and in exchange he hired me a tall gigolo

I cannot relate with women that like being cuddled more than getting fucked. I mean really? I would rather loved to be fucked by the tiniest dildo ever created than being cuddled all night long. I seriously believe that these women need some treatment.

I feel that each dick is designed uniquely by god and each handmade dildo is designed uniquely by the creator of that dildo as well, but in god’s creation, there is a different kind of magnificence and not to mention the Kilowatts of waves that it generates.

There is no denying more creative people with better imaginative powers are bound to have a better sex life. For me personally, fucking under a fleece blanket is the most fun activity, the only condition is that the man must not be my husband. The warmth of his dick and the fleece blanket combined never fail to make it a memorable time.

He recently took my naked pictures and uploaded it on MyNudeX but with my consent. I didn’t demand anything exclusive from him for it but just a young gigolo which he hired for me that very night.

Time is always flying by and it is each individual’s responsibility to have as much sex and fun as they can before the day they die.

Fucking around is not just for the so-called bold, daring, fun, flirty, free-spirited women, but it is for each and every woman because that’s how we are supposed to be. It is the stupid and torturous society that makes us caged. If you go by your society’s or religion’s rules then you are certain to make your life a living hell.

Women of Chennai have very tight pussies, try one today

No cock is inadequate in size if you know how to use it right and no boobs or ass is small if her pussy is tight.

When they say that the opposites attract in case of a man and a woman, the only thing that is comprehensive is that the pussy and dick attract or boobs and pecs on the chest attract each other or muscular and meaty asses attract, or pretty faces attract. Who cares about the behavior, attitude or intelligence in this case?

People nowadays have no time to waste, but they waste a lot of semen on Chennai sex girls and that’s what is making them calm and super-composed.

These Chennai sex girls, let me tell you are nothing less than sirens. You are never alone anywhere with these girls around. Leggy women in Chennai are always in more demand and it is always better to hire them during the night time as theirs and yours horniness during the night is inevitable.

All the female escorts that I personally ever met, whether in Chennai or elsewhere, they all prefer tea over coffee and I am not sure yet whether it is because of their personal taste or health.

It is funny how the escorts stay and look younger than an average woman after the age of 40, whereas the people – especially medical doctors of the Victorian era preached otherwise.

I believe that to expand the tourism of the country, the tourists should be provided free whores on the street and they should be allowed to fuck in the public.

I personally believe that afternoon sex is highly underrated.

Here is a fun fact for today :- Half of the middle-aged men are as good at fucking as in their youth but most of the women only get better with age.