Abid doesn’t have a refractory period in the rainy season after he jacks off to one of those videos on hvideo

I think it is amazing how my husband Abid doesn’t have any refractory period after fucking me or fucking anybody else or after jacking off to sex videos on hvideo.

Abid believes in reincarnation. He wants to be reincarnated as a big boobed woman so that he can have both fun and money at the same time. He believes that women enjoy sex more than the men and men are crazy enough to spend all that they got on the women.

I really get shocked each time Abid puts his dick abruptly in my mouth.

Abid believes that Brooke Benson is the most underrated pornstar of all times. He is madly in love with her face, boobs and facial expressions. He says that it is a pity that they only star her in the movie which no other pornstar is willing to work in.

Abid and I met for the first time at a local car dealership and he was even crazy then, he wanted to fuck me in the car that he recently bought.

Abid believes that losers lose the size of their cocks with increased sexual activity and winners gain it, sadly enough, Abid has only been losing it.

Erectile dysfunction destroys your confidence which not only kills your sex drive but also kills your career as well, especially if you are a gigolo, pornstar or a camboy.

I believe that incest was far more common in the Victorian times than it is now – Hinterkaifeck Murders story is just one example.

The army guys behave extremely disciplined in the bedroom, I have had fun with several of those, let me tell you. They have a stiffer and longer cock in general as well.

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