These Thai pornstars have better natural bodies than Goldie Blair

High maintenance women are just like high maintenance cars in every respect except for one and that is most high maintenance cars don’t last for long but high maintenance women do.

I have bedded several engineer women in bed and they are boring as fuck when it comes to a fuck.

I only have morning sex just like many of my Thai friends that introduced me to AV movies (หนังเอวี). I started watching Asian porn to relax after a long day of work but nowadays, I relax more than I work. I am not addicted but AV movies have really given me a reason to live happily.

I remember when I was in Canada at the Hyundai Manufacturing Plant and I met this MILF Korean translator there who seduced me to fuck her the very same day I met her. That was the day since I started loving Asian women so much. Asian women are really more fun-loving, naughty, open-minded than their Western counterparts.

I have a friend whose wife fucks around all the time. She loves village men and claims that they have harder dicks than their city counterparts. This friend of mine also has sex as the first thing in the morning, he says that the coffee has a sedating effect on him and that’s the reason why he has coffee as the last thing before going to the bed.

I have a 25 year old nephew, who is so madly in love with Goldie Blair, he came to me last week and told me about the same. The way he was staring at his aunt, I feared his intentions, anyways, he asked me if I knew a woman who looks like Goldie Blair, he would be willing to do anything for her, I told him that I don’t know any and he should persuade and talk to Goldie Blair herself, he then told me that Goldie Blair is married and she is not willing to give up on her husband. I then told him to keep looking but not at your auntie.

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