The liberal sexual views of the Shinto religion is what makes those Japanese MILFs so hot

I have a male friend who owns a construction company in Troy, Michigan, who is very regular to the escorting scene, he claims that the escort ads in the print media are more trustworthy than their digital media counterparts.

This male friend of mine says that those who love and care about their life are often addicted to sex and masturbation, and those who don’t are addicted to alcohol and other harmful substances.

He also claims that the women belonging to the nations and tribes that practiced paganic religions for centuries are far more horny and sexual compared to the women belonging to the nations and tribes that have been practicing Abrahamic religions. He says that’s one of the reasons why Japanese MILF porn is always hotter than any other MILF porn in the world.

He has been married five times yet and is currently divorced. He wishes if the men could collect real life women like they collect cars and other collectibles. He has even started to believe lately that modern marriage is a rip-off.

Once he was married to an ex-pornstar who was so addicted to sex that she couldn’t do without at least 3-4 hours of it each day. He couldn’t provide her the same due to his failing health and being outside the country for the business at least 6 months a year. She divorced him after she was twice caught red-handed sucking another guy’s larger cock which was as big as an arm of this construction company owner.

He tried to hit on me as well but I don’t fuck with my friends. Only my husband, his friends or strangers and sometimes even neighbors.

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All those who have ever had any fun with me know very well that I need at least half an hour of penetration to start feeling sexy, many of my fuckers call me diesel-run, I will only agree if they come to the conclusion that their semen smells and is as thin as the dieasel itself which they never do.

Abid recently taught me how to ride a motorcycle and he basically did it for his own fun. He sits behind me while I ride the motorcycle whenever we go out together, so that he can enjoy the warmth of my ass throughout the journey. I think learning to ride a motorcycle is the second best decision I ever made after learning to ride a dick because I really enjoy the ride.

I have always believed that every woman is bisexual as all the women that I ever came to know personally were almost as interested in getting down with the women as they were with the men.

I once met a stunningly handsome insurance agent in Dallas, Texas, whom I lured into believing that I will buy the insurance policy from him if he fucks me but i didn’t buy the policy and throw him away of my house after he was done smashing me for hours.

I believe that each couple ought to have its own rules when it comes to love-making and those rules ought not be violated at all if the couple is willing to enjoy a happy sex life. If you want to learn more, then check out the kamasutra or karezza videos on a free porn tube.

Cuckold porn is as popular in South Korea as it is in the States

I have a good friend who has been living in South Korea for the past 13 years now. He always tells me and my wife that the pace at which the prostitution has been growing in the city of Seoul, the day is not far away when Seoul will become the next Bangkok.

This friend of mine tells me that once he hired twin sister escorts in Seoul and it has been his best escort experience anywhere in the world till date by far.

He also told me that after he stopped drinking coffee, his penis used to swing all the time in the air until he started using stuff like Xtragel to take care of the same.

This South Korean friend of mine has been working on developing an app that will be available to be downloaded on the mobile phones and once touched by a chick, this app will be able to tell the compression ratio of her boobs and ass simultaneously. He says that he has been designing this app for the guys that don’t like their women with saggy melons. This South Korean friend of mine is perhaps the biggest fan of the pornstar with natural big but saggy tits – Alia Janine, which is such an irony. His most favorite genre of porn is the cuckold porn and not to mention that his most favorite porn video ever is Cum Eating Cuckolds featuring Alia Janine.

He loves to fuck his women in his vehicles and he claims that fucking in a luxury sedan is a lot more fun than fucking in a luxury SUV. I really believe that he has tried it in every leased, borrowed and owned vehicle possible and thoroughly compared the experience as well, he is just crazy like that.

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I have a very good friend who used to work as a receptionist for a multi-specialty clinic, her sex life was desperate back then, she even used to be desperate to get a glimpse of a hot young man, but all she got to see all the time were old, ugly and ill men and women. Things got changed when this friend of mine started moving around using Uberpool services. She got to travel with several different young and middle-aged hot men with the help of Uberpool, one of those turned out to be one of the leading male pornstars whom she was familiar with, she told him that she has seen his movies, they started getting real intimate in the taxi which lead them to kissing which ultimately led them to spend a night together at her home. The pornstar was so happy the next morning, he woke up yawning and asked her that whether she would be interested in acting in porn movies, she asked him to give her a day to decide that and then they both went to their work places. All that day at her clinic, she kept thinking about the offer, and seeing the ugly coughing old men and women throughout that day made her finalize the decision in her mind that she will start working in the porn movies and decided to call that big dick pornstar with the stamina of a horse pornstar to let him know that she is ready to work in the porn movies. The very next day, she was called by a rising porn producer who asked her whether is willing to do threesome BBC porn and she replied “Yes, would love to.” This chick has a really big booty and has already acted in 6 movies within a span of 5 months, all of her 6 movies are available on Big Booty Mania, which my husband Abid can never get enough of and he even made me roleplay like she did in one of her movies twice now.

Don’t fall for the Happeh Theory, it is a meme, jerk off to the HD sex movies all that you can

I have a friend who owns a company that is involved in making and selling dildos and vibrators. He claims that the Mormon and Catholic nuns make up the greatest number of his customers.

This friend of mine claims that he stopped jacking-off after learning about the Happeh theory, he says that he got scared that he will end up having an asymmetrical body if he keeps jerking-off to the HD Sex Movies but the opposite happened, when he used to jerk-off almost everyday to Porntube websites, he used to have a perfectly symmetrical body, but after he stopped jerking-off, his body became asymmetrical.

I personally believe that strong cranial nerves are the most important factor for an ever-hard long lasting dick.

I have had fun with several Hindu women in my life and I love Hinduism for its libertarian views when it comes to the sex and sexuality and many of their sects allowing adultery as well, especially the ones from the eastern parts of India. Not to mention that my last fap was dedicated to the Indian Tantric goddess pornstar – Maya Rati.

It is my personal observation that a successful entrepreneur gets lucky with the women not only because of his money but also because of his confidence and strong willpower as well.

I forgot to tell you in my previous posts that my wife has been complaining all the time that my dick is not as pleasurable or sensitive as it used to be before I got the vasectomy done, I am now planning to get it reversed.

If you know me well, then you already know that I am the kinda guy who likes to keep his kidneys healthy not for my overall health, but for my sexual health.

One Japanese pornstar got us so hot that we decided to have a Japanese strip party

Comparing a Vietnamese chick to a Thai one is like comparing a Mazda to a Subaru, I prefer a Toyota and by that I mean, a Japanese woman over them both and I am not much interested in the Vietnamese or Thai women.

We recently hired a group of Japanese strippers after watching some stunningly beautiful Japanese pornstar and invited them to my rich friend’s farm house. All the chicks were experts like it was their day and night job with the class of Marla Maples.

One of the strippers had NUN written on her panties and bra, and she was the hottest among them all with the most voluptuous body. Her boobs were busting out of her bra, which made me want to become her baby and drink her milk all the time. This same chick when she entered, she was wearing a whole suitcase full of clothes, but later on, the more she stripped, the more she amazed us.

Another chick, who wasn’t that busty, she was wearing a leather bra, her nipples were visible through her bra from at least 300 meters away, we were all curious to see her nipples. I do not want to brag here that I have sort of endoscopic eyes that can look beneath the clothes, it was just that those nipples were so big and once she exposed her body completely naked, it was even better than we imagined.

One chick was dressed up as an ambulance driver with a body so hot that she could make half of us starving men with heart diseases send to the hospital because we were about to get a cardiac arrest once she stripped.

It is my personal observation that only feminine and weak men don’t prefer voluptuous men, strong, bulky men with that Barry White voice prefer their chicks voluptuous.

Black daughters of the richest black businessmen around the world are joining the porn industry

I believe that the miniskirts are outdated and that’s the reason why I have told my wife to wear nothing but her bikini or lingerie when I am around, or be completely naked. She very rarely follows my advise, so I undress her and make her walk around butt naked as a form of punishment, then she fucks me with her strap-on to retaliate.

I always ask my wife to rub her pussy on my clothes in her spare time because I personally feel that it is the best fragrance ever. I despise perfumes and deodorants.

Public sex is becoming more popular each day. Last week, when I was walking down one of the streets of my neighborhood, I noticed that a very funny and sensual scene at the same time, that cats, dogs and humans were all fucking down the same street simultaneously.

I was amazed to learn a great news recently that some extraordinarily rich men are persuading their daughters to turn into pornstars. One such daughter of a rich businessman was recently featured in one of the greatest porn orgies ever, with both the male and female pornstars arriving in convoys of hundreds of SUVs. The porn video was also featured in many of the black tube porn websites, as almost half of the pornstars involved in the orgy were black.

The belief that the paid porn is better than the free porn has proved to be a false one.

Don’t ever let anybody stop you from masturbating. I believe that there should be a law against the anti-masturbation people. They just don’t know how good the mornings feel after one wakes up after taking multiple wanks in the night.

Polyandrous societies have men that are pussies but their women have big boobs though

I once met a family in India in a village where they all practice polyandry, those men have to have the lowest libidos on earth. Along with practicing the polyandry, the village is also notorious for prostitution.

I have read a lot of history and what I have observed like many others is that the group sex used to be a cultural phenomenon in several different tribes around the world until the Christians, Muslims and Communists took over.

Giving and receiving a good head has long been proven the best remedy for heart diseases. Blowjob is always a better workout for the straight men with heart diseases compared to the vaginal or anal sex as the man doesn’t have to try to get full-hard in that case.

I recently heard that they are robbing condom trucks in Africa and India. I am totally against using a stolen condom, in such a case, it is better that you rather jerk off to the girl boobs porn than fuck your girlfriend, wife or someone else using a stolen condom.

One thing that I have observed over the decades is that your bank account is one of the things that has the greatest affect on your ability to get fully erect as you cannot afford to have a full erection with a head and body full of stress and tension.

My personal life is one example of the fact that the past sexual experiences is definitely one of the factors that makes the MILFs better on the bed but that’s not just all, there are several other factors that either make a MILF worse or better in bed compared to her younger counterparts.

Fucking around with strangers is the perfect way to maintain perfect levels of Yin and Yang in your body and the household

One of my good friends and his wife claims that they have successfully found out the secret to maintain the perfect balance of Yin and Yang inside their household and the secret is called fucking around with men and women that they meet through mature dating websites. I am totally for it as me and my wife have also been doing the same for decades. We are believers in free love and we really believe that the entire world will soon become a believer in free love.

This friend of mine has a 14 inches long cock, his wife calls it Eiffel Tower. His wife has 38DD natural boobs, I call those twin hills and she loves it.

There is a rumor all across the internet nowadays that the good old vanilla sex is going to disappear from the face of the earth soon enough, I completely disagree because I know that it is one of the best forms of sex, which is just being underrated nowadays because it is practiced all over the world since time infinite.

I am amazed that nobody has been campaigning to make fucking in the flights totally legitimate. I think that the flight owners should provide the passengers escorts for extra charges. I am also 100% certain that many of the Vietnamese Bikini airline hostesses will provide additional services for an extra buck, in other words, those Vietnamese air host chicks will provide an extra fuck for an extra buck.

Although I am a believer in public sex, I will never fuck inside or outside a school, no matter what. If you have never tried having sex in public, then let me tell you something and that is that it is more addictive than any drug ever discovered or invented.

Hijabi porn is on the rise like never before

I have met several ordinary Hijabi aka Arab aka Muslim escorts in my life that tend to make more money than their madams. The secret is simple: The Hijabi pussies are so much in demand, the clients tip them tons of money so that they give priority to that client over any other the next time he calls her too.

Let me tell you something about Arab Hijabi escorts that you may not already know and that is that they fart a lot while fucking but then too they are still so much in demand. One mechanic friend of mine measures a woman’s fart while fucking as ‘gas mileage’. The lesser a woman farts while he fucks her, the better her gas mileage, the guy has been personally trained by the Tantric teacher – Alex Vartman and he can last for 5-6 hours in a tight pussy with ease. This mechanic friend of mine tells me that with each and every error in tantric masturbation, he learnt something new.

From my personal experience, the introvert women may be more intelligent but it is the extrovert women that are more fun to fuck.

I was always too large for an average woman and hence I never tried these penis enlargement exercises but I know several younger men that tell me that you can jack off for longer than you sleep to Arab Muslim Porn and you can also grow your dick larger, stronger and wider than it already is.

It is now no more a reality that wanking is mainly for the low income guys. I know several wealthy guys that take a wank as much as their lower income counterparts, and they also prefer Hijabi porn over any other.

My Japanese GF farts a lot while I fuck her for hours, I call her ass the exhaust pipe

I have a Japanese girlfriend whom my wife knows very well too. This Japanese girlfriend of mine sometimes rides me so fast that I have named her Suzuki Hayabusa. This Japanese girlfriend of mine farts a lot while we make love and that’s the reason why I call her ass the exhaust pipe.

Last year and this year as well, I practiced a lot of edging and also used my penis pump to increase my size a lot and here is what I have concluded:- Both edging and penis pump can successfully increase the size of a penis but if you edge using a penis pump, you may end up having a big fat penis that cannot get erect. No, that didn’t happen to me because I was too vigilant about it but it has happened to a friend of mine whose wife is now getting love from different friends of his including myself.

I wanted to get into the pocket pussy business lately but it is far more complex and costs so much to make one. The profit margins are really low in the pocket pussy industry.

If you don’t have the premature ejaculation naturally or you have the right premature ejaculation destroyer (destruidor da ejaculação precoce) then becoming a successful lover is far more easier than becoming a successful professional or a business person.