Polyandrous societies have men that are pussies but their women have big boobs though

I once met a family in India in a village where they all practice polyandry, those men have to have the lowest libidos on earth. Along with practicing the polyandry, the village is also notorious for prostitution.

I have read a lot of history and what I have observed like many others is that the group sex used to be a cultural phenomenon in several different tribes around the world until the Christians, Muslims and Communists took over.

Giving and receiving a good head has long been proven the best remedy for heart diseases. Blowjob is always a better workout for the straight men with heart diseases compared to the vaginal or anal sex as the man doesn’t have to try to get full-hard in that case.

I recently heard that they are robbing condom trucks in Africa and India. I am totally against using a stolen condom, in such a case, it is better that you rather jerk off to the girl boobs porn than fuck your girlfriend, wife or someone else using a stolen condom.

One thing that I have observed over the decades is that your bank account is one of the things that has the greatest affect on your ability to get fully erect as you cannot afford to have a full erection with a head and body full of stress and tension.

My personal life is one example of the fact that the past sexual experiences is definitely one of the factors that makes the MILFs better on the bed but that’s not just all, there are several other factors that either make a MILF worse or better in bed compared to her younger counterparts.

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