One Japanese pornstar got us so hot that we decided to have a Japanese strip party

Comparing a Vietnamese chick to a Thai one is like comparing a Mazda to a Subaru, I prefer a Toyota and by that I mean, a Japanese woman over them both and I am not much interested in the Vietnamese or Thai women.

We recently hired a group of Japanese strippers after watching some stunningly beautiful Japanese pornstar and invited them to my rich friend’s farm house. All the chicks were experts like it was their day and night job with the class of Marla Maples.

One of the strippers had NUN written on her panties and bra, and she was the hottest among them all with the most voluptuous body. Her boobs were busting out of her bra, which made me want to become her baby and drink her milk all the time. This same chick when she entered, she was wearing a whole suitcase full of clothes, but later on, the more she stripped, the more she amazed us.

Another chick, who wasn’t that busty, she was wearing a leather bra, her nipples were visible through her bra from at least 300 meters away, we were all curious to see her nipples. I do not want to brag here that I have sort of endoscopic eyes that can look beneath the clothes, it was just that those nipples were so big and once she exposed her body completely naked, it was even better than we imagined.

One chick was dressed up as an ambulance driver with a body so hot that she could make half of us starving men with heart diseases send to the hospital because we were about to get a cardiac arrest once she stripped.

It is my personal observation that only feminine and weak men don’t prefer voluptuous men, strong, bulky men with that Barry White voice prefer their chicks voluptuous.

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