The liberal sexual views of the Shinto religion is what makes those Japanese MILFs so hot

I have a male friend who owns a construction company in Troy, Michigan, who is very regular to the escorting scene, he claims that the escort ads in the print media are more trustworthy than their digital media counterparts.

This male friend of mine says that those who love and care about their life are often addicted to sex and masturbation, and those who don’t are addicted to alcohol and other harmful substances.

He also claims that the women belonging to the nations and tribes that practiced paganic religions for centuries are far more horny and sexual compared to the women belonging to the nations and tribes that have been practicing Abrahamic religions. He says that’s one of the reasons why Japanese MILF porn is always hotter than any other MILF porn in the world.

He has been married five times yet and is currently divorced. He wishes if the men could collect real life women like they collect cars and other collectibles. He has even started to believe lately that modern marriage is a rip-off.

Once he was married to an ex-pornstar who was so addicted to sex that she couldn’t do without at least 3-4 hours of it each day. He couldn’t provide her the same due to his failing health and being outside the country for the business at least 6 months a year. She divorced him after she was twice caught red-handed sucking another guy’s larger cock which was as big as an arm of this construction company owner.

He tried to hit on me as well but I don’t fuck with my friends. Only my husband, his friends or strangers and sometimes even neighbors.

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