Pornstars enjoy working so much in a XXX video that it is almost impossible for them to notice how hard they work

First of all, a heartfelt thanks to the visionaries of the Victorian Era who had a vision of making porn one of the most consumed things on the face of the earth. If it weren’t for their vision, porn would have never come so far. The only thing to pity is that why didn’t someone think of it earlier. I believe that there were many great men and women who thought of it much before but their ideas have either been buried from the history books or they themselves were buried for expressing the same. Whatever the case maybe nobody could stop their ideas forever and here we are, every man or a woman has a complete harem on his little smartphone today and I know for sure that if there is such a thing as purgatory, souls of all of them have been salvaged from it ever since the internet porn came into the picture or perhaps when the playboy magazine came into the existence.

If you like to watch behind the scenes of a XXX Video, then you must be well-aware of the fact that porn is not just two or more people having fun on the camera, it is a lot of hard-work and the pornstars are some of the most sincere people on the face of the earth. One thing is for certain though and that is the only ones who enjoy sexual activity can survive in the porn industry, as nobody can work so hard for so long without enjoying the act.

I know several married female pornstars personally and there is this one thing common among them all and that is they are all as much devoted to their husband’s dick as they are to their male pornstar’s at the time of work. I also had a meeting with Cory Chase once, who told me that she is never tired of fucking, no matter whom she fucks, she told me that she enjoys fucking her husband as much as he does a pornstar.

Glory be to the British Porn Videos, the British Pornstars and the city of London

I know 7 different motivational speakers from the Great Britain and they all have one thing in common and that is that they all practice tantric sex (sex without ejaculation). They only ejaculate if they want a baby. They claim that having tantric sex increases your vitality and vigor. They also add that the prehistoric and biblical men whose lifespans are told to be several hundreds of years used to practice sex without ejaculation and that is the only thing that made them live for so long.

Anyways, just last week I wrote this parody for the Catholic prayer which is known as Gloria Patri in Latin and Glory Be in English:-

“Glory be to the pussy,

and to the hole in the ass,

and to those soft boobs,

As it was when I first had sex with you,

And tonight,

and ever I wil,

till the last drop of sperm in my balls.”

I got the idea to create this parody poem after a London escort who sucked me off on my last trip to London sang the parody of popular Protestant prayer “A Peace Prayer” to me. This chick really had a great sense of humor, she was a great sucker and I didn’t have an idea that she has worked in many British Porn Videos, I only got to know about the same when I was on all night porn watching spree on one of my most favorite amateur British porn websites – XX Brits.

Although I get to fuck women from all across the globe apart from my wife, I feel like every night of mine is a night in harem since I got access to HD internet porn, many thanks to the technology.

I can dream about that elite Tel Aviv escort if I can’t hold her tonight

I recently saw Trish Stratus on an escort directory, I just cannot recall which one. Anyways, a professional wrestling freak friend of mine recently told me that Eric Bischoff, the last president of WCW, was a stooge of the Chairman of World Wrestling Federation (WWF), who was put in charge of bankrupting the WCW and he really succeeded in it.

This wrestling freak friend of mine claims that the 56 year old woman that accused the professional wrestler Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon of groping herself outside a bar in Orlando, Florida used to run a sex racket in the city. She offered Ramon one of her prostitutes outside the bar where she accused Razor of groping herself, Razor refused and told her that he gets 10/10 fan chicks for no price at all that have drum tight pussies, this offended the madam of that sex racket and she wrongly accused Scott Hall for groping herself.

I have been to Israel aka the Holy Land several times and each time I am astonished by the ever improving quality of the escorts there. On my last trip, I met this escort in Tel Aviv, who told me that she owns her own marble business. It is really amazing knowing how far the escort services have come. Back in the day, only aristocrats and diplomats used to have access to top level courtesans, but now any one can hire them as long as they have the adequate money to pay their fee, thanks to the technology and the generosity of these gorgeous ladies who refer to themselves as escorts.

This marble business owner that I just mentioned, referred to herself as a freemason of pleasure and happiness. I still cannot stop dreaming about her.

Drop the arms, fight with your cocks and submit your wives to men with huge dongs

I wonder all the time that if men start fighting with their cocks instead of the arms and ammunition, Africa and Latin America will be the two new superpowers and the Asians will have to turn slaves. Kim Jong-Un will then be made to clean the toilets, Xi Jinping will be made to clean the dishes and Narendra Modi will have to make tea and samosa again. No matter what these guys do, I will be busy watching premium HD porn videos all the time.

One neighbor of mine whose wife I used to fuck regularly once found me and his wife fucking at his home and then he threatened his wife that he will kill her if she ever sees her fucking anybody other than him ever again and he also threatened me that he will castrate me if he ever finds out that I am fucking his wife. We have been fucking in the nearby jungle area ever since, wouldn’t it have been better if the dude just took a chill pill, had a free cam chat with a hot babe and stopped living in the Dark Era. Everybody is fucking somebody else’s wife nowadays, those days when one was bound to fuck his/her spouse only are over with the invention of the pill and here is this dude, threatening his wife for her life just because she wanted to enjoy a younger and bigger cock. She is with him only for his money and she hates that man with big mustache and beard but small penis with all her heart and I have paved the way to her heart through her pussy with my long dong.

I have met many swingers in the past and they all say one thing “To a swinger, a couple that is married for years and never indulged in swinging is a miserable sight.”

Circumcised or not, Mantak Chia’s exercises will do wonders for your dick, so put on your favorite titty video and start edging now

I recently stumbled upon this article where the author claimed that the importance and significance of the circumcision really increased among the Israelis when they were enslaved by the Babylonians. The author made a claim that the Babylonian women were too sexy for the Hebrew eyes and a glimpse of one of those sexy things would make a Jew wank for tens of times. The author claimed that these beauties were turning Israeli men into complete wankers and they were left with no option but the circumcision.

I am not ashamed to admit that I had my first sex on a kitchen table but now I hire tantric masseuses that wear nothing but the most expensive designer clothes.

I believe that many of you have already tried tantric massage and it shouldn’t read surprising to you that for anybody who is new to tantra, the speed is painstakingly slow but what I have found is that those tantric goddesses at sensual massage Cape Town can really adjust their speed according to your wish irrespective of the fact that whether you are new or regular to tantra.

While normal sex destroys the size, stamina and other great features that a normal penis is born intact with over time, tantric sex increases your size, strength, stamina and other features. These are the things that I personally observed first and read later. I didn’t know that there is a thing like tantra that has been existing for thousands of years, all I knew was about Mantak Chia’s sexual Kung-Fu and I stumbled upon tantra while looking for something else on the Google. You may start practicing by putting a Hot Titties/Booties Shaking video on and edging to it. Believe me you, your life is gonna change forever for the great.

Tantra has existed in different parts of the world with different names. Israelites have always believed that sex on the day of sabbath is a special blessing but they do not mention that Kosher sex is the special blessing, not your ordinary one.

Stationery store owner learnt how to anal douche through a sex show site

I personally believe that they will sell sex toys in the stationery stores in the future. I got reminded of it and thought about it because I have a gay friend who owns a stationery store, he learnt about how to anal douche live through one of the best sex show sites. He is pretty thankful for it because he was unable to learn it through the videos that are up on the porn websites.

I remember visiting all three Scandinavian countries in the summers of 1990s and rarely not seeing a woman dressed in order to provoke the desires of the men, but there were very few gay men walking around the streets dressed as gays back then. Now, it is the opposite, especially in the Sweden, gay men are walking freely in their pink torned denims while women are dressed in a very sophisticated manner.

I have a gay friend who claims that gay men hate to color their hair purple and if you see any with purple hair, he is either a fake gay or someone who sells his ass for the money. I don’t know how true is his claim but I get to see plenty of gay men everyday on the streets with purple hair wearing purple dungarees that neither look straight to me and nor somebody who sells his ass for the dollars.

This gay friend of mine claims that one of the proofs that gay men are more attractive than the straight men is the fact that there are more gay models than the straight ones even though the overall population of the gay men is far below the straight ones.

This gay friend of mine met his boyfriend at the airport and they have been living happily together ever since. They both get reminded of each other’s huge cocks whenever somebody mentions a banana.

Like most straight men, most gay men also believe that size>stamina>sensitivity.

NoFappers are fake and phony, they write those long NoFap posts while downloading free porn videos

I really used to get chills when I was a teenager and used to talk to a younger looking Japanese MILF with big boobs on the webcam. I remember trolling cam models all the time on different cam websites, especially

I really would say that webcam sites are far superior in the eyes of any Muslim teenager than the Islamic heaven aka Jannat. I was recently talking to this Muslim teenager from Armenia who told me that he gifted a brand new bed to a cam model which he ordered from Amazon US for her. He saw that the cam model had a very old bed and he really wanted to help her but she was first resistant because she didn’t want to pass out her address any random stranger whom she just met on a webcam site and especially the a Muslim who lives in an Islamic nation, anyways, she finally began to trust him and gave him her address.

I have been very regular to Reddit since the very day of its inception and these NoFap guys on Reddit have really gone as insane as a man can get recently. They have started to compare sex with illegal drugs. I have made several posts bashing these guys but most of them don’t seem to listen to anything that goes even a bit against their beliefs.

This is what I wrote recently on NoFap Reddit and my post received nothing but downvotes:-

“Those who compare sex with drugs are absolute idiots. Sex is thousands of times more fun, 100% natural and a million times healthier than any drug in the world, even the one that has been prescribed to you by your doctor. You guys keep believing what you believe while I take a wank looking at my favorite free porn videos.”

This Palm Reader decided to have his own live sex cam website after reading his own palm

Me and my wife have come to a conclusion that sniffing one’s own saliva raises testosterone levels in the men and estrogen levels in the women. We both have experimented with it many times and we fuck like rabbits the day we sniff our saliva. I know that it may sound weird to many but this is what it is.

There is no better way to know about a person than to learn about the company he keeps. All my friends are fuckaholics and that’s more than enough to know about me. One of my great friends is a palm reader and astrologer who believes that there is a great demand for the Japanese and Indian cam models and wants to create a cam chat website where only Japanese and Indian women will be available for the live sex cam chat. He claims to have read his own hand recently and all the signs and symptoms indicate that he is going to get lucky with a new business. It is funny that this same hypocrite advises chastity on his official astrology blog but himself spends most of the time on Camgirl sites for mobilephones.

I told this astrologer friend of mine to ask his wife to lose her anal virginity for him on his birthday. He did it and got slapped by his strict Catholic wife who along with slapping him told him that she doesn’t want to go to hell and doesn’t want to send him there either. He then once read her hand and told her that if she loses her anal virginity soon, good luck is going to follow. She agreed but on one condition that he will gift her a brand new Acura RDX in return. He has made enough money ripping people off and that’s no big deal for him so he agreed as well.

He recently started taking medications for his diabetes which made him suffer from delayed ejaculation and priapism at the same time. So, at 12:00 AM sharp of his birthday, the astrologer started having anal sex with his homemaker wife, it took him a couple of minutes to successfully enter her backdoor. He forgot to lock the door owing to the excitement of committing sodomy for the first time in his life and so did his wife due to the nervousness about how much it is going to hurt. At about 12:15 AM, when he was still in her, their one and only adult son entered the room without knocking to wish his father birthday only to find the couple fucking butt naked, his mom was screaming with pain and his father was whispering in her ears “Good Girl, Good Girl”. After seeing him, they both tried to separate and take a blanket on but it was too late.

Juice Bar owner has a unique idea of becoming a billionaire with the help of adult cam chat websites

I have a friend who owns a juice bar of his own. This dude has more pictures of more cam girls, adult models, pornstars, female celebrities, sexy politicians, etc on each of his computers than the entire population of some countries. This dude claims that he has never jerked off in his life and he looks at arousing stuff just because he believes that it raises his testosterone which makes him creative. I don’t know how creative one needs to be in order to manage a juice bar but this dude has several business ideas which he hasn’t been able to get time to implement yet, he has always been too busy looking at the arousing stuff and raising his testosterone since the day he came across a post on a forum which claimed so. He has a large list of best adult chat sites for tablets which he sent to me as an attachment through Whatsapp and the list was in tens of MBs.

The only thing I personally do to raise my personal testosterone is sniffing my wife’s pink pussy which is not as pink as it used to be before, since she is a dick freak and needs at least a couple of hours of ride a day and there hasn’t a day gone by the past few years when she didn’t take a dick at least once a day in her pussy or mouth. She recently started working out at home using the help of different Youtube videos and in many of those videos, they used the word ‘fluids’ for water and/or sweat and this used to get her so freaking hot because it made her remind of ‘semen’. She uses the word ‘fluid’ mostly for the sperm and after someone would mention the word ‘fluids’, it will have her all wet down there.

Even self made multi-millionaires perform a camgirl chat price comparison before buying credits for any of those

I have a very wealthy friend who owns a company that repairs and services small aircrafts. This friend of mine has been married 3 times till and is divorced at the moment. He currently lives in a live-in relationship with his first wife whom he claims is great in the bed but he still cannot get enough of chatting with hot live cam girls and jerking off to them. He once tried to convince the woman that he is in a live-in relationship with to start a sex cam channel together but she didn’t agree. This very wealthy guy performs a thorough camgirl chat price comparison all the time although he can buy any of the cam chat website like it is nothing. I am not certain whether he can buy the Chaturbate though.

This wealthy friend of mine believes that intimacy is extremely overrated and hardcore sex where you fuck your woman like a mad is extremely underrated. He tells his friends including myself that he has made it clear to his current partner and ex-wife that his relationship with her is only about sex, no lovey dovey bullshit and she seems to be perfectly okay with it. I believe that even if he didn’t tell her so, having known him for years, there was no doubt in her mind that he got again into the relationship with her purely for the sexual pleasure, but same has to be the condition from the other side. She is a very smart woman but horny and there’s no way that she didn’t know what was going on in that dickhead’s head.

This Ophthalmologist escort from London could read the horniness of a man through his eyes

I remember meeting this escort at Brown’s Hotel in London through an Escort Directory who told me that she was an Ophthalmologist by profession. She also told me that she had won several accolades for debates in her school and college. I was really scared at first that my meeting with her might end up in a fight or argument because of her debate background but she turned out to be one of the sweetest women that I ever met.

She told me that she had studied Hinduism thoroughly and the Hindus conclude that the main aim of life is to become an expert in tantric sex and after that whatever you do, you cannot be wrong. She told me that she was already a certified expert in tantra but still hasn’t given up learning the same. She was a trained Bharatnatyam dancer as well. She also did yoga and gymnastics. She was also a black-belt in Tae-kwon-do. She was perhaps the most versatile escort that I ever met.

When she was in the cowgirl position, she rode me like a freak, I asked her to do it faster, she went so fast that I had to ask her whether she rides horses as a hobby, she replied “No, I only ride motorcycles and dicks.”

I believe that being horny is more environmental than it is biological. A real horny and starving dick is just like an antenna for a pussy; Starve yourself of sex for a year and you will know what I am talking about here.

I met Nina Elle through this live sex cam website and I am really thankful for it

I have regularly been participating in tantric sexual orgies for a while now and those who cum sooner are considered casualties in these orgies. Many of the participants in the orgies are pornstars, cam models, actors and adult models.

I believe that the government must make it an obligation for the parents to get their progeny a sexual partner as soon as they become legally adult. This comes from my experience that nobody is better than your own parent for choosing the right sexual partner for you, especially when you are younger.

I have had sex with over 2000 different women belonging to 50 different races and my most favorite are the Germans. Not only for sex but also for cam chat, that’s why I use nothing but 777livecams when it comes to live sex cam chat although I don’t speak very good German.

I once had live sex cam chat with the popular German MILF pornstar – Nina Elle which went a lot beyond sex. I must say that Nina Elle is the sweetest woman that I ever had a chat with. I am having goosebumps right now while talking about her. I asked over 50% of the girls in the college, I received a lot of beating due to the same from the girls’ dads, brothers, guardians, boyfriends and I also came across some of the sweetest girls in the process but nothing quite like my cam love – Nina Elle.

I have a chronic migraine which wouldn’t go away easily, but thankfully, I recently discovered that it disappears as soon as I log into one of my favorite live sex cam websites.

I am a horny old man who gets pussy everyday but still jerks-off to free porn videos

I recently hired a GILF pornstar when I was in Los Angeles, who told me that she is lucky to have been born in an era when an older pussy makes almost as much money as its younger rivals in the porn and escort business, which wasn’t even thought about a couple of decades ago, but thanks to the MILF and GILF culture, what wasn’t not even imaginable a couple of decades is a reality now.

Here is a piece of advise for you if you are a female and reading this post – both smile and moans are equally important when fucking to make him happy.

I have made love to several squint eyed women in my life and the best thing that I liked about fucking them is that they when you look into her eyes you ultimately come to the conclusion that she is enjoying it, whether she is doing it or not.

One of my greatest weaknesses is that I get reminded of sex each time someone mentions words like passion or excitement. I end up masturbating to free porn videos immediately if I don’t have a pussy that I can fuck around me at that time.

Lately, my wife has been riding me so hard in the cowgirl position that I have been hurt multiple times due to the same. I have given her the nickname ‘racecar’ due to the same and I am not yet sure whether she does it purposefully in order to hurt me or because she has been getting extremely horny lately due to drinking 4-5 Red Bulls a day.

The new breed of high class Milan escorts is unbelievably fine

On my last trip to Milan, Italy, I came across this escort service agency where no village girls work but rather top notch models belonging to the plushest neighborhoods, thanks to annunci escort milano.

The one that I did the last time was a medical student whose parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins, are all doctors. She had left her parents’ spacious and luxurious mansion to live in a rented timber house to practice the escort profession with ease and no disturbance or interruption.

She enjoyed a bottle of scotch with me before we got to the real action.

These ladies are always on time, they drive their own cars, mostly the German ones.

I don’t know if you know this or not, I used to last only 5 minutes at a time but it was an escort who taught me how to last an hour or over. She was a MILF and she was the one who broke my virginity.

While the street hookers that you will find on the streets of Italy are only good at saying swear words in the English language, these high class Italian female escorts speak fluent English and can talk everything English except the swear words.

There are several escort service agencies and individual escorts across the globe that offer money back in case of no satisfaction. It is a pity that many others want to do the same but don’t do it just because they don’t wanna get abused.

This high class Tel Aviv female escort had her own discrete apartment and a chauffeur

I met this stunning escort girl in Tel Aviv, Israel in her discrete apartment (דירות דיסקרטיות) who had her own full-time chauffeur but preferred to cook her own meals. She made a hot coffee for me but she didn’t drink any, she was so health conscious, she only drinks green tea.

She let me ate the food off her ass. I asked her whether I could use her ass as the table, she said yes. I was scared as fuck that she might fart any time but she didn’t. I am sure that if she weren’t a health freak but rather a BBW, she would have farted.

Modern day high class female escorts are really experts at maintaining a great relationship with both the client and the agency.

She dressed up in all leather as I demanded. Even her bra and panties were leather too.

She also went out for a little walk with me afterwards.

Let me tell you something, that these high class Israeli female escorts are not racist at all. They are very cooperative and take a great care of their clients. I lasted 3 hours in one session and she was completely okay with it. God Bless Israel indeed.

She was a multilingual as well.

The high class female escorts of today and those from a decade back, look, talk and behave very superior. Looking at these beauties, one can definitely says that evolution is for real.

I really believe that soon enough the modern western medicine will discover that the lifespan of a person is directly parallel to his/her sexual activities throughout their life.

Save your manhood and marriage with Phalogenics Traction penis enlargement exercises

I am really glad that the rough porn doesn’t do as near as good financially and in popularity as the slow and passionate porn. I am really glad that the world hasn’t gone so pervert yet, otherwise we would see a new Ted Bundy in every neighborhood every other year, in all over the world, mainly in the first world countries.

As much as I am against the rough sex, I believe that a big dick that cums only on its own will is absolutely necessary for a good soft passionate sex and that’s the reason why the older I am getting, the more regular I am getting at practicing Phalogenics Traction penis enlargement exercises as well.

With my age and experience, I have come across several undeniable realities of the world that can only be experienced through wisdom, age and experience and one of those is that the narcissistic bitches are great fucks and if you have one that you just use as a fucktoy and nothing else, you couldn’t ask for a better life than that. The narcissistic bitches are extremely caring and particular about their own pleasure while having sex and when a woman is having a great peak of pleasure, the condition of her man is the same, and hence, you needn’t do much while having sex with a narcissistic bitch, she will do it all for you and it might be the greatest sex of your life as well.

Another reality of life that I stumbled upon with age and experience is that if a woman is in a bad shape, it doesn’t mean that she is a bad fuck. Take my wife for an example. For 10 years, she was in a very bad shape but it was only then when she provided me the best sexual experience.

I owed this language school owner some favors and all that he asked for was a smoking BJ

There is this language speaking school owner from my own city whose wife loves flowers and gardening so much that she wears a garland made of real life flowers each time they are down to fuck.

I owed this language school owner some favors and he asked for nothing more than a smoking blowjob.

While I was giving him the blowjob, he said to me that there is something about the English and Spanish language that activates the parts of your brain that make you more sexual and crave sexual action all the time.

He claims that the English and Spanish speaking men are able to last longer than their counterparts that speak other languages. He claims that the difference has been noticed among the English and Spanish speaking Latin people and their Non-English and Non-Spanish speaking counterparts; the difference has also been noticed among the English speaking and Non-English speaking African people, including both men and women.

He also told me that he has fucked women all over the world and the taste of the pussy seems to change every 5000 miles.

He believes that the vintage women are just like vintage cars. Some are very beautiful but very few are good enough to have a smooth ride on. He told me that I was the best MILF he ever had. The bastard told me that all he wanted was a smoking blowjob but then took me for a ride as well and I was more than delighted to do the same for him. He had a 9 inches long, stiff and strong cock.

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I have a girlfriend who claims that Swedes and Ukrainians are better fucks than the men belonging to any other nation that is not Hispanic or African. She adds that there is a reason why four of her husbands till date were either Hispanic or African. She also love male wrestlers and watches WWE everyday till date although the WWE sucks for at least for the last 12-13 years but it doesn’t suck as much as this woman sucks cocks. She recently uploaded a video of her sucking cock of a white friend of her black husband while her black husband was watching it all happening with PornBae and made tens of thousands of dollars with just an eleven minute long video.

She claims to have spent several nights with the now dead wrestlers Ravishing Rick Rude and Ultimate Warrior. She claims that Ravishing Rick Rude needed 45 minutes of foreplay to get hard.

I have been trying to persuade Abid to also make a video with me and upload the same with PornBae as a form of easy money but he doesn’t agree. I have considered making the video with some other man without telling Abid but I retract each time. I don’t want to hide anything from Abid, especially something which is sexual and takes me public.

I have been experimenting with viagra lately. It seems to not have much effect on me and I have started to think like it is just a placebo, nothing more. I have also been trying to persuade Abid to take some, but he doesn’t agree.