I owed this language school owner some favors and all that he asked for was a smoking BJ

There is this language speaking school owner from my own city whose wife loves flowers and gardening so much that she wears a garland made of real life flowers each time they are down to fuck.

I owed this language school owner some favors and he asked for nothing more than a smoking blowjob.

While I was giving him the blowjob, he said to me that there is something about the English and Spanish language that activates the parts of your brain that make you more sexual and crave sexual action all the time.

He claims that the English and Spanish speaking men are able to last longer than their counterparts that speak other languages. He claims that the difference has been noticed among the English and Spanish speaking Latin people and their Non-English and Non-Spanish speaking counterparts; the difference has also been noticed among the English speaking and Non-English speaking African people, including both men and women.

He also told me that he has fucked women all over the world and the taste of the pussy seems to change every 5000 miles.

He believes that the vintage women are just like vintage cars. Some are very beautiful but very few are good enough to have a smooth ride on. He told me that I was the best MILF he ever had. The bastard told me that all he wanted was a smoking blowjob but then took me for a ride as well and I was more than delighted to do the same for him. He had a 9 inches long, stiff and strong cock.

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