Save your manhood and marriage with Phalogenics Traction penis enlargement exercises

I am really glad that the rough porn doesn’t do as near as good financially and in popularity as the slow and passionate porn. I am really glad that the world hasn’t gone so pervert yet, otherwise we would see a new Ted Bundy in every neighborhood every other year, in all over the world, mainly in the first world countries.

As much as I am against the rough sex, I believe that a big dick that cums only on its own will is absolutely necessary for a good soft passionate sex and that’s the reason why the older I am getting, the more regular I am getting at practicing Phalogenics Traction penis enlargement exercises as well.

With my age and experience, I have come across several undeniable realities of the world that can only be experienced through wisdom, age and experience and one of those is that the narcissistic bitches are great fucks and if you have one that you just use as a fucktoy and nothing else, you couldn’t ask for a better life than that. The narcissistic bitches are extremely caring and particular about their own pleasure while having sex and when a woman is having a great peak of pleasure, the condition of her man is the same, and hence, you needn’t do much while having sex with a narcissistic bitch, she will do it all for you and it might be the greatest sex of your life as well.

Another reality of life that I stumbled upon with age and experience is that if a woman is in a bad shape, it doesn’t mean that she is a bad fuck. Take my wife for an example. For 10 years, she was in a very bad shape but it was only then when she provided me the best sexual experience.

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