This high class Tel Aviv female escort had her own discrete apartment and a chauffeur

I met this stunning escort girl in Tel Aviv, Israel in her discrete apartment (דירות דיסקרטיות) who had her own full-time chauffeur but preferred to cook her own meals. She made a hot coffee for me but she didn’t drink any, she was so health conscious, she only drinks green tea.

She let me ate the food off her ass. I asked her whether I could use her ass as the table, she said yes. I was scared as fuck that she might fart any time but she didn’t. I am sure that if she weren’t a health freak but rather a BBW, she would have farted.

Modern day high class female escorts are really experts at maintaining a great relationship with both the client and the agency.

She dressed up in all leather as I demanded. Even her bra and panties were leather too.

She also went out for a little walk with me afterwards.

Let me tell you something, that these high class Israeli female escorts are not racist at all. They are very cooperative and take a great care of their clients. I lasted 3 hours in one session and she was completely okay with it. God Bless Israel indeed.

She was a multilingual as well.

The high class female escorts of today and those from a decade back, look, talk and behave very superior. Looking at these beauties, one can definitely says that evolution is for real.

I really believe that soon enough the modern western medicine will discover that the lifespan of a person is directly parallel to his/her sexual activities throughout their life.

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