The new breed of high class Milan escorts is unbelievably fine

On my last trip to Milan, Italy, I came across this escort service agency where no village girls work but rather top notch models belonging to the plushest neighborhoods, thanks to annunci escort milano.

The one that I did the last time was a medical student whose parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins, are all doctors. She had left her parents’ spacious and luxurious mansion to live in a rented timber house to practice the escort profession with ease and no disturbance or interruption.

She enjoyed a bottle of scotch with me before we got to the real action.

These ladies are always on time, they drive their own cars, mostly the German ones.

I don’t know if you know this or not, I used to last only 5 minutes at a time but it was an escort who taught me how to last an hour or over. She was a MILF and she was the one who broke my virginity.

While the street hookers that you will find on the streets of Italy are only good at saying swear words in the English language, these high class Italian female escorts speak fluent English and can talk everything English except the swear words.

There are several escort service agencies and individual escorts across the globe that offer money back in case of no satisfaction. It is a pity that many others want to do the same but don’t do it just because they don’t wanna get abused.

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