Juice Bar owner has a unique idea of becoming a billionaire with the help of adult cam chat websites

I have a friend who owns a juice bar of his own. This dude has more pictures of more cam girls, adult models, pornstars, female celebrities, sexy politicians, etc on each of his computers than the entire population of some countries. This dude claims that he has never jerked off in his life and he looks at arousing stuff just because he believes that it raises his testosterone which makes him creative. I don’t know how creative one needs to be in order to manage a juice bar but this dude has several business ideas which he hasn’t been able to get time to implement yet, he has always been too busy looking at the arousing stuff and raising his testosterone since the day he came across a post on a forum which claimed so. He has a large list of best adult chat sites for tablets which he sent to me as an attachment through Whatsapp and the list was in tens of MBs.

The only thing I personally do to raise my personal testosterone is sniffing my wife’s pink pussy which is not as pink as it used to be before, since she is a dick freak and needs at least a couple of hours of ride a day and there hasn’t a day gone by the past few years when she didn’t take a dick at least once a day in her pussy or mouth. She recently started working out at home using the help of different Youtube videos and in many of those videos, they used the word ‘fluids’ for water and/or sweat and this used to get her so freaking hot because it made her remind of ‘semen’. She uses the word ‘fluid’ mostly for the sperm and after someone would mention the word ‘fluids’, it will have her all wet down there.

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