This Palm Reader decided to have his own live sex cam website after reading his own palm

Me and my wife have come to a conclusion that sniffing one’s own saliva raises testosterone levels in the men and estrogen levels in the women. We both have experimented with it many times and we fuck like rabbits the day we sniff our saliva. I know that it may sound weird to many but this is what it is.

There is no better way to know about a person than to learn about the company he keeps. All my friends are fuckaholics and that’s more than enough to know about me. One of my great friends is a palm reader and astrologer who believes that there is a great demand for the Japanese and Indian cam models and wants to create a cam chat website where only Japanese and Indian women will be available for the live sex cam chat. He claims to have read his own hand recently and all the signs and symptoms indicate that he is going to get lucky with a new business. It is funny that this same hypocrite advises chastity on his official astrology blog but himself spends most of the time on Camgirl sites for mobilephones.

I told this astrologer friend of mine to ask his wife to lose her anal virginity for him on his birthday. He did it and got slapped by his strict Catholic wife who along with slapping him told him that she doesn’t want to go to hell and doesn’t want to send him there either. He then once read her hand and told her that if she loses her anal virginity soon, good luck is going to follow. She agreed but on one condition that he will gift her a brand new Acura RDX in return. He has made enough money ripping people off and that’s no big deal for him so he agreed as well.

He recently started taking medications for his diabetes which made him suffer from delayed ejaculation and priapism at the same time. So, at 12:00 AM sharp of his birthday, the astrologer started having anal sex with his homemaker wife, it took him a couple of minutes to successfully enter her backdoor. He forgot to lock the door owing to the excitement of committing sodomy for the first time in his life and so did his wife due to the nervousness about how much it is going to hurt. At about 12:15 AM, when he was still in her, their one and only adult son entered the room without knocking to wish his father birthday only to find the couple fucking butt naked, his mom was screaming with pain and his father was whispering in her ears “Good Girl, Good Girl”. After seeing him, they both tried to separate and take a blanket on but it was too late.

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