I can dream about that elite Tel Aviv escort if I can’t hold her tonight

I recently saw Trish Stratus on an escort directory, I just cannot recall which one. Anyways, a professional wrestling freak friend of mine recently told me that Eric Bischoff, the last president of WCW, was a stooge of the Chairman of World Wrestling Federation (WWF), who was put in charge of bankrupting the WCW and he really succeeded in it.

This wrestling freak friend of mine claims that the 56 year old woman that accused the professional wrestler Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon of groping herself outside a bar in Orlando, Florida used to run a sex racket in the city. She offered Ramon one of her prostitutes outside the bar where she accused Razor of groping herself, Razor refused and told her that he gets 10/10 fan chicks for no price at all that have drum tight pussies, this offended the madam of that sex racket and she wrongly accused Scott Hall for groping herself.

I have been to Israel aka the Holy Land several times and each time I am astonished by the ever improving quality of the escorts there. On my last trip, I met this escort in Tel Aviv, who told me that she owns her own marble business. It is really amazing knowing how far the escort services have come. Back in the day, only aristocrats and diplomats used to have access to top level courtesans, but now any one can hire them as long as they have the adequate money to pay their fee, thanks to the technology and the generosity of these gorgeous ladies who refer to themselves as escorts.

This marble business owner that I just mentioned, referred to herself as a freemason of pleasure and happiness. I still cannot stop dreaming about her.

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