Pet supply store owner is extremely particular about her beauty salon

Kay Patterson owns a pet supply store in Woodford, London which is quite popular for the toys that they sell for the pets.

She claims that over 95% of her customers never return without buying anything from her store and that includes the window shoppers as well. She claims that she can tell a window shopper just by the look of their face. She also adds that those who come to buy toys, buy something at least 99.99% of the times.

Kay also claims to have moire chicken meals for the pets than any other pet food store in the entire IG8.

Kay Patterson is a dog lover herself. She has always had more than 4 dogs at home and she even met her husband for the first time at a dog spa. She is also very particular about her personal Beauty Salon in IG8.

Kay has also invested in a friend’s business who is a designer. Her company manufactures raincoats of all sorts including for the pets. The business is yet to fetch a profit to any of the investors including Kay but all the investors have great expectations with it.

Kay claims to have been working on to developing different healthy snacks for cats and dogs for the past few months and she is extremely confident about her success in this regard. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that she is overconfident in this regard.

Kay writes on her blog that she always wishes that if cat owners were as big spenders as the dog owners.

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