My Bengali-Indian chick is better than your European tantric masseuse

My Bengali-Indian fucktoy is so much addicted to Big Black Cocks that she is reminded of a Big Black Cock whenever she reads or hears BBC News. Her English used to be very poor when she first arrived in Canada and she used to believe that the word Caucasus is somehow related to Big Cocks.

It is one of my personal observations that just as much as black men like white women, white men like black women but white women love hispanic men and black women love Arab men. No matter what the case may be, I love this Indian fucktoy of mine and we have hours long Kamasutra Indian sex whenever we have a meeting. It is really something out of a Bangla Choti Kahini.

This Indian fucktoy chick of mine is not a tantric masseuse but she is unbelievable at handling that PONR. If you are a married man, you do not need to convince your wife to have some tantric fun with you have such goddesses taking care of that.

I have had fun with tantric masseuses from the Eastern Europe as well that proclaimed that they were the best and they know tantra better than anybody else only to find out that they are nothing compared to my Indian chica.

Whenever I am down to fuck this Indian chick in my car, she repeats one thing only “I am not a cheap hooker that will blow or fuck you in the car. Take me to a 5 star hotel and then you may have your chance to enter the heaven.” I reply the same each time as well “By heaven, do you mean your nasty pussy.” Then she replies “Yeah Baby”.

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