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I have a nephew who regularly visits prostitutes. He is very frank to me and he tells me about everything in details. He even tried to hit on me once, only to get slapped on the face. He fears STDs so much that he never fucks a prostitute in any of her holes, but rather tittyfucks them until he finishes. He claims that he never even got an escort butt naked, even the one with a big ass. He is really strange. I asked him to get a girlfriend or a wife and once he gets bored of her holes, start having swinger sex, just like me and his uncle have been doing for decades now. He said to me that he is going to think about it. I think those automatic electric fleshlights have really made the millennials not consider real-life sex much. This is a disaster. That’s one of the reasons why me and Abid spend a lot of our time campaigning for free sex, because we don’t want the upcoming generations to spend their lives without enjoying real life privates of another person.

Sex is the most sacred thing that the nature created, but the so-called religions have really destroyed the joy and freedom out of it. Hell, they wouldn’t even let you become a part of the kinky videos club.

I recently talked to a sexologist who told me a shocking fact and that is that roughly 99.5% of the people in their 20s don’t know how they can make sex an extremely blissful , memorable, passionate experience. The ones who are in a relationship, do it just for the sake of doing it and by the time that the most people learn how to enjoy their sex lives, are already on the verge of losing their drives. It is scary, to be honest.

Never before such classy and beautiful chicks worked in the incest porn movies

I don’t usually watch porn, but when I do, it is always Real Incest Porn.

I am a great fan of the newcomers Lana Rhoades, Jessa Rhodes, Keisha Grey and Blair Williams. I really appreciate the great work they are doing, especially in the Incest Porn arena.

I really loved the Nuru Massage video of Keisha Grey with the veteran male pornstar – Tommy Gunn, but I found the dude that was playing the role of Keisha’s uncle in the video to be annoying, ugly and a lot of negative energy.

Lana is extremely beautiful and tries to do her best, but she is not as frealy as Blair, Keisha or Jessa.

The first video that I watched featuring Jessa Rhodes was the Mouse Trap by MissaX. I also like the dude that was playing the brother of Jessa in the video, I think he goes by the name – Tyler Nixon. I saw him for the first time in a ‘No Words Necessary’ video. Most likely it was the one with Briana Banks, my teenage hero.

Blair is insatiable. I run out of words whenever it comes to appreciate the work of Blair Williams. I believe that she is going to be the next Jenna Jameson, Nina Hartley or Kay Parker in the porn industry if she keeps improving the way she has been since she was featured for the very first time in a POV porn movie. She is really the GOAT when it comes to Sister Incest Porn Videos. She has perhaps left behind the legend – Traci Lords in that arena.

I also like Natasha Nice and Katie Cummings, but I don’t think that these 2 chicks can be compared to the above mentioned 4 beauties. Anyways, keep enjoying incest porn or real life incest or both, take care. Share this post with your incest loving friends as well, or you can also share it with your family, maybe they were waiting for you to make the first move.

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Asher Schiff recently had incredible fun with several different stunning Greek escort beauties during his recent business trip to Patras, Greece.

Asher Schiff says that Indian beauties are his most favorite. Asher’s addiction to escorts has never jeopardized anything significant in his life yet, instead he has learnt a lot from it. In fact, one of the girls that he met through a Nagpur escorts service really changed his life for the better. She was an online gambling freak and he told Asher about trusted online gambling websites.

As they say that behind every successful man is a woman, Asher is not married but this escort proved to be the reason behind Asher’s great success. Just like that escort, Asher does nothing but win whenever he bets.

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She has more qualities that you can discover when you get to know her, and you can be certain to be pleased by her charming personality.

She has a really pretty smile, great ass. Feel free to comment if you like me to send her pictures, she looks much better in person though.

This fun-loving Indian escort cannot forget the night when she kissed her mother goodnight after watching a comedy show together and after that night her mother never woke back.

The female escort industry has been declining each year as the sex dolls are getting more advanced each year

I do not agree with Freud at all in almost anything and I consider him to be one of the biggest trolls of all times the affect of what is still alive.

I am not a racist or anti-vegetarian, but I believe that Indian women aren’t interested in sex as much due to their unhealthy diets, I would rather put my dick in a mini sex doll than putting it in a different Indian woman every night.

I believe that there will be more male gigolos than female escorts by the end of this century, the way the things are moving. I am not saying that the female escorts are not doing a great job, I cannot even recall how many female escorts I have had fun with till date, but I believe that the upcoming super-advanced sex dolls are going to finish the business of average-looking, average-performing female escorts.

It is my personal observation over the decades that average looking women are seldom fun in bed, it is either the ugly ones or the stunners that rock the bed. I have had a huge crush on the Scottish pornstar – Georgie Lyall since the first time I saw her in that FakeTaxi Movie, and I am going to hire her throughout my business trip to Scotland in the coming February. I am willing to pay whatever it costs.

I once hired Maserati – the Black Pornstar once through an escort website, it turned out to be a fake setup and the pimp ran away with my hard-earned money, and I had to fuck a street whore that night.

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It is no surprise that many doctors and lawyers also work as cam models in the night to relax and make an extra buck in the night. One of the most popular examples of such cam models is the infamous retired MILF pornstar – Emma Starr, who works as an attorney in Dallas, Texas, in the day but as a cam model in the night.

I laud the efforts of 18 year old cam models into satisfying men, I also laud the efforts of 18 year old beautiful pornstars like Annabell Redd, who are doing their utmost to satisfy single men by providing them perfect fap material.

It is sad that a big ass, firm big boobs, and a beautiful face aren’t always a winning combination for a pornstar, escort or a cam model. Look at the retired pornstars – Pocahontas Jones and Jessica Robbin, for examples, these 2 chicks had it all, but they could never become big names in the porn industry.

Me and Abid had been wanting to become a part of the ever-growing porn industry for so long and we finally got ourselves an Autopilot Legal Porn Tube WordPress Site from an expert and we are too excited to make money with the same. We are going to get ourselves hundreds of these once we start making money. We might even upload our own videos on these in the future, who knows?

Abid has lately been claiming that his dick grows an inch larger in complete darkness when erect and 0.5 inch when it is limp. I don’t believe him on this, whenever I take it inside any of my hole, it feels exactly the same size whether it is dark or not. I hope that he reads this and stop making such stupid claims.

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It is my personal observation over the years that an odorless pussy is bound to be tasteless.

I was in Italy last year where I didn’t hit on any woman because I really fear the Italians. I bought an automatic heated sex doll online there itself, which did a lot of damage to my dear testicles, to an extent that I got an ED for a few months and it scared the shit out of me, but thanks to the God Eros, I got my sex drive back after a couple of months.

Back when I lost all my sex drive, I started hating the smell of the female farts which I otherwise love.

I have traveled around the world and one of the most important things that I observed during these travels is that the darker a pussy, the less sensitive it is, also the women with darker pussies have lesser sexual control and don’t enjoy sex as much.

I have always been against the Christian religion, especially the Catholic one. Most of the great people, including Freud, Einstein, JP Morgan, Margaret Sanger, have observed in their lives that the lack of sexuality makes a man or a woman physically, mentally and spiritually weak.

My wife recently told me that the first time ever that she masturbated, it was with French fries. I suggested to her that it is a good idea if she performs the same on one of the best live sex show sites. She told me that she is thinking about it.

She thinks that the cam models nowadays have to work a lot harder compared to what it used to be because of the vigorous competition, to which I agree but it is also a lot of fun. I don’t find it to be work, but rather fun.

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I don’t know what has happened to my wife. She cannot stand me calling her ‘babe’ anymore. Her mother has a reputation of being a slut in the neighborhood, in the company she worked at, and she also had a couple of open marriages in the past. Perhaps, a couple of my mother-in-law’s boyfriends whom my wife hated, used to call her ‘babe’ and she is reminded of that lately when I call her ‘babe’.

I have a friend who is a huge believer in the free-love moment and wishes all the time that he were born in Oneida, New York, during the 1860s, to see those beautiful times when Oneida Community operated.

This friend of mine believes that whence the women all become whorish and slutty throughout the world, there will not be such organizations as ‘escort agencies’ operating anywhere in the world, but rather there will only be ‘escort families’; And nobody will feel any shame about being a prostitute, rather they will be proud of the fact that the people are willing to have sex with them for money.

This friend of mine runs a blog as well, which is definitely not good as this one, where he never gets tired of repeating that some pornstars/escorts love being used and there are those who don’t, those who don’t love being used, definitely do not deserve to be in the business and by being in the business, they are doing a great disservice to the society and to themselves.

His personal favorite escort is from Springfield, Missouri. Most of the times when he calls her, she is ill, has a headache, already booked, on a vacation, she has an excuse to not meet him 99% of the times when he needs her desperately, and that’s the reason why he likes to call her the FIAT of escorts.

This friend of mine also claims to have had sex with 10 different college girls at a time that weren’t paid whores, like you would see in a Tubegalore movie.

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My husband Abid never gets tired of repeating that his perfect woman is a 38-24-38, 55 Kg and a perfect face, which I know I am not. But I feel blessed to be his wife. He is too big and that’s the foremost thing that I was looking for in my husband. While he was in college, he found himself too big for the college girls. We both have always had an extravagant sex life both at home and outside home, because we never had any kids, but we feel for those who do and we recommend them to read the post on regarding how you can have tons of sex even with many kids at home.

Abid claims to have had fun with different women that drove at least one of the cars belonging to one of the infamous German trio competitors – Audi, BMW and Mercedes. He claims that the ones who drive Mercedes are only good for the vanilla; the ones who drive the Audi are very boring in bed and throw a lot of tantrums; the ones who drive BMWs are so much fun in bed and always ready for some new adventure that they never enjoyed before.

I didn’t trust Abid at once as it sounded more mythical before, but as my regular blog readers all know that I am a bisexual woman. I started to notice the cars that my female partners drove and Abid’s statements turned out to be absolutely true.

I never told this to Abid before, but I know that he will read this post and I am here to make a confession, I have been feeding Abid with high estrogen diet deliberately for a couple of years now, in order to turn him into a bisexual man, but I had no success at all. I am sorry, Abid. Hope you will forgive me!

My good friend with an ED has been practicing Vajroli Mudra using the help of XVideos in order to save his marriage

I have always believed that the older pussies are highly underrated whereas their younger counterparts are greatly overrated. Take my wife’s pussy as an example, it has only been getting sweeter with age.

I personally believe in working hard and fucking even harder. The more tiring my day is, the sweeter is the sex in the night.

I have many of my good friends that had a troubled childhood and one thing that is common among them all is that they have a damaged sexuality. All my good friends with a serious ED had a troubled childhood.

One of my good friends who has had ED all his life told me that the worst moment in his life was when he gifted his wife a Mazda MX-5 Miata RF and she never drove it once in her life and instead she preferred to take a bus. He once followed her, and it turned out that she used to take the bus to a nearby parking, where she had hidden a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Convertible, gifted to her by a rich boyfriend of hers. He never told her that he had discovered all about it because he has 3 kids with her and didn’t want to separate himself from them at any cost. He doesn’t trust women anymore, no matter whether they are Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, Jewish, Hindus or Buddhists. He has been practicing Vajroli Mudra lately using the videos on Xvideos all the time, because he still has the hope that he can fuck the brains out of his wife and satisfy her more than her rich boyfriend, one day.

Do you know that the women who snore a lot are 10 times the better fucks on an average compared to the women who don’t snore at all? I think that the above mentioned cheating wife is also a snorer, but I never dared ask this to my friend.

My wife has been aging like those British MILFs you watch in the porn movies

I only fear the old age because of the lack of sex life and sexual disability that comes with for an average man. I am really disappointed that the field gerontology isn’t putting much emphasis on the sexual life of the older men.

The case is quite different for an average woman though. Just like in the case of my wife, her libido, dick-raising capabilities have only been rising as she is aging, just like those women that I keep watching on the British MILF tube videos. Yesterday, she got herself another fuckbuddy named Jordi, who in reality looks like the infamous Jordi El Nino Pollo of the porn videos. They both allowed me to become a cuck and it was like watching Leigh Darby and Jordi El Nino Pollo fucking in real life. He was so scared of me while I was in the room, I kicked his butt once while he was fucking my wife in the missionary position but immediately my wife started scolding me and then I encouraged him to go on with fucking my wife in the pussy. He also looked at me once while his dicked slid out of the pussy accidentally, asking through his eyes whether he could put it in her asshole, I stared him back with such an anger, he looked like he was going to have a heart attack due to the fear, and after that, he couldn’t dare look at me back again and perhaps finished sooner than his dick could take it.

The funny thing is that I would let him fuck my wife in the asshole if he didn’t ask me for it, she really loves getting fucked in her asshole. I haven’t told her about it yet, I just hope that she doesn’t read this post and she will never get to learn about it.

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I personally believe that most GILFs are more horny than their MILF counterparts and can’t go a day without sex/masturbation. I also believe that the menopause rather increases the sexual desire of the women; I believe that they all lie about it not being there anymore because they have got tired and bored of fucking the same man over and over in all those years. They don’t want to admit the fact that they got tired of fucking and sucking the same man over the decades and come up with an excuse that they don’t feel sexual desire anymore since they hit that menopause. I believe that I know about this more than the most because it has been years since my beloved wife hit the menopause and her sexual desire has only increased over the years. She fucks me and other men even more since the day she hit the menopause. All our blog’s regular subscribers know the fact that me and my wife are in an open marriage and we both fuck around all the time.

Let me give you another example of the same, look at Linda Hogan (Pro-Wrestler Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife and Brooke Hogan’s Mother), I can tell by the look on a woman that whether she has hit that menopause or not. Looking at the pictures of Linda Hogan, I can tell that she hit her menopause in the year 2008 and that was the time, she decided that Terry Gene Bollea aka Hulk Hogan wasn’t enough for herself. She ended up divorcing the old man in 2009 and got himself some young boyfriends, with whom she fucked around all the time.

If you don’t want your wife to be another Linda Hogan, get yourself the PE Bible and before buying it, don’t forget to read the PE Bible Review.

Bisexual man is happy that his GF left him, now he can spend as much time as he want with his Fleshjack

I have a bisexual male friend since the academic school days, who told me that once he acted like Val Venis in front of his girlfriend, which she didn’t like at all and thought that the dude was being a dick. Things got so soar, that they got into a very bad argument, which resulted in her leaving his place, since then, the fleshjack is his only fuckbuddy, which he had bought months ago, but didn’t use at all. He told me that if he had an idea about how pleasurable it is, he would have dumped his girlfriend long ago for the same.

This bisexual male friend of mine keeps giving a message to all his straight and bisexual male subscribers that they should get themselves some anarchist bitch if they are looking for a crazy fun in bed.

This bisexual male friend of mine claims that he has a plan of creating never-seen-before wholesale escort service agency and he is waiting for the prostitution to become legal on the Island of Malta and Gozo to implement this plan of his.

He believes that Portugal will be the first country in the world to have open marriages as the mainstream marriage system. He further says that there is a reason why Portugal has the highest divorce rate and that reason is that the Portuguese women cannot stop fucking around with other men.

He recently made a trip to India and was amazed how asexual an average Indian is. After he came back, he wrote that India’s name should be replaced with ‘Dead Bedrooms’. He further wrote that he hated the fact that still the rural and even some urban Indian men treat their women like a piece of land.

Some teens are better at giving head than their MILF counterparts and they don’t mind to give one in public

I have been practicing yoga lately to fulfill my fantasy of sucking my own cock lately. I have great hopes with the same and I know that soon enough I will be able to achieve my goal. My wife thought of me as a bisexual when I told her the same.

I have been wanting to try public sex lately but my wife is not willing to. I told her that I once enjoyed a teen blowjob in a public park and it was a great experience but she wouldn’t listen. This teen that gave me a blowjob in the public park told me that she had lost her virginity to her college professor.

True fuckbuddies are like pearls, priceless and with high libido, they are full of life and are fun-loving, they are promiscuous and the word cheating doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.

It is a sad reality of a man’s life that women behave like it was all your fault even when they are caught cheating red-handed. Luckily enough, this problem never existed in my life because my marriage is an open one.

I hate the term ‘hard-work’ when it is used in the perspective of sex life. I really hope that they come up with something better and new term really soon.

It is one of my fantasies to spend a night with the Indian Bollywood Actress of Swedish origin – Elli Avram once in life. I have already published the offer on a website that I created for this specific purpose and optimized it as well.

Event organiser’s husband makes her scream like a bitch you saw on the last night

Sanam is an event planner in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When Sanam was in the school, she didn’t want to be a doctor, engineer or a pilot. Sanam only wanted a job that gave her a lot of time to relax and make her a lot of money.

So, thinking that event planning and organizing is one such job, Sanam entered into it. She first worked for a big event organizing firm for 2 years to gain some experience and after that started her own small event planning and organizing business.

Sanam has since been managing her own event planning and organizing business. Sanam married a man 2 years younger than her that she met at a party she organized herself. They both were very happy with each other for the first 2 years, but after that his performance started taking a big downward slope.

Sanam didn’t have any idea what to do. It had been 2 years since then. They were both living an almost celibate life. They made so-called love about once a month and that too used to be so boring and short. Sanam is a stunning and charming beauty and there are lots of options for her out there.

They don’t even have a baby to become a barrier in getting a divorce. Sanam straight away told her husband that she can’t take it any longer and every night is like hell for her. Sanam’s husband took it really seriously and researched the internet what he can do to save it. Random people recommended him several different things, out of which, Ubat Kuat appealed to him the most.

Sanam’s husband took Ubat Kuat and he was a wild beast the very first night. She made Sanam scream and moan like an animal and now Sanam loves him more than anything else and can never imagine in her dream of divorcing him. Each of their nights is like something out of a Pornbring movie.

My husband can’t stop watching college party porn and fucking me at the same time

Did anyone ever tell you before that the shapely women are as shrewd as they are shapely? If not, then take a note and get yourself nothing but a shapely woman if you are a straight man or a lesbian woman.

My husband ‘Abidthedickhead’ has been applying a new trick in the bedroom lately. He doesn’t move back and forth while in my pussy anymore. He says that it is more fun, which to me it is not and he can only last a couple of minutes doing the same. He also claims to have gained a great deal of length and girth since he started doing the same. He claims that he also feels taller now as well. As tall as he used to feel in the college and to relive the college days, he watches college party porn all the time now.

I drive nothing but Japanese cars but I hate Hondas. All my female friends who drive Hondas are promiscuous bitches who can’t get enough of cheating their men and they mostly married them for the money. Hence, I have concluded that one should never trust a woman who drives a Honda.

I personally believe that the myth of Jesus the Son of Mary being a celibate is a myth created to suppress and repress the commoners so that the Satan could continue ruling the world. I have an author friend who agrees with this notion. According to his research, Jesus was the greatest pussy slayer in entire Israel and perhaps the whole world during his times, and the religion of Christianity was a conspiracy to destroy the chosen ones by the Son of Satan himself – Jesus.

Communist, Socialist, Capitalist, all sorts of trannies are members of

I really hate women who wear colorful undies but it is okay with me if it is a transvestite, and I see a lot of such trannies on

I find it to be a pity that porn nowadays is mainly about the size of the sexual organs of the men and the women; and that’s the reason why we see very rare female pornstars nowadays without breast, butt or other implants and very rare male pornstars without a penile implant. It is not about the real sexual passion and wildness as it used to be until the early 1990s.

Me and Abid both agree that marriage is a sacrifice that kills men and women’s basic polygamous and polyandrous desires so that they can just look good to the society. Me and Abid decided to keep our marriage an open one and enjoy best of the both worlds.

It is ridiculous to us both that why would a husband object to the idea or a wife fucking another man and vice-versa. It is completely stupid and unnatural to us both.

Me and Abid both enjoy sex more in the summers. We find it extremely exciting when the sweaty bodies of us both rub against each other.

Since we both started practicing yoga, we can now enjoy the positions which we previously felt were undoable. God bless the inventors of yoga!

I used to be a communist back in my college days and that’s when I got to study the communism and the greatest communists thoroughly. My most favorite 2 being the Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. I highly doubt that what separates both these men from the others and makes them superior is their high sex drives and the opportunities to express it with different women.

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Have you ever heard the phrase “Slutty women flock together, they sometimes also fuck together.” If not, then take a note of this one right here, right now.

I have come to a conclusion personally and that is that a woman’s clothing has nothing to do with her character. I know several women who are always dressed up as nuns but are the biggest whores that I have ever known, while I also know some nudist women who live celibate lives. I asked one nudist woman once who looked just like my favorite pornstar – Karen Fisher, the woman whose free porn videos I cannot ever get tired of jacking off to, whether I could sniff her pussy, she allowed me to without any objection and with a great smile, I wondered in my heart that she was also going to let me fuck her and when I attempted to press her boobs, she told me that she was practicing strict celibacy and it would be great if I only stay limited to sniffer her sweet-looking wet pussy.

I am not a pro-masturbation or anti-masturbation, but I personally believe that it is essential to jerk-off occasionally even when you have willing pussies all around you as it allows you to explore your body better.

If you are a teen or a man in his early 20s who never got a chance to fuck in real life, I would advise you that you should attempt on a sexy looking widowed granny. If you don’t know how great in bed these slutty and sexy looking grannies are in bed, talk to the men who enjoy such grannies on the regular. Two examples of such grannies is the Russian – Franny and American – Rita Daniels, yes, the woman who does a lot of videos with the popular 65 year old pornstar – Sally D’Angelo.

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I have never mentioned this before here on my blog that I am a bisexual woman, but I do it now.

I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to impress the chicks until I came to the conclusion that paid sex is far cheaper than non-paid one. I started visiting escorts and brothels than I started to feel that visiting escorts is not fun and a wastage of time and energy. I was raised catholic and I treat my pussy as something precious. I cannot forego the curse that god put on Onan after he caught him wasting his precious semen on bed instead of ejaculating it inside the sweet pussy of his sister-in-law, but I still squirt on the bed while fisting myself chatting with the chicks on that Chat4 lesbian chat room.

I started spending hours at a time on lesbian chat rooms after I stopped visiting female escorts and brothels. Contrary to the popular belief that sex chat reduces creativity, I have come to the conclusion that it instead increases the productivity.

After months of practicing all by myself, I have attained a level where I can squirt whenever I want on my will and I was looking for a woman who would appreciate my skill of squirting only at my will which I knew I could only find through a chatroom. I fapped around several different adult chat websites until I found Chat4.

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She was waiting for me in a sheer red lingerie and after just having a glimpse of her, I got goosebumps. She could see my erect nipples through my shirt and started rubbing it like crazy. I started kissing her red luscious lips and then she undressed me and smooched me for 10 minutes straight. You will be amazed to know that I squirted when she was smooching me contrary to what she had expected. She was thinking that I would squirt only on her will, but oops! She was so nice that she drank all my holy juices and asked me to come visit anytime soon again when I am ready. She told me that I made her feel so sexy by squirting by accident and she also thanked me for my fresh holy squirt as she has a personal belief that drinking another woman’s squirt keeps a woman young and sexual for longer.

I can’t wait to visit that British cougar again.

I never knew that Indonesian pornstars and cam models were so good

Enjoying a big-butt woman in cowgirl position on a chair is the best feeling ever and if you haven’t had this feeling before, do it now, no matter what it takes.

I personally believe that there is no such thing as excessive sex or masturbation and that’s the reason why I have been actively campaigning against the NoFap movement since the financial year 2012. I have always said, believed and took the stand that replacing a delicious dick or a pussy is a dumb idea, but adding one is always a marvelous one.

Since the day I joined this new company that I have been working at, I have gradually turned it into an orgy and swinging hub and they all love me for the same.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you must be aware of the fact that I turned my wife into a whore when I saw her rubbing her pussy on the door once. That was the last day that she masturbated, she always has a new dick at her disposal since that very day.

I have been addicted to Indonesian porn (Bokep Indo) and Indonesian cam models for a while and that really made me write this poem last night:-

“Tits, beautiful

Here and there,

Can be seen on live sex cams

And everywhere.

Black, white and brown,

Some show openly, some frown,

Some like to hide those through their arms,

Whatever the case may be,

They all have a special charm.

They all spread fragrance,

And fill my world with elegance.

Tits spread beauty,

But this is not just their duty.

With all the qualities of tits,

Imagine the world without it.”