I never knew that Indonesian pornstars and cam models were so good

Enjoying a big-butt woman in cowgirl position on a chair is the best feeling ever and if you haven’t had this feeling before, do it now, no matter what it takes.

I personally believe that there is no such thing as excessive sex or masturbation and that’s the reason why I have been actively campaigning against the NoFap movement since the financial year 2012. I have always said, believed and took the stand that replacing a delicious dick or a pussy is a dumb idea, but adding one is always a marvelous one.

Since the day I joined this new company that I have been working at, I have gradually turned it into an orgy and swinging hub and they all love me for the same.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you must be aware of the fact that I turned my wife into a whore when I saw her rubbing her pussy on the door once. That was the last day that she masturbated, she always has a new dick at her disposal since that very day.

I have been addicted to Indonesian porn (Bokep Indo) and Indonesian cam models for a while and that really made me write this poem last night:-

“Tits, beautiful

Here and there,

Can be seen on live sex cams

And everywhere.

Black, white and brown,

Some show openly, some frown,

Some like to hide those through their arms,

Whatever the case may be,

They all have a special charm.

They all spread fragrance,

And fill my world with elegance.

Tits spread beauty,

But this is not just their duty.

With all the qualities of tits,

Imagine the world without it.”

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