Met this unbelievably stunning and nice British cougar through Chat4

I have never mentioned this before here on my blog that I am a bisexual woman, but I do it now.

I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to impress the chicks until I came to the conclusion that paid sex is far cheaper than non-paid one. I started visiting escorts and brothels than I started to feel that visiting escorts is not fun and a wastage of time and energy. I was raised catholic and I treat my pussy as something precious. I cannot forego the curse that god put on Onan after he caught him wasting his precious semen on bed instead of ejaculating it inside the sweet pussy of his sister-in-law, but I still squirt on the bed while fisting myself chatting with the chicks on that Chat4 lesbian chat room.

I started spending hours at a time on lesbian chat rooms after I stopped visiting female escorts and brothels. Contrary to the popular belief that sex chat reduces creativity, I have come to the conclusion that it instead increases the productivity.

After months of practicing all by myself, I have attained a level where I can squirt whenever I want on my will and I was looking for a woman who would appreciate my skill of squirting only at my will which I knew I could only find through a chatroom. I fapped around several different adult chat websites until I found Chat4.

On Chat4, I came across several different women, both young and mature. The younger ones found my skill of squirting at only my will to be awkward while the older ones couldn’t resist and I ended up fixing a sex date with this busty British cougar in Birmingham.

She was waiting for me in a sheer red lingerie and after just having a glimpse of her, I got goosebumps. She could see my erect nipples through my shirt and started rubbing it like crazy. I started kissing her red luscious lips and then she undressed me and smooched me for 10 minutes straight. You will be amazed to know that I squirted when she was smooching me contrary to what she had expected. She was thinking that I would squirt only on her will, but oops! She was so nice that she drank all my holy juices and asked me to come visit anytime soon again when I am ready. She told me that I made her feel so sexy by squirting by accident and she also thanked me for my fresh holy squirt as she has a personal belief that drinking another woman’s squirt keeps a woman young and sexual for longer.

I can’t wait to visit that British cougar again.

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