Communist, Socialist, Capitalist, all sorts of trannies are members of

I really hate women who wear colorful undies but it is okay with me if it is a transvestite, and I see a lot of such trannies on

I find it to be a pity that porn nowadays is mainly about the size of the sexual organs of the men and the women; and that’s the reason why we see very rare female pornstars nowadays without breast, butt or other implants and very rare male pornstars without a penile implant. It is not about the real sexual passion and wildness as it used to be until the early 1990s.

Me and Abid both agree that marriage is a sacrifice that kills men and women’s basic polygamous and polyandrous desires so that they can just look good to the society. Me and Abid decided to keep our marriage an open one and enjoy best of the both worlds.

It is ridiculous to us both that why would a husband object to the idea or a wife fucking another man and vice-versa. It is completely stupid and unnatural to us both.

Me and Abid both enjoy sex more in the summers. We find it extremely exciting when the sweaty bodies of us both rub against each other.

Since we both started practicing yoga, we can now enjoy the positions which we previously felt were undoable. God bless the inventors of yoga!

I used to be a communist back in my college days and that’s when I got to study the communism and the greatest communists thoroughly. My most favorite 2 being the Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. I highly doubt that what separates both these men from the others and makes them superior is their high sex drives and the opportunities to express it with different women.

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