Bisexual man is happy that his GF left him, now he can spend as much time as he want with his Fleshjack

I have a bisexual male friend since the academic school days, who told me that once he acted like Val Venis in front of his girlfriend, which she didn’t like at all and thought that the dude was being a dick. Things got so soar, that they got into a very bad argument, which resulted in her leaving his place, since then, the fleshjack is his only fuckbuddy, which he had bought months ago, but didn’t use at all. He told me that if he had an idea about how pleasurable it is, he would have dumped his girlfriend long ago for the same.

This bisexual male friend of mine keeps giving a message to all his straight and bisexual male subscribers that they should get themselves some anarchist bitch if they are looking for a crazy fun in bed.

This bisexual male friend of mine claims that he has a plan of creating never-seen-before wholesale escort service agency and he is waiting for the prostitution to become legal on the Island of Malta and Gozo to implement this plan of his.

He believes that Portugal will be the first country in the world to have open marriages as the mainstream marriage system. He further says that there is a reason why Portugal has the highest divorce rate and that reason is that the Portuguese women cannot stop fucking around with other men.

He recently made a trip to India and was amazed how asexual an average Indian is. After he came back, he wrote that India’s name should be replaced with ‘Dead Bedrooms’. He further wrote that he hated the fact that still the rural and even some urban Indian men treat their women like a piece of land.

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