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My husband Abid never gets tired of repeating that his perfect woman is a 38-24-38, 55 Kg and a perfect face, which I know I am not. But I feel blessed to be his wife. He is too big and that’s the foremost thing that I was looking for in my husband. While he was in college, he found himself too big for the college girls. We both have always had an extravagant sex life both at home and outside home, because we never had any kids, but we feel for those who do and we recommend them to read the post on XXXHotMom.com regarding how you can have tons of sex even with many kids at home.

Abid claims to have had fun with different women that drove at least one of the cars belonging to one of the infamous German trio competitors – Audi, BMW and Mercedes. He claims that the ones who drive Mercedes are only good for the vanilla; the ones who drive the Audi are very boring in bed and throw a lot of tantrums; the ones who drive BMWs are so much fun in bed and always ready for some new adventure that they never enjoyed before.

I didn’t trust Abid at once as it sounded more mythical before, but as my regular blog readers all know that I am a bisexual woman. I started to notice the cars that my female partners drove and Abid’s statements turned out to be absolutely true.

I never told this to Abid before, but I know that he will read this post and I am here to make a confession, I have been feeding Abid with high estrogen diet deliberately for a couple of years now, in order to turn him into a bisexual man, but I had no success at all. I am sorry, Abid. Hope you will forgive me!

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