Me and my wife are going to perform on one of the best live sex show sites and I am too excited about it

It is my personal observation over the years that an odorless pussy is bound to be tasteless.

I was in Italy last year where I didn’t hit on any woman because I really fear the Italians. I bought an automatic heated sex doll online there itself, which did a lot of damage to my dear testicles, to an extent that I got an ED for a few months and it scared the shit out of me, but thanks to the God Eros, I got my sex drive back after a couple of months.

Back when I lost all my sex drive, I started hating the smell of the female farts which I otherwise love.

I have traveled around the world and one of the most important things that I observed during these travels is that the darker a pussy, the less sensitive it is, also the women with darker pussies have lesser sexual control and don’t enjoy sex as much.

I have always been against the Christian religion, especially the Catholic one. Most of the great people, including Freud, Einstein, JP Morgan, Margaret Sanger, have observed in their lives that the lack of sexuality makes a man or a woman physically, mentally and spiritually weak.

My wife recently told me that the first time ever that she masturbated, it was with French fries. I suggested to her that it is a good idea if she performs the same on one of the best live sex show sites. She told me that she is thinking about it.

She thinks that the cam models nowadays have to work a lot harder compared to what it used to be because of the vigorous competition, to which I agree but it is also a lot of fun. I don’t find it to be work, but rather fun.

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