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I have dated (fucked) several painters, artists and tattoo artists over the decades now and each of the painters or artists that I ever met was a lame fuck while the case is the opposite for the tattoo artists, those tattoo artists really know how to the get the best of their women.

I have also enjoyed the dicks of several polticians and let me tell you something here – Bill Clinton wasn’t the only politician who thought more about the blowjobs for himself than providing jobs to the American youth. It would have been great if like Bill Clinton all those politicians get exposed and dare to talk more about their real passion, which is getting blowjobs rather than speaking script, which is providing jobs.

I believe that membership for live sex cam websites ought to be made as popular as the medical, vehicle, life insurance combined. Live sex cams are more important than all those insurances combined.

I have been following the activities of Pope Francis lately and as per my observation, the way the Pope Francis has been going, the day is not far away when he will say to the public “A wank a day keeps the doctor away.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if he promotes fuqer free porn videos along with that slogan of his.

I firmly believe that the whole world will very soon become polyandrous and with that, the open marriages and free love might also take over. And as per my belief and observation, the women will be the ones to initiate such a movement as they have been the biggest victims of monogamy and polygamy.

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I do agree with the men who claim that the semen volume really impresses a woman and is one of the ways to keep her. I recently came across a man on a Slack Chat, who told me that he is a regular reader of CamsWme and also told me a sad story about himself. He told me that one of the most popular saints of Sehchari sect of Hinduism – Shri Hit Premanand of Bhajan Marg is a fraud, who first hypnotized him with his words, castrated him and turned his wife into a Devadasi (a temple’s prostitute that is catered day and night to the Hindu priests) and also sold all his property. What he was most unhappy about is a typical male hypocrisy, possessiveness and response, which thank god, my husband Abid doesn’t suffer, and that is that his wife is loving the dicks that she has been sucking and fucking all day and night, and he has never seen her any happier before. She also refused to go back to her old ways and he says that it seems like she is now addicted to sex with several different men, for hours at a time. Hours are the new minutes for her now. He also told me that she has also found a new passion there and that is of making love to the busty lesbians belonging to the rising Brahmakumaris sect of Hinduism/India.

Studying the civilizations of ancient Greece, India, China, Persia, I have only come to the conclusion that the people of the past were far more sexual than the millennials and the most sexual of them all were also the most successful ones. And by successful ones, I don’t mean Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Heraclitus and their likes, but the Kings, Inventors, Politicians and other people with a life.

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One of my great friends that owns a chain of spas in the South Dakota province. He told me that he doesn’t like to squeeze his wife’s boobs since she got an implant. He says that earlier they were tiny (and I can attest that personally as well), but he was perfectly happy with those; Going through breast implants was completely her decision and a bad one, he says. He adds that she thought that she would look like a Brazzers Moms Porns actress after going through implants, and she is looking one, but those boobies do not generate that sensation to his hands whenever he touches or squeezes those or that pleasurable sensation he used to enjoy when he used to suck on those before they turned into 2 plastic domes.

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I have a very good friend from Mississauga, Canada, who claims that having intensive sex regularly cures both high blood pressure and low blood pressure.

He also claims that authors are some of the kinkiest women in bed. He gives the example of Twinkle Khanna, an author, wife of one of the greatest Bollywood actors ever and daughter of the Bollywood’s first superstar. He claims that he is in charge of Twinkle’s pussy whenever Akshay is gone to India for a shoot. He says that it is his dream to have a threesome with her widowed mother and herself one day. He even told me that he planned to tell her about this fantasy of his to Twinkle once but then couldn’t dare to.

He claims to have had fun with women belonging to each and every race in India, he has come to the conclusion that Bengali women are most fun.

He also claims to have had hired 3 maids for his house till date and also claims to have had sexual relationships with each of those till the day he fired them. He claims that he can teach the infamous bald male pornstar J-Mac, who is responsible for fucking more pornstars acting as maids, a thing or two, which can even improve his career.

This friend of mine is one of the biggest sellers on both Amazon and eBay for toys, but he spends more time looking for and discussing the perfect porn on the Porn Dude than managing his business.

He always has some outrageous secret information which many times comes true. He claims that a software engineer from Bhutan is responsible for creating the Bitcoin and that software engineer is nowadays busy in creating an automated software for the pimps and hookers that will revolutionize the whole prostitution industry like never seen before.

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It may come as a surprise to many of the regular readers here that most of the escort agents in Malaysia aren’t even aware of the fact that the ladies also like to hire female escorts, although there is a great population of LGBT community that lives there.

I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the August of last year when I called up an escort agency and told them that I would like to order an escort for myself, they thought that I was a troll, the lady who picked up the phone told me that they don’t sell hamburgers and kept the phone down.

Fortunately enough, I had brought my sex toys along with me and they did the job for me.

I also tried to find a sexy shop in the vicinity where my hotel was located, but unfortunately, I couldn’t.

I had no idea that I was a bisexual until I got aroused while having a pillow fight with one of my female cousins back when I was 19, surprisingly enough, she also had no idea that she was one, she got aroused as well, we started kissing each other and then we ended up fingering and eating each other. I really miss those days and that fresh, sexy, 20 year old pussy of my female cousin.

I have met several male and female pornstars in my life and let me tell you that they are some of the nicest people that you will ever meet. The best thing about each of the pornstars that I ever met is that no topic is too sensitive to them, you can talk about almost anything to them, for example, “Did you ever cheat on your spouse before joining the adult industry?”, “Do your kids know that you are a pornstar?”, “Do your kids hate you for being a pornstar?”, etc.

Real Hoes send snaps all these Fake Hoes who don’t ought to be transported to Iraq

One of my Catholic mechanic friends who tends to be a sex freak, invented a statement “By their cars, you shall know their sex life”.

By his above statement, he doesn’t only mean that the guys with more expensive cars get to fuck the best of the pussies. He gives the example that a guy who buys a Nissan even after hearing all that whining against Nissan from a guy named ‘Scotty Kilmer’ who claims to be a mechanic without any credentials other than a couple of TV shows and we all know how much can we trust the mainstream media nowadays.

This Catholic Mechanic friend of mine claims that he sleeps only 4 hours a day, edges for 4 hours to amateur snap nude, works for 10 hours, and dedicates rest 6 hours to other regular activities like bathing, shitting, commuting from office to home, etc.

This Catholic Mechanic friend of mine never worked for anyone else in his life while all his friends from the college days do. Looking at their lifestyle, he claims that the more you get promoted on your job, the tighter pussies you get to fuck.

He was in Saudi Arabia recently, and after coming back, he wrote an article on a Press Release website, which read as follows:-

“It is not a secret anymore that there are several high class attractive women working as escorts in Saudi Arabia nowadays, but they are still roughly only about 10% of those Saudi Arabian women who are willing to partake in the business. One of the foremost reasons why it isn’t so is the fact that there is no sort of protection provided to you as an escort when you are in Saudi Arabia but it is rather the opposite, no matter how much your client(s) or someone else abuses.”

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Nikita is an amateur conspiracy theorist and political analyst who claims that the 2019 Union Budget of India is a part of the Republic of China containment policy of the United States. Nikita claims that the 2019 Union Budget of India is sure to make the farmers of India rich which will strengthen and expand the Indian agricultural exports. As India is popular around the world as the ‘Agricultural Haven’, each and every country that imports from China, Thailand, Vietnam or Pakistan will prefer the Indian agricultural products over their rivals’ which in turn will give the India enough wealth to steal the competition from China in almost each and every field.

Nikita owns a popular automobile blog and Nikita gets regularly trolled for her obsession with writing Hyundai vs Nissan vs Honda vs Toyota posts but she couldn’t care less.

Nikita recently got a lot of praise for exposing a man who frauded people by acting like MD of France Telecom.

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Most of the regular readers of this blog must be aware of the fact that London has some of the best Tantric Masseuses, many of them are Jewish that were trained in India, China and even Japan for the art of providing best Tantric Massage possible.

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I really find it interesting that no matter how many interesting things the mankind discovers or invents, nothing is more interesting to it than the sexual activity. And rightfully so, otherwise we all will vanish from the face of the earth and live a depressed life with our stupid gadgets that will be of not much purpose. Imagine your smartphone without Tinder installed on it or you unable to read this marvelous blog that my wife created. Imagine yourself not being able to watch public porn videos but rather watching some stupid Youtube videos by a bunch of idiot Christian missionaries.

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I have a very good friend who sells custom gifts online. He has 3 different popular websites that serve nationwide.

The past of this friend of mine is a strange one. He ran a strippers agency in the state of Missouri in the past and at one point, he and his wife also owned a gigolo agency that operated in many different cities of Alabama.

He still keeps in touch with the statistics and many other parts of the industry and so does his wife.

He claims that the popularity of the Wonder Woman Strippers has surpassed that of the Naughty Nurse Strippers for the very first time in the history.

He says that even though a group of guys doesn’t book just one female stripper usually, his agency never hesitated to provider one stripper for a group of men or one stripper for only one individual, which is both hard to find with any online based stripper agency in the United States, especially in the state of Missouri.

I myself once availed the services of my friend’s strippers agency, I ordered 2 chicks at once, all for myself. One stripper came dressed up as a nun, the other one came dressed up as a cop. The funny thing is that the one who was dressed up as a cop, indeed looked like the cop in my neighborhood that I have had a huge crush on for years now.

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I don’t know whether I told you guys this before, high-libido runs in my family in alternate generations. Both of my grandparents were very high libido, my parents were almost asexual, and here I am, cannot do anything but think of fucking all the time or make posts about my fuck-stories here when I am not really fucking.

I have been getting tons of questions regarding what I think about violent porn, lately. Well, I think that violent porn isn’t as bad as it is believed to be, but it is bad though.

In my arrogant opinion, lingerie porn is the most underrated genre of porn. I am amazed that not as many people look for it and those who do, are generally higher class than the average porn watcher, which just shows that it is watched by few but quality few.

There is no place as beautiful as home where a hot fuckbuddy is waiting in a sexy lingerie for you. For me, unfortunately, this happens rarely. My wife is dressed up in a lingerie most of the times when I reach home, but she isn’t waiting for me, but is rather in her lingerie because she likes to fuck wearing her lingerie and some other guy(s) is/are inside her. I can do nothing but join them or become a cuckold.

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I am really blessed to have been living in a neighborhood full of street whores. Before this, I used to live in a building in a very plush neighborhood where two very high-class escorts lived. I had tons of fun with both the high-class escorts just like I do with those street whores nowadays. Many of those street whores are willing to have a threesome with me and my wife, many are not. When I hire a bisexual duo, my wife becomes extremely happy, but those duos are hard to come by and they also cost a lot more than a regular street whore.

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I have been fortunate enough in my life to have fucked several virgins belonging to different nationalities, races, colors, family backgrounds, income groups, you name it and each and every virgin that I ever fucked, wondered what her mother would have behaved in the similar situation. I didn’t know what a woman thinks when she behaved in that peculiar way, but my wife clarified this to me, who has been a partner in this crime with me for decades now.

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Understanding what your spouse needs in the bed is the best thing that you can do to keep him/her forever yours. It is not just my experience, but that of several other happily married men and women.

The ability of great-looking whores to convert the noblest of men into whoremongers has always been envy of the average women.

My wife always tells me that young men with a receding hairline are worse fucks than the old men with a head full of hair and old men with a receding hairline or a head with no or a very little hair are a nightmare in bed. She says that bald men are only good for eating the pussy or for fingering it.

I personally believe that none of us men respect women with large natural breasts, the way they deserve it. I come across many young guys regularly who watch a lot of Vintage Sugar Porn, but still don’t know who Kay Parker or Honey Wilder is. Which is a shame! All they know of is fake tits bitches like Ava Addams or Lisa Ann. They really don’t have an idea about what a real woman is.

I recently came across an attractive British old woman who told me that she hasn’t ever been able to her grandson about her sexual feelings towards him. She told me that she got too drunk when around him several times to be able to have the courage to do so, but failed. I told her that she should better write the same to him through an Email, Text Message, Whatsapp, Skype or something, she replied that it would become a proof, which he could show his mother or/and father, which she cannot afford to happen. She told me that she is not afraid of the grandson, but his parents, who are too cautious about the sex life of their son. They want their son to remain absolutely chaste till he get married, and whence they get to know that his grandmother wants to become his lover, they are going to go absolutely mad on her to the extent of eradicating all sorts of communication with her and perhaps even report about it to the authorities.

I got the sexy old woman too drunk with an expensive whiskey which she loved and then me and my wife enjoyed her all night long. The old woman happened to be one hell of a kinky woman. She thanked us both in the morning and kissed us both on the lips before saying final goodbye to us. She told us that she will be back in the April of this year and we are already too excited about the same.

Mormons are turning Pro-Free-Sex after watching those sexy Blonde MILFs make love to guys with big dicks on XNXX

I believe that the world doesn’t need social engineering as much as it needs sexual engineering. Hearing all these people in the mainstream media talking bad about Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton’s sexual deeds of the past, just like the rest of the mankind doesn’t possess a dick, really makes me go nuts. What’s bad about having sex with someone whom you are not wedded to? Traditional marriage is the biggest fraud that the mankind has invented followed by the religion, or maybe Religion is the biggest fraud that the mankind has invented followed by the traditional marriage. Whatever the case maybe, no totally sane and intelligent modern adult human being can deny that both of these are frauds.

One of the things that I have observed in my lifetime is that weak sexual organs, weak willpower and weak mind go together. Just like all stupid people follow religion and condemn free sex. All these guys need to see those sexy blonde MILFs on XNXX and that will most likely help change their minds, just like it has done that of many Mormons in the past and still continues to do so.

“Dick like a snake, balls like a bull,

Makes your own and your wife’s life so hot yet so cool.”

One of my very close and good friends is a politician who never gets tired of repeating that saying all politicians are crooks is like saying that all pornstars are cam models or escorts. And I agree with this statement of his. He himself is as honest as a politician can be, not to his wife though. He cheats on her all the time.

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I like to make prophecies all the time regarding the sexual life of the popular women. I have a separate diary for such prophecies and perhaps, you would be surprised to learn that the success rate of my prophecies is about 40%. My most recent prophecy was that the daughter of one of the greatest WWF legends ever – Terry Gene Bollea aka Hulk Hogan aka Hollywood Hogan and his ex-wife and also the mother of the same daughter of his would be featured together in a XXX movie soon, where they will have a threesome sex with one of the ex-boyfriends of the daughter. In other words, soon enough, Brooke Hogan and Linda Hogan would be featured in a porn movie where they both will have a threesome sex with one of the ex-boyfriends of Brooke Hogan. This dude has a 10.5 inch long dick with a good-wide girth as well. How do I know that? This dude used to be a fuckbuddy of mine in the past, he is a great fuck indeed, no wonder, how he managed to score Brooke Hogan and kept her for so long as well. And it goes without saying that the video will feature a great cumshot as well, as this guy shoots twice as much as Peter North on an average each time.

I don’t agree with the guys or girls who make statements like “No whore is a wife material”, I mean, come on men and women, if you believe statements like these, you need a mental treatment. I am a fucking whore and I am the best wife ever.

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I have a friend from Texas who runs a couple of clothing and accessories store in different cities of Texas, who claims that there is some truth to the Zodiac Killer theory, i.e. the people killed by a person in this life are born as his/her slaves in the next life. My wife finds this friend of mine extremely weird and that’s the reason why she always tells me to stay away from him. I also feel the same many times but I am a fuckbuddy of his one and only daughter and I know that she loves her father so much that she will breakup with me, if I stop talking to his father.

Both this friend of mine and his sexy MILF wife hate the Arabs but they have named their daughter – Saba, which is an Arabic name, after felling in love with the name.

Saba is a wonder in bed. She is a bisexual and apart from me, my wife gets to enjoy her many times as well. They both have used strap-on on each other several times by now. Saba got my wife addicted to the Indonesian porn (bokep indo) lately, which my wife doesn’t seem to get enough of.

This above mentioned friend of mine is a conspiracy theorist as well, who believes that there is a clash of interests between different White nations including USA. He claims that the British MI6 backed by the Russian KBG will be in an all-out-war against the United States of America’s CIA and its closest allies Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad.

I really wish if the Arabic sex videos were as easy to come by as the Hungarian sex videos

I have a female friend who also used to be my fuckbuddy in the past who told me about a couple of months ago that surviving 2 different cancers belonging to totally different organs which have nothing to do with sexuality have increased her sex drive a lot even though it has been years since she hit the menopause. I took that as a signal that she wants us to revive the relationship which we both used to have years ago and did I tell you that she is a Hungarian MILF who has been featured in many different Hungarian sex videos (magyar szexvideók). No words can describe the beauty of a sexual session between me and her.

I was always a Mamma’s boy and one of the common traits of Mamma’s boys is that they all love women, even when they are homosexuals.

I personally believe that Jesus was right about heaven and hell but he was too shy to clarify what exactly he meant by the same. I personally believe that when you are having sex, you are in heaven, and when you are not, you are not, the aim of the human life is to prolong sexual sessions, according to myself and Jesus Christ.

It is really great to know that they have started having sexual orgies in many of the middle-eastern countries. I believe that they soon will be as sexually liberated as their European counterparts in the Middle-East. I really believe that they are almost as sexually liberated in the Palestine as they are in Israel. I have been to Palestine and Israel several times and each time it has been easy as roses to hire an escort in both the countries and equally so. If you want to see and enjoy how hot those Palestinian women are and how freely with a great confidence they flaunt their curves, just have a glimpse of ‘LearnArabicwithMaha‘ on the Youtube.

I confess that I like rubbing myself watching busty lesbian porn even more than making posts here on CamsWme Blog

All my regular blog readers know by now that I am a bisexual woman married to a straight man in an open marriage for over 2 decades now.

What I have observed since I identified myself as a bisexual woman is that all those who oppose the LGBT community are the people who don’t belong to it themselves and taking advantage of their majority, they commit all sorts of atrocities against the communities about which they know nothing or very little about.

I know I am spoiled in many respects and I only do things that I really enjoy, including making posts on this blog and watching busty lesbian porn.

The loss of my father proved to be a gain for my pussy. I could never imagine making love to the people belonging to the same sex while my father was still alive. He was so strict and cruel, I wouldn’t dare do anything against his wish. Yes, but I still miss him a lot, but I love my sexual freedom at least 100 times more than I would ever love my father.

I really wish that the Islam were the true religion, I would have converted to Islam long ago and I lived a life completely as per the instructions of the Quran and Hadith. I mean who wouldn’t want to enjoy several different stunning men and women forever in the heavens without any sort of worries. Indeed, the reality is stranger than the religious heaven. Now, I can rub my pussy looking at handsome men and gorgeous women on the internet, but making love to even better looking people in the Islamic Jannat whenever I wished for it without any worries about paying the bills, who’s on the door or STDs would have been something so great that cannot be told in words.

I really hope that there will be thousands of celebrity sex workers all over the USA by 2025

My wife once had sex with 6 men at a time and I was looking at them, stroking my junk like a loser. They had all her 3 holes acquired with three of their dicks and rest 3 dicks were busy rubbing on her tits, foot, hands, waist, eyes and everywhere else that you can think. One Hispanic dude even tried to make me suck his dick only to get his ass kicked off by me. My wife stared angrily at me after I kicked the Hispanic dude’s ass and then invited him to fuck her in the ass. There was a black dude who came in a brand new Nissan Altima to fuck my wife but someone stole his car from the outside of our house. I was so happy about his car being stolen from outside my house while his dick was in my wife’s mouth, he blamed me for his car getting stolen. He claimed that some of my friends did it. My wife slapped him on the face and then ultimately his big mouth was shut. The cops haven’t been able to find his car yet and the insurance company hasn’t given him money either. I am too happy about it.

Anyways, the above story is not what I came to post here. I wanted to write here that I am really not happy with the slow progress of the escort agencies. They aren’t making the use of the technology as they should have and I am really not happy about the fact that there aren’t many celebrity sex workers yet that can be booked using the internet.