I really hope that there will be thousands of celebrity sex workers all over the USA by 2025

My wife once had sex with 6 men at a time and I was looking at them, stroking my junk like a loser. They had all her 3 holes acquired with three of their dicks and rest 3 dicks were busy rubbing on her tits, foot, hands, waist, eyes and everywhere else that you can think. One Hispanic dude even tried to make me suck his dick only to get his ass kicked off by me. My wife stared angrily at me after I kicked the Hispanic dude’s ass and then invited him to fuck her in the ass. There was a black dude who came in a brand new Nissan Altima to fuck my wife but someone stole his car from the outside of our house. I was so happy about his car being stolen from outside my house while his dick was in my wife’s mouth, he blamed me for his car getting stolen. He claimed that some of my friends did it. My wife slapped him on the face and then ultimately his big mouth was shut. The cops haven’t been able to find his car yet and the insurance company hasn’t given him money either. I am too happy about it.

Anyways, the above story is not what I came to post here. I wanted to write here that I am really not happy with the slow progress of the escort agencies. They aren’t making the use of the technology as they should have and I am really not happy about the fact that there aren’t many celebrity sex workers yet that can be booked using the internet.

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