My wife is more filthy when she is wearing her lingerie than any pornstar that you could imagine

I don’t know whether I told you guys this before, high-libido runs in my family in alternate generations. Both of my grandparents were very high libido, my parents were almost asexual, and here I am, cannot do anything but think of fucking all the time or make posts about my fuck-stories here when I am not really fucking.

I have been getting tons of questions regarding what I think about violent porn, lately. Well, I think that violent porn isn’t as bad as it is believed to be, but it is bad though.

In my arrogant opinion, lingerie porn is the most underrated genre of porn. I am amazed that not as many people look for it and those who do, are generally higher class than the average porn watcher, which just shows that it is watched by few but quality few.

There is no place as beautiful as home where a hot fuckbuddy is waiting in a sexy lingerie for you. For me, unfortunately, this happens rarely. My wife is dressed up in a lingerie most of the times when I reach home, but she isn’t waiting for me, but is rather in her lingerie because she likes to fuck wearing her lingerie and some other guy(s) is/are inside her. I can do nothing but join them or become a cuckold.

I couldn’t believe my eyes once when I saw my wife fucking her male cousin, who happened to have a monstrous dick inside our bedroom when I reached home abruptly. She then disclosed the entire story to me, that they both used to fuck each other all the time as both the families lived in the same neighborhood, but after they both got married, that was the first time that they ever got in action and they didn’t want me to interrupt them but just watch them. I sat on the couch in the same room where they were fucking and stroked my dick using my spit as I was out of lubricant while they enjoyed each other for hours. It was really a great sight. My wife’s cousin eating her ass, fucking her in each of her holes, including asshole.

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