Each prominent neighborhood of the London city now has at least one Beauty Pageant Winner Tantric Masseuse

Nikita Selbourne, a full-time gambler and her husband do not hire tantric masseuses for short durations anymore. They hire them for overnight and even longer durations. 7 months ago, Nikita found a goldmine in online poker which has been making her thousands of dollars per month with nothing but betting. Nikita cannot believe that a poker website can be so honest.

Nikita is an amateur conspiracy theorist and political analyst who claims that the 2019 Union Budget of India is a part of the Republic of China containment policy of the United States. Nikita claims that the 2019 Union Budget of India is sure to make the farmers of India rich which will strengthen and expand the Indian agricultural exports. As India is popular around the world as the ‘Agricultural Haven’, each and every country that imports from China, Thailand, Vietnam or Pakistan will prefer the Indian agricultural products over their rivals’ which in turn will give the India enough wealth to steal the competition from China in almost each and every field.

Nikita owns a popular automobile blog and Nikita gets regularly trolled for her obsession with writing Hyundai vs Nissan vs Honda vs Toyota posts but she couldn’t care less.

Nikita recently got a lot of praise for exposing a man who frauded people by acting like MD of France Telecom.

Nikita says that she has several friends in the porn industry and some of her French friends told her that Christine Madelaine Odette Lagarde (the French lawyer, politician who is currently serving as the MD and chairwoman of the IMF) was offered one billion dollar to act in a porn movie.

Nikita is very against the antisemitic and white supremacists. She says that if Jews run the world then why there are so few of those in multinational corporations and government organizations.

Nikita and her husband, both love Jews and that’s the reason why they keep hiring those beauty pageant winner Jewish girls from Tantric Massage London service for days and sometimes even weeks at a time.

Most of the regular readers of this blog must be aware of the fact that London has some of the best Tantric Masseuses, many of them are Jewish that were trained in India, China and even Japan for the art of providing best Tantric Massage possible.

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