The older the bisexual women get, the wetter they stay all the time and hence they need sex toys as much as the food


It may come as a surprise to many of the regular readers here that most of the escort agents in Malaysia aren’t even aware of the fact that the ladies also like to hire female escorts, although there is a great population of LGBT community that lives there.

I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the August of last year when I called up an escort agency and told them that I would like to order an escort for myself, they thought that I was a troll, the lady who picked up the phone told me that they don’t sell hamburgers and kept the phone down.

Fortunately enough, I had brought my sex toys along with me and they did the job for me.

I also tried to find a sexy shop in the vicinity where my hotel was located, but unfortunately, I couldn’t.

I had no idea that I was a bisexual until I got aroused while having a pillow fight with one of my female cousins back when I was 19, surprisingly enough, she also had no idea that she was one, she got aroused as well, we started kissing each other and then we ended up fingering and eating each other. I really miss those days and that fresh, sexy, 20 year old pussy of my female cousin.

I have met several male and female pornstars in my life and let me tell you that they are some of the nicest people that you will ever meet. The best thing about each of the pornstars that I ever met is that no topic is too sensitive to them, you can talk about almost anything to them, for example, “Did you ever cheat on your spouse before joining the adult industry?”, “Do your kids know that you are a pornstar?”, “Do your kids hate you for being a pornstar?”, etc.

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