Wife got implants to look like a Brazzers pornstar, husband hates it

One of my great friends that owns a chain of spas in the South Dakota province. He told me that he doesn’t like to squeeze his wife’s boobs since she got an implant. He says that earlier they were tiny (and I can attest that personally as well), but he was perfectly happy with those; Going through breast implants was completely her decision and a bad one, he says. He adds that she thought that she would look like a Brazzers Moms Porns actress after going through implants, and she is looking one, but those boobies do not generate that sensation to his hands whenever he touches or squeezes those or that pleasurable sensation he used to enjoy when he used to suck on those before they turned into 2 plastic domes.

This friend of mine never gets tired of repeating that the odor (fragnance) of a pussy is far superior to him than the scent of the most expensive perfumes to him. And he claims that he can smell that fragrance/odor from his computer/mobile/tablet screen while watching certain and what he calls best stepmom sex videos.

He claims that his wife gets at least 10x horny compared to an average day whenever she visits a fine and different theme restaurant each time. And she herself doesn’t know the reason why. He claims that he smashes her each night just like they do in hot MILF sex videos.

He claims that every 2 out of 3 women have cheated their husbands some time in the Western World, while 1 out of 5 such women are habitual of cheating their men and have no control over their polygamous natures, just like you would watch in free porn movies. It is indeed a sexual world that we live in.

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