He likes them White, He likes them Asian, He is always on AsianSexDiary to have some more Action

I have a very good friend who is a yoga and aerobics teacher by profession. He provides classes for 2 hours a day, he also keeps uploading videos on the Youtube and his own website. This friend of mine also used to be an event organizer in the past and each and every business that he ever entered, he entered it with the intention of getting women, and he has been pretty successful at it, almost in each strong attempt.

He loves to travel to Cuba. He loves certain streets of Cuba and perhaps you would be surprised to learn that almost nobody is there out on those streets most of the times, but the sound of loud moans is almost everywhere.

This friend of mine recently enjoyed the escort services of the infamous MILF Pornstar – Dana Vespoli, and he ended up paying US$2500 for just one fuck. He decided to hire her because he was tired of the same old White pussies and he was looking for some Asian pussy this time. Jessica Bangkok wasn’t in the town and he couldn’t find anyone else who he believed was worthy of his precious semen, so he ended up with fucking Dana Vespoli, whose videos are some of the most watched on AsianSexDiary.

He often tells all his friends that he always stays updated with the list of pornstars who also provide escort services. He believes that pornstars make the best escorts, just make sure that they don’t suffer with AIDS or Syphilis.

He has over 50 bank accounts and uses only those to pay his Pornstar escort in advance. He claims that all the Pornstar escorts ask for the payment in advance through their PayPal or Bank Account, it is nothing like Tonight’s Girlfriend in reality.

He claims that one of the most infamous MILF pornstars of all times and perhaps the most infamous MILF pornstar currently – Alexis Fawx, lies on her Twitter and other social media accounts that she doesn’t escort. He claims that he availed her escort services twice and paid her $5000 each time per fuck. He claims that the second time, she was so good, that he sent gold earrings to her address as a tip afterwards.

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