Your favorite Football Player takes that Vigrx Plus and You don’t even know it

While I ran my own gigolo agency, one of the major things that I observed was that the football freaks and professional players are a lot more likely to become cucks compared to an average man, because of the injuries that they receive regularly on their testicles, time and time again. That huge ball really destroys their tiny balls. The case is very much similar for the rugby players as well.

I know a state-level football player, who used to be cucked at least four times a week, mostly the guys who screwed his wife in front of himself, were the gigolos working at my agency. I provided all my gigolos vigrx plus for free, and that investment gave me at least 30 times return on my investment.

I decided to provide my gigolos free vigrx plus, after reading a vigrx plus review, which was posted by one of my neighbors. I didn’t know earlier that her husband used to have a tiny limp dick until I read that review. First, I gave those vigrx plus pills to my own husband Abid as an experiment and once they worked better than expected, I started giving those to my guys.

Some of my male gigolos have tons of followers on the social media, most of them love to flaunt their luxurious lifestyle there, which they earned fucking the wives, daughters, moms, sisters and grandmas of other men.

When I started in the gigolo business, I befriended this 80 year old male gigolo and his wife. He is the only gigolo in his wife’s gigolo agency, who happens to be 15 years younger than himself. She is also pretty hot and can be a perfect escort even now. I suggested to her to try her hand (and pussy) in the porn industry and affirmed to her that she could give Sally D’Angelo, a run for her money, she told me that she wasn’t interested.

I had no idea that Sally D’Angelo also worked for a Nuru Massage Service in Delhi back when she was younger. She has been using her experience greatly in her videos.

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