My Japanese Logo Designer and his Fashion Designer wife fuck like crazy

I have a Japanese logo designer friend from the Kyoto city, who is a sex maniac like myself. This friend of mine claims that recalling the smell of his wife’s pussy while designing a logo gives him the intuition of what colors on the logo and overall what sort of a logo would his client prefer.

The wife of this Japanese logo designer friend of mine is a fashion designer, who seems to have more opinions on different sex positions than she does on the entire field of fashion designing. She likes to ride him in the rare positions just like those girls do in the JAVFL movies.

As much as she is active on the fashion communities, she is active on adult video (アダルトビデオ) communities as well, where she learns how to satisfy her husband sexually in the best ways possible.

She claims to have watched the interviews of more erotic videos (エロ動画) stars than those of the fashion designers and models.

She recently started a sex podcast, both to help the men and the women, and also for the better exposure of her brand and it has been doing pretty well in all of Japan. She has been improving her command in the English language to make her podcast and fashion brand reach to the English speaking audience around the world.

She always keeps track of the number of times she had anal sex than she keeps track or analysis of her business of fashion designing as a whole.

She wears a biker jacket in the winters whenever she feels extremely horny and wants it so bad and a grandfather cardigan when she is on her periods.

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