Read IMLive reviews the entire yesterday but made enough time for your entertainment today

I have been thinking about having my own live sex cam website lately and that’s the reason why I spent my entire yesterday reading imlive reviews.

But today, I got enough time to write 2 sex parody songs for your entertainment. Here is ‘Riding on a Dildo’, a parody to ‘The Metro’ by American Band – Berlin:-

I am alone

Sitting with a finger in my ass

My Vaginal Walls

Semen flows through my ass

I am no Paris Hilton

I am not even London Reigns

And you were laying there

Swimming through your own squirt.

I remember searching for the perfect fuck

I was hoping you might get a penile implant

I remember a soldier wanking next to me

Riding on a dildo.

You tore my pussy tight

Smiling as you put inside your hand

So drained

We spoke of fucking time in the state of trance

Minutes passed with shallow words

Years have passed and still the hurt

I can curse you now

Smiling as you cross my way

I remember my first wrinkle…..

‘Riding on a Dildo’ by The No1Bitch, a parody to ‘The Metro’ by Berlin

Here is ‘Fuck Me Up’, a parody to ‘Shake It Up’ by Elizabeth Daily:-

“Ever since the day I fucked you

I knew that your dick is the best for me

You know you had me shaking all over

You stir me up now, can’t you see?

Fuck me up tonight

Fuck me up all night

Tell me that I am a little bitch

Tell me that you’ll stay up all night.

Now I am gonna ride you one more time

I’ve got to ride you everyday

How could I live without your cock?

Don’t you see, it’s wet already.”

‘Fuck Me Up’ by the No1Bitch, a parody to ‘Shake It Up’ by Elizabeth Daily

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